'90s TV Moments That Would Never Happen Today. Tabs, Tues., April 7, 2020

'90s TV Moments That Would Never Happen Today. Tabs, Tues., April 7, 2020


And looks like the US Supreme Court wanted a piece of the evil too.

Grocery workers are dying of coronavirus. I'm sorry. (Washington Post)

Fox News asked on the wrong doctor. (Media Matters)

Not to be confused with this wrong doctor, from a week ago.

Here, HERE is the doctor they want! Trump and Dr. Oz, a match made in oh jesus. — Daily Beast

Peter Navarro says we should bet on "Trump's intuition" over science. What the fuck has happened to this country. (Daily Kos)

LA Times says the science is crap.

Meghan McCain making sense (again!), Jared Kushner Edition. (Salon)

Bookmark this WaPo story: Biden v. Trump coronavirus timeline.

(Acting) Navy Chief Thomas Modly fired Capt. Brett Krozier because he was afraid he'd get sideways with Trump if he didn't. Navy people of every kind are pisssssssed. (WaPo)

Ezra Klein talks to Elizabeth Warren about plans. It's a podcast, so y'all will have to tell me what she said. — Vox

Chuck Schumer is nominating an Elizabeth Warren aide to the stimulus oversight committee. Anybody else notice how much praise he's been lavishing her with lately? — Bloomberg

Speaking of, Jared Kushner's benefactors would please like a piece of (or the whole) pie? (WaPo)

From the comments! Meet the female pickpocket gang who ruled London's West End for a century! (AV Club)

Murder House Flip? Murder House Flip. (It is on Quibi, a "paid mobile streaming service," if that makes you less inclined to click on one of your few free LAT posts.) (LA Times)

Here is my new favorite email to me!

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Thanks for being a huge inspiration over the years and for writing such hilarious and informative mommyblog posts. Love you guys


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