Ben Shapiro's Brain Trust: Replacement Theory True, So That Can't Have Caused Mass Shooting

Rightwing pundits got busy Monday on the very important project of distancing themselves and their racist panic over immigration from the ideas espoused — and put into action Saturday — by the 18-year-old white supremacist who shot 13 people in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, killing 10 of them. In what's become a mandatory feature of racist mass shootings, the shooter posted an online manifesto explaining why he had to kill innocent shoppers to save white culture, complete with racist memes and nonsense shitposting, like claiming he loves the environment and considers his political orientation as "authoritarian left wing," which righties have dutifully cited as proof that the massacre was clearly caused by Elizabeth Warren or possibly Antifa, as if there's a difference.

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And just like the other racist mass murderers, the Buffalo murderer said he was acting to stop the "great replacement" of white people by immigrants and minorities, a racist conspiracy theory that's just the latest variation on the centuries-old white anxiety that white supremacy is doomed, and must be preserved at any cost. In the most far-Right versions, it's a devious Jewish plot, because what good is a devious plot that's not driven by the Jews? The goal of these nefarious plotters is to "import" brown immigrants, and also to make white people eventually go extinct by having to share their America with people who aren't white.

In its slightly more genteel versions, pushed by more mainstream rightwing sources like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and others, the explicitly antisemitic language may be reduced to dogwhistles so the plot is blamed on "elites," "globalists," or "George Soros," or it may be left out altogether to blame Democrats (the distinction almost doesn't matter, since Dems are of course tools of the elites, the globalists and George Soros).

Naturally, folks on the right who've been pushing "Great Replacement" drivel are furiously distancing themselves from the shooter, some by positing alternative theories (It was furries caused the shooting!) or by insisting that their own Great Replacement rhetoric is totally not to blame for the shooting, because they didn't turn up in the manifesto's Works Cited list.

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Trump Econ Loon Peter Navarro Threatens LOCK HER UPS For Dr. Fauci In Newsmax Rant

If you crossed a chihuahua with Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver, you'd wind up with Peter Navarro.

Donald Trump's former economic adviser, plucked from obscurity by Jared Kushner after an Amazon search for "China U Suck" (more or less), fancies himself an expert in all things, from epidemiology, to the Electoral Count Act, to executive privilege. There is no subject on which he will not yap with the utmost confidence, and in his actual area of expertise, he steered Trump into a disastrous trade war with China that was not, in fact, "good and easy to win."

And that was before he saddled the federal government with 63 million doses of hydroxybonermectin and forced states to bid against each other for ventilators and PPE. This is a guy so committed to being wrong that he had to invent an anagram alter ego to agree with himself in his books. Yet here he is twitching like a speed freak with Newsmax's Eric Bolling and threatening to do LOCK HER UPS to Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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White Virginia Mom: Critical Race Theory Turned My Black Son Black

Here’s the latest pathetic entry in the critical race theory panic: Virginia mother Melissa Riley, currently in the running for the whitest woman alive, is suing her 13-year-old Black son’s school district because its antiracism program has given him a case of the "uppities."

No, really, here’s the video from Media Matters:

PREVIOUSLY: Here’s The POS Who Scared Your Conservative Relatives With Lies About Critical Race Theory

During her Fox News interview (of course), Riley insisted her son was nice and docile before the Albemarle School District exposed him to voodoo “critical race theory,” and now he’s sullen and difficult. Perhaps she’s never met a teenager before, but it’s possible that puberty’s the true culprit here. Before she blamed the school, she could’ve at least checked if her son had started wearing a mood-altering red kryptonite ring.

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Devin Nunes Pretty Sure Trump Won't Dump Him Once Elon Musk Wrecks Twitter. He's Fine. Totally Fine.

The news that Elon Musk will let Donald Trump back on Twitter if and when he actually buys the platform has hit Devin Nunes hard. The former congressman-turned-CEO of Trump's Truth Social platform was already crying in his feed about the failure of the MAGA social media venture to topple its bigger rivals. And it had to chap his udders that Trump spent months refusing to post on his own site because “He wants it to be a hit first.”

Last week, Nunes released what SFGate called a "stream of cope" to Fox News's Martha MacCallum on the news that his boss might be getting back together with his one true love.

"Look, we’re very supportive of what Elon is saying," Nunes said. "The question is, will he accomplish what he’s saying, dealing with all the employees, dealing with all the algorithms. But the goal has been for us, for President Trump, is to give the American people their voice back, and open the internet back up, and that's what we're trying to create.

"I would just add, though, I think there's an important point that's lost on people: Truth Social is wide open right now in the Apple app store, and you don’t have to ask anyone’s opinion. There’s no big tech tyrant that can cancel you, you don’t have to go to a billionaire to ask permission. You’re let on: Democrat, Republican, whoever you are. And we’re not going to censor you for political speech, so we are accomplishing what the mission of our company is, which is to get this internet open back up, and we're glad that Elon is saying the right things. Let's see if he backs that up."

It's not yet in the Google store, because it's still a janky piece of crap. And while "there's no big tech tyrant that can cancel you" on Truth Social, there does appear to be someone there banning accounts for such thought crimes as making fun of Devin Nunes.

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Baby Trump Junior Can Be Putin-Loving Sycophant Garbage Moron Just Like Daddy?

Will THIS make Daddy love him? (No.)

Donald Trump Jr. scrunched his face together like you see in the picture above, and it was a terrible thing, but it was because he was thinking a geopolitical thought.

So, like a person who is allowed to be on Twitter, he formed this thought on Twitter. Which is a shame, because if he was doing this for Daddy's approval or affection or love, Daddy cannot see him there.

It was a thought about Finland, a free country, joining NATO. Literally all people who love democracy and freedom think this is a good idea. The only people who don't like this idea are Putin and his sycophants. Hell, Putin even tried to cut off the electricity, but Finland was like fuck off and now Putin is paying lip service to how it's fine totally fine for Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

Which brings us to:

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New Draft NY Congressional Maps Give Gerrymandered Middle Finger To Democrats

Can someone throw us a frigging bone here?

The New York State Court of Appeals dealt a major blow last month to the Democratic Party’s hopes of retaining control of the House of Representatives. Chief Judge Janet DiFiore, who former Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo appointed in 2015, said the congressional and state Senate maps Democrats drew were “procedurally unconstitutional.” DiFiore slammed the congressional map in particular as having been “drawn with impermissible partisan purpose.” Well, obviously. We’re trying to hold back fascism and Republicans have successfully passed overtly partisan maps in Florida and Ohio. New York was where Democrats hoped to hold back those Republican gains. But instead the replacement mapmaking process was handed over to Steuben County Supreme Court Justice Patrick McAllister — a Republican — who assigned the task to Jonathan Cervas, a postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

The new maps for New York’s 26 congressional districts dropped Monday, and they're a giant clusterfuck. The original maps would’ve made Democrats clear favorites in 22 out of 26 districts, with little chance for upsets even in a tough year like this one.

Politico reports:

The maps proposed by Cervas would lead to 21 districts where Democrats would have an edge based on their performance in past elections. But that edge is extremely slim in at least five of these seats, leading to multiple races that will likely be considered toss-ups. In a couple of others, a Republican upset is far from implausible.

The proposed maps also cram existing Democratic representatives into the same districts. Here are some of the lucky contestants on "Early Retirement From Congress!"

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President Biden Visits Buffalo, Because That's What Presidents Do In Times Like These

Today on WonkTV.

We were all set to put this livestream up when it was live, but then they moved the time up, and by the time we got to it, the president was already speaking.

But here is President Joe Biden speaking in Buffalo, plus also senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, New York Governor Kathy Hochul, and others.

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