4th25: A Rap Group Bill O'Reilly Can Love?

iraqlive.jpgA rap crew with access to its own Bradley? Master P and his No Limit soldiers are so jealous right now. Once stationed in Iraq, the members of 4th25 have put out an album that sounds more gangsta than a Kevlar smoking jacket:

the reality of a country at war... this is what nobody wanted you to hear... THE TRUTH. This album is the blood of soldiers... everything we've been thru, everything we've experienced. The realest album ever released!!! REAL SOLDIERS!!! REAL WAR!!!

In the wake of an AP story that was picked up by Drudge, the group's website has been overwhelmed by traffic and its album on CDBaby.com is sold out. Does this mean the Army's chronic recruiting problem is finally over? Watch out, Baghdad! Several million suburban thrillseekers may be arriving soon to bust a cap in your ass.

Soldiers Tell War Stories in Rap Album


4th25: Live From Iraq [CDBaby.com]

4th25 [4th25.com]

Live From Iraq Promotional Video [Graphic imagery] [MSNBC]


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