9/11: See It Again, For the Very First Time

pipeline911.jpgCNN Pipeline is replaying CNN's coverage of 9/11 in real time and as it happened. It's just as you remember it from that dark day: jerky, pixellated, and constantly rebuffering. And with occasional, inexplicable gaps in the tape, like the one seen above, taken from just after the South tower collapsed. It presumably hides the moment when Sandy Berger called in to CNN cackling and accepting full responsibility for the attacks on America.

Now, five years later, so, so many questions remain. Like, who is this "Aaron Brown"? Where's Anderson Cooper? Didn't he nobly lead us through that national tragedy with empathy and calm-but-powerful outrage?

If you hurry, you can catch the second tower's collapse! And the president's terrified, useless, unsettling address to the nation!



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