$5.5 Billion (In Cash) Flown From DC To Iraq & Promptly 'Lost'

You've got to have shitloads of M-O-N-E-Y - WonketteIt was like the Berlin Air Lift, but we sent planeloads of money instead of food. And it went to Iraq, where it all vanished. And the three massive cash shipments (in December 2003 and June 2004) were the largest transfers of cash money in the history of the U.S. Federal Reserve -- some 363 tons of American dollars were stacked on wooden pallets and forklifted into cargo planes. The mafia could only dream of this shit!

The $5.5 billion vanished -- just part of the $8.8 billion (or was that $12 billion?) "unaccounted for" funds given to the new Iraqi government by the United States. The money supposedly came from oil sales or whatever, although it's obvious nobody knows what it was for and nobody's going to admit where it went, but Paul Bremer was seen outside the Capitol after his testimony lighting caviar on fire with hundred-dollar bills.

Lawmaker: U.S. sent giant pallets of cash into Iraq [CNN]


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