7 Ladies Who Broke Up With Prince Harry. Tabs, Tues., March 10, 2020

7 Ladies Who Broke Up With Prince Harry. Tabs, Tues., March 10, 2020

I always thought she was a honeypot. Evan and Liz did NOT think she's a honeypot. Isn't that weird of them, to not think that?

"Playing his wife." Just saying, EVAN AND LIZ.

Trump ain't giving you a coronavirus test, so I guess Bill Gates will have to. (Fewer than 2000 Americans had been tested as of two days ago. Mike Pence promised a million by last week.)

All of Italy is shut down now. Here's a doctor talking about what fighting coronavirus there is like. (Find your translate button, it's on the url tab probably.)

You are hurting my heart.

Coronavirus and climate change are two "gray rhinos" we ignore. I don't know why I have an Axios tab open, but somehow I have an Axios tab open.

How AP, NPR and NYT are normalizing Trump's coronavirus lies. — Eric Boehlert at PressRunners

Elizabeth Warren's paid medical and family leave plan, no reason.

Time to tune Trump out. — Dan Froomkin at PressWatchers

Jill Filipovic watches Hillary on Hulu. But does she love her as much as Joe Scarborough does? (New York Times)

Democrats' Senate map gets easier. Thank you Steve Bullock :) (Washington Post)

Trump meets with economics team to hash out fiscal stimulus. DO I SMELL TAX CUTS COOKING? — Politico (PS: Guys, if they bail out the airlines, and they will bail out the airlines, can we outlaw checked bag fees simultaneous with carryon bag fees?)

Oh found 'em.

GOP's Hunterghazi probe about to get worse. Because hey what else they got. (WaPo)

Oh guess who's secretly getting paid by the Trump campaign? Just Eric Trump's wife and Junior's girlfriend. Why, is that wrong, NYT?

Wells Fargo is the crooked bank that will never quit. Maria Bustillos at Slate.

How old is too old to work, The New Yorker? Well, I'd say 47 but I just took a whole week off!

9 Kitchens With Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry. Some day, Remodelista. Some day.

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