* Wars get paid for by magic. [Michelle Malkin]

* A Republican can spot foul play from a mile away. You know, beause they break the law a lot, is what we're saying. [Redstate]

* Government officials don't exactly use Priceline. [Think Progress]

* Who could possibly imagine that guys who sign up to fight in Iraq just for the money would be a little imbalanced? [Capitol Hill Blue]

* Who could have guessed that Nixon and Numbnuts had nothing on Thomas Jefferson. [Political Wire]

* Wesley Clark is going to have to work pretty hard to get Rush "Jubba the Hutt" Limbaugh dislodged from his throne. [ElectioN Central]

* The State Department helped the drunken Blackwater killer get out of Iraq because the government has been helping drunken members of its cabal get out of tough jams for years. It's practically written into the law. [TPMmuckraker]


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