45 Creative And Free DIY Upcycle Ideas For An Elegant Yard! Tabs, Thurs., April 14, 2022

45 Creative And Free DIY Upcycle Ideas For An Elegant Yard! Tabs, Thurs., April 14, 2022

God fucking dammit, goodbye Bitch. (Bitch)

"But, that’s the thing, indie media is always hanging on by a thread. I wish that more people would believe it when we (us, Bitch, whoever else) say over and over that without reader support, we will go away. I almost always have their magazine on my counter, an article open in one of my tabs, the words of their writers in my head. This is an incredible loss, and I think, it might be a loss that we didn’t have to see.” — Autostraddle

Dominic and Killer Martinis are in Europe covering the Ukraine refugee crisis. You can Gofundme them here. (And no, you still can't say "gofundme" in the comments, sorry, I don't make the rules wait yes I make the rules.)

Do Democrats need to run on the war? Noah Smith is Not A Political Pundit, but he thinks maybe yes! (NoahPinion)

This Salt Lake Tribune columnist on a letter from a trans baby's grandma made me cry, shut up fuck you.

Air Force ready to do some good for its servicemembers with gay or trans kids who live in Florida or other shithole places. Everything is topsy-turvy yo. (HuffPost)

Doxing the trans children, and threatening to execute the school administrators. Gonna go lie down forever. — Vice

Anybody want to listen to Velvet Underground with me?


Huge investments (like $900 million huge) in carbon capture, which will be a necessary part of any proposals to deal with climate change, by payment processor Stripe. Also, you can donate to Wonkette with Stripe. What a happy coincidence! — The Atlantic

Climate refugees, the disinformation crisis, and population control/eugenics groups combine to be a lot! Brooke Binkowski's been watching it for decades and explains at Dame.

Techdirt is mean to the New York Times about Twitter. I love when they do that.

Cintra Wilson's Jesus-like meth-dealer friend, Todd the God. (Cintra Wilson feels your pain)

This is a very good Judge Mathis recap about a sexy lady, a wild goose chase, and Tim McGraw's number one fan. — Samantha Irby substack

Okay, but I really love some of these upcycled yard nonsenses (OMG the kids' pool noodle carwash) but also the writing is like how I cook: "get some wood and some bolts probably, #dowhatever). (DI Wise)

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