7th Inning Stretch Brought To You By Sirhan Sirhan

Welcome to Smith & Wesson Field at RFK StadiumAs if the massive debt wasn't bad enough, Tony Williams's manic quest to bring baseball back to D.C. is fucking the city up yet again. District officials are looking to sell the name of RFK Stadium, where the ExpoNationalGraySenators will play for the next three years, for between $1.5 and $2 million. And it gets worse:

The name "RFK Stadium" will not be replaced; rather, the name of a corporation likely will precede it. The commission is strongly leaning toward placing a corporation's name in front of the words "Field at RFK Stadium."
Lockheed Martin Field at RFK Stadium? Philip Morris Park at RFK Stadium? Oh wait, we know who's got a lot of spare cash lying around these days. Can't wait for Opening Day at Halliburton Field at RFK, coming up next week!

Sponsor Sought For RFK Stadium [Washington Times via why.i.hate.dc]

NIKKI KAHN/Washington Post


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