So prettySetting aside his inconvenient wife, it's clear that Barack Obama is America's coolest bachelor president since James Buchanan. So what's the best way for his billions of global admirers to charm their way into his fantastically pleated pants?

1. Be tall, elegant, and frank.

2. Wear a raspberry-colored tweed suit, nipped in at the waist with a three-quarter sleeve, and a string of pearls.

3. Work at a fancy law firm and agree to mentor a summer associate, then get bashful when he turns out to be as smoking hot as you are.

4. Enjoy necking outside the Baskin Robbins on 53rd and Dorchester in Chicago's Hyde Park.

5. Earn massive amounts of money in a prestigious job.

6. Be able to melt the hearts of grizzled old Yankees who marvel at how "smaht and real" you ah.

7. Last, you will have to do battle with Michelle Obama, who will kick your ass.

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