45 Posts That Ended Up Being More Wholesome Than We Thought! Tabs, Fri., Sept. 2, 2022

45 Posts That Ended Up Being More Wholesome Than We Thought! Tabs, Fri., Sept. 2, 2022

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So what is the Department of Justice trying to say, that the Oath Keepers' general counsel wasn't supposed to tamper with documents? FREEEEEDOM! (NBC News)

Ten years for January 6 POS NYPD cop. Buh-bye. — NBC News or more details at Twitter

Mississippi paid Brett Favre welfare-fund money for speeches he never gave. The FBI would like to know more! (This is coincidentally a lot of NBC News)

How decades of white disinvestment mean no water for Jackson, Mississippi. Better not teach that in school, that would be illegal. (Vox)

Mississippi gon' tax your student loan forgiveness, because Mississippi is a bitch, that's why. — Insider

What wealth means, who has it, why you might not feel wealthy even if you are, and how everybody (recently) had to start taking out more and more student debt to get some. (Anne Helen Petersen substack)


What does it mean that Mary Peltola (D-BEAT SARAH PALIN'S ASS) is "pro-fish"? Slate asks and answers!

Read this guy on Blake Masters's campaign ads trying to make him look like a NORMAL REALLY NOT FASCIST dad who interacts a very normal amount with his children. Actual LOL when Masters plays "I'm not here to make friends." ZUCCHINI! (White Pages Substack)

LOOKIN GOOD DEMOCRATS. Dave Wasserman at Cook Political Reports has some races to shift!

Reporter Vicky Ward goes HAM on Jared Kushner's grifty Saudi shit and his stupid shitty autobiography. (Substack)

LOL you're terrible Muriel. (Also: no longer "today," the rest is still operative.)

When I was 100 months pregnant with Donna Rose, I began my 18-year maternity leave with two weeks solid of "Bar Rescue," Jon Taffer screaming at people, which I knew and did not care would penetrate my stomach and ruin Donna Rose FOR LIFE. Anyway, dude's got a new restaurant in DC, and it's all shit cooked by other people off-site a la sous vide, and that doesn't sound that awesome. An interview, that is, unaccountably, NOT IN ALL CAPS! (Washingtonian)

What if Daniel Craig did his Knives Out sequel with the Muppets? They should do that 100. — Brian Grubb at Uproxx

WHOLESOME POSTS! (Food Is in the House, this is the one with lots of ads that will freeze your phone, per the comments)

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