45 Gorgeous She-Sheds! Tues., Sept. 7, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Fifty-nine children have died of coronavirus in Texas. — Houston Public Media

Oh no, Texas isn't happy with Gov. Greg Abbott :( (KVUE)

Don't hate Gavin Newsom because he's beautiful: He's fuckin' great on policy and is three years ahead of Joe Biden on putting the government to work for families. — Ezra Klein at the New York Times

The Republicans' long game. (No More Mister Nice Blog)

Three Vancouver, Washington, schools on lockdown Friday after the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer showed up to yell at children about masks. (OPB) Then, on Saturday, they terrorized Olympia, and the Seattle Times bothsidesed it.

"Dapper Nazi" Richard Spencer is having a very bad life :( (Mediaite)

Well, at least the landlords are going bankrupt and Max Harris — by all accounts (NYT longread) the gentlest of souls who was basically psychologically enslaved by his terrible sociopath of a boss, who is having some chillaxing prison time at home — was acquitted. Ghost Ship fire suits wrapping up. — Oaklandside

I am not on Team Junior and His Wrong Face, but this decision by a 95-year-old Gerald Ford appointee is just wrong. He rules that a layperson should be able to distinguish between "felon" and "person who went to prison for such a bad crime but it was a misdemeanor so how very dare you." In fact, Don Blankenship sued us for the same "defamation," but I guess we had better lawyers. (To our knowledge, the ACLU did not represent Junior or his terrible face.) (Law and Crime)

Helpful! A whole bunch of alt-Right fake bullshit, debunked! Old post (2019) from Oregon Live.

This is a hell of an essay about kitchens, and how "white communists, socialists, feminists, and capitalists tried to engineer society using kitchen design." (And my God, the things we didn't know about Charlotte Perkins Gilman AIYEEEE.) (Home Culture)

The Kitchenista's holiday recipe e-book is only $3, and it comes with pomegranate lamb ribs, if you needed pomegranate lamb ribs in your life! Shanah Tovah!

How does Gas X work (besides LIKE MAGIC)? — Gas X

The Florida state park that's a ghost town of a utopian Hollow Earth commune. Fuck yeah, I will click it! (Messy Nessy)

OK fine, the she-sheds, which is a terrible name I hate A LOT. — Healthandwellnesnews (sic)

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