69 Percent of Fox News Poll Takers In Favor of Occupy Wall Street


WHUT MADNESS IS THIS? 69% of FoxNews.com's illiterate poll trolls love the Occupy Wall Street protest so much they want to marry it and get pregnant with miniature copies ofDas Kapital? Ha ha, no, it was probably a handful of bored Daily Kos commenters clicking the "YES" button on the survey over and over several hundred thousand times, to give the Internet a special present just in time for Jesus Ween.

The New York Observer notes that this is probably the result of a vast left-wing Daily Kos/Reddit/Twitter conspiracy, probably to confuse and bewilder FoxNews.com's usual poll-taker constituency of borderline comatose olds who sit at the computer with one hand clicking the buttons while the other hand works the Claw Grabber to fish half-empty bags of Doritos off the floor. But then again, YOU NEVER KNOW, "maybe it is real," etc. THAT IS THE MAGIC OF JESUS WEEN. [Observer]


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