Very Serious Dr. Oz Ad Depicts John Fetterman’s Head As Groovy Party With Giant Bong, AOC Inside It

Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz is currently losing the Pennsylvania Senate race to actual Pennsylvania resident and Democratic lieutenant governor John Fetterman. TV’s Dr. Oz is more an entertainer than a competent doctor or political candidate, so it’s been highly entertaining to watch his campaign flail about helplessly like a turtle flipped on its back.

Fetterman even took time off the campaign trail to recover from a goddamn stroke, and the best Dr. Oz has been able to do is insist Fetterman is Bernie Sanders in a hoodie, which by the way is an adorable image.

PREVIOUSLY: Dr. Oz Keeps Forgetting He’s Not Running Against His Old Buddy Bernie Sanders

Even a recent poll from Dr. Oz’s beloved Fox News showed Fetterman pants-ing him by double digits. Dr. Oz needs to get serious, especially now that his opponent has actively resumed campaigning.

So, no more fooling around with goofy, poorly photoshopped memes. Dr. Oz has hit Fetterman with a goofy, poorly photoshopped campaign ad.

OK, so what the hell is this? The supposedly professional political ad looks like the intro to the 1980s “Hey Vern, It’s Ernest” Saturday morning kids show.

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Right Wing Scolds Having A Normal One Over 'A League Of Their Own' Series

"Lesbians? There's no lesbians in baseball!" cried the teeming masses of frustrated right-wing crybabies who overtook the Amazon reviews page for the new "A League Of Their Own" series this weekend, claiming they were expecting an entirely wholesome series about nice ladylike white ladies playing baseball and not swearing and definitely not being lesbians.

This seems a little difficult to believe given the source material, the actual history of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) and literally everything the show creators have been saying since it was first announced. Especially given that what they mean by "woke" can pretty much be boiled down to "TV shows are about other people now and I don't like it!"

It's to be expected, due to the many horrible people in the world, but it's gotten so bad that showrunner Will Graham asked those enjoying the show to review, to counteract the trolls giving it one-star reviews because of their homophobia and racism.

Yesterday when I checked Amazon, the average rating was 2.2 stars and the majority of reviews came from creeps whining about how there are lesbians and Black people on the show. It's since gone up to 3.7, balanced out by people who actually watched the show and enjoyed it, as opposed to those who simply read Daily Wire articles about it.

While most just said right out that they were "upset" by seeing two women kiss, others tried to be a little more highbrow by incorrectly claiming the inclusion of lesbians and Black people made the show "historically inaccurate."

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Coup-Plotting Trump Might’ve Also Had Documents Revealing US Intelligence Sources

When the FBI conducted a perfectly legal search of Donald Trump’s tacky Florida alligator rest home, Republicans demanded to know why the Department of Justice would dare inconvenience a former coup-plotting president. It turns out the feds were retrieving classified documents Trump had stolen at the end of his term. This led to Republican hacks insisting there’s no such thing as “classified” documents if Trump wishes real hard.

Trump’s former campaign strategist Jason Miller claimed Trump had a “standing order” that whatever important documents he took with him to Mar-a-Lago were instantly declassified.

This seems remarkably sloppy and unsafe. It’s also not entirely legal. As Graeme Wood writes for The Atlantic, there "are certain materials that presidents cannot classify and declassify at will.” The first big one — as in “KABOOM” — is nuclear secrets.


By The Pricking Of Our Thumbs, Something Treason This Way Comes? Allegedly!

Trump Wraps Unprecedented Week With Warrant Showing Investigation For OH JUST ESPIONAGE

Trump Admits To Attempting To Overthrow The Government. Again.

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Wonkette Weekend Chat: ‘What The Hell, Wisconsin?’ Edition

Last week’s Wisconsin Republican primary produced results that demanded we activate the Jamie Signal and summon our badass law-talker to discuss the escalating electoral mess. Fascism’s on the march!


Wisconsin Primary: Trump-Backed Sociopath Defeats Pence-Backed Sociopath!

Vote And Die! Democracy According To The US Supreme Court And Wisconsin Supreme Court

We kick off at 12 pm PT, 3 pm ET, and 2 pm Robyn time. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! See you soon.

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The Worst Insults On TV Food Competitions Ever! Tabs, Wed., Aug. 17, 2022

Okay I will click you. It's tabs!

Sidney Blumenthal (not Sandy Berger, which confused me for a minute like "dude with the classified docs in his socks has questions? That's some balls!") has Mar-a-Lago raid questions, like I said.(National Memo)

Why did the FBI coddle Hillary Clinton and persecute Trump? Oh that didn't happen? It doesn't matter! — Jon Chait at New York mag (link fixed, thank you!)

Fuck it, GETTTTT HIMMMM. (John Ganz substack)

LOL John Bolton haaaaate him. "John Bolton: Trump is almost certainly lying about declassifying records." (HuffPost)

LOL doesn't matter. He's moved on from "psychically declassifying records" and is now on "Democrats at NARA gave the members of Congress investigating his coup the records." So that is news, person I've never heard of who's on some non-Twitter platform, whatever it might be!

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National Politics

Lindsey Graham Under Mistaken Impression Merrick Garland Gives F*ck What He Thinks


Fresh off having his entire set of nuts handed to him by a judge who ruled he absolutely for sure DOES TOO have to testify in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis's criminal investigation into Donald Trump's attempted coup in Georgia, Lindsey Graham decided to go on the TV and see if somebody else could hand him his entire nuts.

At least that's sure what it seems like.

Graham seems to be confused who the fuck he is and who the fuck Attorney General Merrick Garland is. Graham is a skin tag that lives on Donald Trump's grundle, and he is a minority member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He is not even the ranking member on the Republican side. Chuck Grassley is the ranking member. (Chuck Grassley has been at the Iowa State Fair this week. One of his most recent tweets is "time 2see butter cow biggest boar super bull biggest ram etc." Aw yay! Butter cow biggest boar super bull biggest ram etc!)

Merrick Garland is the attorney general of the United States, the guy who had to sign off on the search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago, because it sure does sound like the disgraced former loser president made off with nuclear secrets. Can't imagine why, he probably had totally innocent reasons, you betcha, rhymes with "Howdy," allegedly.

And yes, the Senate Judiciary Committee technically has oversight over the Department of Justice, but if we're going to be extremely extremely technical about it, Lindsey Graham is an absolute fucking nobody as far as Merrick Garland is concerned right now. And if Graham hasn't noticed, Merrick Garland busy.

Which is why it's weird that Graham is going on Fox News asking to speak to Garland's manager like he's some-fucking-body, demanding to see the affidavit the Department of Justice used to explain why it needed that warrant.

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Here's Joe Biden To Sign Your Climate Bill And Punch Mitch McConnell In The Snoot!

One of those for sure.

President Joe Biden is back from his beach vacation to sign into law the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which is easily the biggest step the USA has ever taken to address climate change. Just a reminder: The climate provisions in this bill have their roots in the climate proposal put forward by Jay Inslee, so this isn't a hastily chosen bag of tax credits, it' was put together by very earnest climate experts — and congressional aides, same thing almost — who know their climate stuff. This sucker is going to substantially reduce US greenhouse emissions and create new clean energy industries. (Yes, gonna make you listen to another podcast, unless you're Rebecca, who ain't got time for that.)

More: After How Many Goddamn Years We Are Passing The Goddamn Climate Bill, Yippee Might Not All Gonna Die!

In addition to the climate stuff, which includes new tax credits to purchase electric vehicles (it was better before Joe Manchin loaded in a bunch of "buy American" limits, but it's still good), the bill also includes the first ever authorization for the government to negotiate prescription drug prices for Medicare, a cap on annual out-of-pocket expenses for seniors on Medicare Part D, premium subsidies for folks who get insurance through Obamacare, and a co-pay limit of $35 per month for insulin for folks on Medicare. We're sure Joe will mention that Republicans in the Senate killed a provision that would have applied the same cap for anyone with private health insurance, too. (Get mad, Joe. It's infuriating.)

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