5,6,7,8, Who Do We Appreciate? Jenny Lee!

Reader E.C. wants you all to know that Jenny Lee is a swell hostess and a snappy dresser. (For the record, we have no opinion on Ms. Lee. She looks nice. We're probably just jealous.):

    Look, the story was a bit absurd, but that's the reporter's fault and not Jenny's. (Is the New York Sun really a newspaper? Have you ever seen anyone reading it? If its component trees fell in a forest, would they make a sound?) Jenny is just a normal 20-something girl who likes to throw parties. She's really very sweet, and her parties aren't the A-list extravaganza that the article makes them about to be -- just fun little fetes for a young DC crowd. I've been to Jenny's house about eight times (appropriately enough), and I've never seen her in her pajamas (or in anyone else's).  Nor have I ever seen her act like a "reticent 12-year-old" -- she acts pretty much like the way you're supposed to act when you're throwing a party. BFD.

Meanwhile, we also hear that the NY Sun reporter was herself a classmate of The Eight's at Harvard. But imagine if all the Harvard graduates had to stop writing about each other! We'd be stuck with the Princeton grads and their "not quite good enough for Cambridge" insecurities.

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