45 Coworkers That Are Genuinely A Walking Ray Of Sunshine! Tabs, Fri., July 29, 2022

45 Coworkers That Are Genuinely A Walking Ray Of Sunshine! Tabs, Fri., July 29, 2022

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LOL: "The Michigan Republican lawmaker who accused Mallory McMorrow of being a 'groomer' netted $235 afterward. McMorrow took in $1 million." (Politico) And a gloooowing profile from earlier this month, too! (Politico)

Great news for the Rev. Sen. Raphael Warnock, who's <football term> all over poor Herschel Walker in Georgia, and better news than before for our beloved Stacey Abrams, who's within a point of Gov. Brian Kemp. Go Georgia! (Survey USA)

An awesome Joe Biden "community solar" announcement! — American Independent

I know it was already in Dok's story on the community solar (because I put it there, after firing him for not including it in the first place), but you can never have too much Electric Car.


Oh no, Republicans think Joe Manchin doublecrossed them, but oh yay, Joe Manchin says he did not doublecross them! (Joe Manchin should have doublecrossed them, he does it to his own "party" all the goddamn time.) — HuffPost

It's no "Gavin Newsom's budget," but goddamn I like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer A LOT. (Budget: Detroit News / this cool social work grad student stipend thingie: Twitter)

Meanwhile, in Florida! Are you a veteran or a military spouse? Then you can be a teacher in Florida without a bachelor's degree! Get on it, I guess! (FLDOE / News Nation Now) BUT WAIT! Snopes says News Nation Now is wrong. Who can know? Not us! Until Dok gets to the bottom of it later today maybe!

Oh, that's interesting!

Let's meet Shamaine Daniels, the lovely young woman running against that treason dick Rep. Scott Perry! (York Daily Record)

Read this on ectopic pregnancies if you can. I made it about a third of the way. This will be literally the only gross bad news item in today's tabs, how did I manage that, yestertoday was amazing is how! (Harper's)

Look at this nice time!

Fat ladies and old ladies and ladies of color on the beach in Spain

The colourful campaign’s promotional image features five women of different body types, ages and ethnicities enjoying a day in the sun. “Summer is ours too,” it says. “Enjoy it how, where and with whomever you want.” The campaign also features a woman who has had a mastectomy topless.

— Spain's "all bodies are beach bodies" tourism campaign of nice, in The Guardian!

NICE COWORKERS? What is this, Wonkette??? (Health and Wellnes News [sic])

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