Shiny Normal Thing! Cory Booker & Friends Will Fix Decades Of Discrimination Against Black Farmers

Want yet another reason for Georgia to elect Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to the Senate, so things can actually get done? Look no farther than this Mother Jones article on the Justice for Black Farmers Act, to be introduced in the Senate at the end of this month by Sen. Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) and cosponsors Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand. Nothing like three of our favorite 2020 presidential candidates getting together to correct a historic injustice. MoJo reporter Tom Philpott handily sums up the problem. Following the Civil War and the dismantling of Reconstruction, African-American farmers still managed to be a significant part of American agriculture, so the forces of white supremacy had to dismantle the gains Black farmers had made:

By the 1910s, nearly a million Black farmers, a seventh of the nation's total, owned 41.4 million acres of land, mostly in the South. That turned out to be a peak. Since then, due largely to lingering white supremacy and the racist machinations within the Department of Agriculture, the number of Black farmers has plunged by 98 percent. The remaining few managed to hold on to just 10 percent of that hard-won acreage.

Booker et al. are determined to set some of that straight with their bill, which aims at eliminating historic discrimination within the Department of Agriculture, shoring up existing Black family farms, and attracting new Black farmers to the business. Just think —Donald Trump tried to scare suburban white ladies with the prospect of Cory Booker moving in next door, while Booker was actually headed farther out of town.

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Another Day, Another Dick-Kicking Or Three For Trump's Legal Team

It was quite a day for the GOP yesterday. While the Elite Super Friends JD Esquire Strike Force Task Team, AKA Messrs. Wackass, Jackass, Windsock & Hairball, staged a presser promising to release the kraken — presumably right after they figure out why Rudy's head was leaking — real life courts dropkicked three more Trumpland bullshit lawsuits.

In Arizona, the state's Superior Court tossed a case seeking to ratfuck the risk limiting audit (RLA), which is yet another term we all have to learn now that the Republican Party has abandoned all pretense of wanting to live in a democratic society. Basically, elections officials go back and confirm the machine tally by manually recounting a sample portion of the votes.

Because of COVID, Arizona voters cast their ballots somewhat differently this year, in larger voting centers, rather than in precincts. The statute makes reference to the RLA being conducted by precinct, so those crafty folks at the Arizona Republican Party sued demanding that the state audit votes on the precinct level, rather than by voting centers. This would force elections officials to manually sort all the aggregated vote center ballots into individual precincts before the audit could even start, making it impossible to certify the vote count by the November 30 deadline. Then maybe the Arizona legislature could just appoint its own slate of electors for Donald Trump! And they would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddlesome judges.

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Tyson Managers (Allegedly) Ran Betting Pool On How Many Pork Plant Workers Would Get COVID-19

Managers at a Tyson Foods pork processing plant in Waterloo, Iowa, allegedly bet on how many employees would contract COVID-19, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the son of a Tyson employee who died in April. The lawsuit accuses Tyson management of engaging in "fraudulent misrepresentations, gross negligence and incorrigible, willful and wanton disregard for worker safety" that led to the April 26 death of plant employee Isidro Fernandez.

Tyson Foods President and CEO Dean Banks, who's one of multiple Tyson executives and managers named in the lawsuit, announced Thursday that the managers accused of running the betting pool have been suspended without pay, and that the company was launching an investigation into the claims, to be led by former US Attorney General Eric Holder. In a statement, Banks called the alleged behavior "disturbing," and said the company is "extremely upset about the accusations involving some of the leadership at our Waterloo plant." You know it's a very sincere statement of concern because the statement's heading reads, "Team member actions not aligned with company's core values." Core values, folks, with a link in the statement to the company's CORE VALUES page.

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Rudy And The Gang Making Fake Judge's Orders Now, As A *Courtesy*

Rudy Giuliani is back, baby! He dropped another three batshit filings on US District Judge Matthew Brann's docket this morning in a patently ridiculous attempt to overturn the expressed will of the voters in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

This sumbitch is trying to kill us!

Pole watcher? Really? REALLY?

They're throwing all kinds of crazy shit up against the wall hoping something will stick, and their understanding of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is ... perhaps a little shaky. But at bottom, the Trump campaign is making two claims. We shall explain them to you!

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Carl Bernstein Making List, Checking Twice, Of Republican Traitors What Ain't Got No Balls

These motherfarging sons of beetches.

Carl Bernstein, Nora Ephron's ex-husband, is still around, and unlike his erstwhile partner Bob Woodward he is not to our knowledge a complete preening hack. (Nora Ephron may have thought differently, I haven't read Heartburn since like sixth grade.)

And Carl Bernstein has had enough of this bullshits, and he is making like Elia Kazan, and NAMING NAMES.

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Meet The Putz With Chuck Todd

It's your Sunday show rundown!

Let's not bury the lede, it's an irrefutable fact that Chuck Todd brings the same level of charisma and intelligence that Tucker Carlson used to when he was wearing a bowtie (before Jon Stewart nuked it out of his wardrobe). How bad is the semi-sentient goatee growth of NBC News? Well, he briefly caused his predecessor to trend on Twitter:

So what did Todd do this time? Let's start with giving time to the senator of the second Worst Dakota, Kevin Cramer of South Dakota.

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Bunch Of Goddamn Lunatics Walking Around Saying They're The President's Lawyers

Just look at all this shit.

It was another wildass weekend in Rudyland, full of legal dropkicks, staff shakeups, Hugo Chavez and micropenises. That last one was courtesy of Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis.

Because the president's lawyer is one classy broad. She and Jesus are, like, BFFs, and don't you forget it!

Frank Luntz had noted that Ellis had been a bit wide of the mark when she predicted victory in the Pennsylvania case after Rudy Giuliani charmed the robes off US District Judge Matthew Brann, tweeting, "You media morons are all laughing at @RudyGiuliani, but he appears to have already established a great rapport with the judge, who is currently offering recommendations on martini bars for Team Trump in open court."

Indeed, we were all laughing at Roodle Doodle, because his appearance in court on Tuesday was inexpressibly, cringingly terrible. Which is why Judge Brann dropkicked it and dismissed the case with prejudice on Saturday night.

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