Montana Anti-Vaxx Law: 'Religious Exemption' For Masks But Not For 'Not Letting Kids Die In Your Own Home'

Last night, being an employer domiciled in the state of Montana, I received an email from the state Department of Labor. It was a link to Frequently Asked Questions about HB 702, signed into law this spring by Gov. Greg Gianforte, banning "discrimination" against unvaccinated people in public accommodation (your hotels, restaurants, public facing businesses) and employment (all employers). It is, not hilariously, part of Montana's "Human Rights Act," which does not bar discrimination based on sexual orientation or against trans children, but now protects a class of people who ain't wanna get vaccinated, whether against COVID-19 or the measles.

Well, being both an employer of people and a reader of things, I read that FAQ. And while I was aware this bill had been passed and signed into law, there were so very many batshit things introduced in our biennial legislative session, there was literally no way to keep track of them.

See those nine pages? There were 50 bills on each.

And reading that FAQ, I noticed something: While an employer — including a hospital or other healthcare facility — cannot "discriminate" against the new protected class of "unvaccinated people," it can require those folks to wear masks, if they require everyone to wear masks, and as long as they have an exemption for "sincerely held religious beliefs." You know, all those sincerely held religious beliefs against wearing a piece of cloth on your face holes so you don't breathe germs on sick people, during a global pandemic.

And this was the GOOD version of the bill; it added an exemption for nursing homes and let schools continue to require a TB test.

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Trump Fails To Ruin Democrats’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Week

Everybody rejoice! The Senate voted to move ahead Wednesday on a bipartisan infrastructure deal, and you know the best thing about the deal? It's bipartisan! The Democrats theoretically control the House and Senate, and they could've passed something epic with just their vaccinated, non-seditious members. But that wouldn't qualify as bipartisanship. No deal, no matter how good for the American people, is worth passing without input from the party that twice acquitted Donald Trump and blocked a bipartisan investigation into the January 6 attack on the Capitol. These are people you can trust!

Although Republicans yanked away the football last week, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was cautiously optimistic that at least 10 Republicans senators would come through, and ultimately 17 defied the former White House squatter, who tried to tank the deal at the last minute out of spite — his primary motivation for everything. He even threatened primaries against members of his own party because they want to build roads.

President Joe Biden was clearly thrilled. The 17 Republicans who supported the deal more than double the eight who voted to overturn the election a few months ago. He's making progress.

"This deal signals to the world that our democracy can function, deliver, and do big things," Biden said ahead of the vote. "As we did with the transcontinental railroad and the interstate highway, we will once again transform America and propel us into the future."
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Nancy Pelosi Not NOT Saying Kevin McCarthy Is A Moron

Uh oh, Nancy Pelosi used the "M" word about Kevin McCarthy. No, not "manwhore." Not "McLoser." Not "meaningless meddlesome marginal musty mendacious malcontent."

She called him a "moron." Because he is one.

Wonkette noted this in another post, but we feel like re-emphasizing it, for clicks. McCarthy tweeted last night, regarding possible new mask mandates and CDC guidance, that such decisions wouldn't be "based on science, but a decision conjured up by liberal government officials who want to continue to live in a perpetual pandemic state." You know, because of how liberals just love having to wear masks and have wonderful social events canceled because bumfuck rednecks refuse to do their goddamn civic duty and get their shots (or, if they're not gonna get their goddamn shots, WEAR A FUCKING MASK AT FUCKING LEAST). In response this morning, Pelosi said McCarthy is "such a moron." Or at least people were pretty sure that was what she said.

Point out the lie. We'll wait.

At her weekly presser, a reporter asked Pelosi to clarify: "Is Kevin McCarthy a moron and if so, why?"

And she responded:

"I calls 'em as I sees 'em, BYE BITCHES!"

OK we are just fooling, that was not her response.

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Trump Throws Tantrum Over Infrastructure Deal, MAGA Senators Yawn

NO FAIR! Trump had like 84 infrastructure weeks during the four years he was president and managed to build nothing but a few miles of crappy border wall — and he had to steal military money to do even that. Biden has been president for six months, and now Republicans are going to help him fix our nation's roads and bridges? This aggression will not stand, man!

Politico is out with the afternoon tea, and it is hot with salty Trump tears over the Republicans handing Biden a win if they actually manage to get this infrastructure bill through Congress. Even worse, the old fart is doing his damnedest to torpedo the compromise package, and is mostly being ignored by his own MAGA senators who are inexplicably prioritizing the needs of Americans over an aging toddler's golf course shit-fit.

According to reporter Meredith McGraw, Trump's people are trying to spin this as a principled stand against evil environmental regulations and borrowing too much money when inflation remains a danger, although they "concede that they remain upset that a big bill wasn't passed while he was in the Oval."

Good that they didn't kick up too much of a fuss pretending this was anything but a selfish gambit, considering Trump has all but admitted he's just trying to stab the Biden administration in the back.

"Who are these RINO Republicans that are so dedicated to giving the Radical Left Democrats a big and beautiful win on Infrastructure?" he whined on his knock-off MyFace blogger page Monday. "Republican voters will never forget their name, nor will the people of our Country!"

Note that the health of our country's infrastructure is not mentioned.

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GOP Senator Just Asking Biden Noms If They've Met His Friend God Who Loves Them Very Much

No religious test, no religious test, YOU are the religious test.

Yesterday, John Kennedy, that GOP yokel hickfart senator from Louisiana who actually studied at Oxford, so at least part of his shtick is literally just a shtick, was questioning a Biden nominee named Hampton Dellinger, who's up to head the Justice Department's Office of Legal Policy. And Kennedy was just real rootin' tootin' fresh 'n' fruitin' mad about this tweet Dellinger had tweeted a while back, what appeared to be discriminatory against (white) Republican men.

It's true, if Republican white men chose to voluntarily remove themselves from all positions of governmental influence in American life, tens of millions of people's lives would almost instantaneously improve and America would have a shot at becoming a truly great nation. Congress would be so productive. People's bodily autonomy would be protected, and decisions about things like abortion would be between people and their doctors, where they belong. #BANWHITEREPUBLICANMEN

Sure, there would be some pro-forced-birth Republican women around, but some of them probably would at least try to find common ground with the Democratic men and women. Meanwhile, everybody could take turns hiding Marsha Blackburn's backpack and stuffing her into lockers, that would be some good common ground they'd all probably find, can't imagine anybody truly likes her, Marsha Blackburn is a fucking dick.


So Kennedy decided to put on his best confrontin' pants and confronted Dellinger about his very good tweet, saying, "Here it is, bigger than Dallas!" (The tweet was very big, apparently. Not some kinda weenus "Fort Worth" tweet.)

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COVID Caucus Sues Nancy Pelosi Because 'Masks'

Points for hilarity, we guess!

Members of the US House of Representatives Thomas Massie, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and some guy named Ralph Norman who is apparently also a congressperson are suing Nancy Pelosi for "masks."

Any lawsuit that Thomas Massie and Mad Marge file against Nancy Pelosi is guaranteed to be hilarious. And this one might actually be even better than I had hoped.

According to three people WHOSE JOB IS TO WRITE LAWS, it is a violation of the First Amendment, the 27th Amendment, and Article I, Sections 5-7 of the Constitution for House members to wear masks to try to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Honestly, I'm just surprised they didn't add HIPAA and doing the Ricos in here.

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That's Not Jen Psaki, That's Karine Jean-Pierre!

Live on WonkTV!

Because sometimes it's a good day for Jen Psaki to take a day off so Karine Jean-Pierre can be a badass.

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