45 Times When Reality Crushed Expectations! Tabs, Thurs., Aug. 18, 2022

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Look at the Christian Right lying about the raid of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. (Talking Points Memo)

Look at the Secret Service ignoring warnings before January 6 about “'on-line communications citing violence in DC on 1-6-21,' which included objectives such as 'Occupying the Capitol to influence lawmakers to change election results,' 'Call to come with guns,' 'Be prepared to battle' and 'Exercise 2nd Amendment rights.'” — CREW

Texas Monthly asked every Republican in the Lege to clarify what life of the mother means. Only one guy answered, and he was dumb. (Pro-life groups have a new term I just learned though, it is "separation" of the fetus from the mother and somehow that is Not Abortion, just like that one lady said 10-year-old having abortion is Not Abortion.)

So I don't know that I'd necessarily credit the interpretation of a menstrual hut as "celebrating" women's menstruation — but hell, maybe women did look forward to the break! — but here's info on how native Hawaiians used contraception and abortion, both medical and medicinal, before the missionaries came and brought all their bullshit with them. (Rewire)

Biden's Inflation Reduction Act going to benefit Republican governors in a YOOOGE way, not that they're not going to continue to be dicks about it. — Politico

Sorry, we have laid down on the job. I don't think I even knew Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's kidnap-plotters were being retried. I FIRE ME! Oh thank God the fake deal knower has logged in:

Trump recently called the kidnapping plan a “fake deal.”


Speaking of! Whitmer wants to kidnap the sales tax on school supplies, but heroic Republicans are blocking the way. (Detroit News)

This is a weird little listicle from Insider showing the happiest jobs for each generation — the weirdest part of it being they remembered Gen X. Gen Xers like moi are happiest being "president." That is correct, I unfire me.

Two USPS Board members' terms are up in December. Will we finally finally finally get to fire US Postmaster Louis DeJoy? — The American Prospect


The strippers of Star Garden Topless Dive Bar in North Hollywood are organizing with Actors Equity, or as we call it ... the talent ;) (Please don't be gross in the comments you guys please please pleaaaaase.) Yay strippers! (Actors Equity)

"[A] a state-sponsored purging of ideas and identities that has no precedent in the United States of America," that's right, it's school libraries, the worst thing to ever happen to your child's flawlessly smooth brain. I'm sure Bari Weiss or Andrew Sullivan or the rest of the cancel culture crew will notice it someday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — Washington Post gift link

A 300,000-person shortage of teachers in our country, and we're still driving more out! Why? Well in some cases it's because Florida won't let them not shit on gay kids. (Jude Doyle at Xtra)

Okay clickbait headline, show me what you're working with. (DocJournal)

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