Kamala Harris Keeps Beating Ron DeSantis In Polls. Why Don't We Hear More About That?

While we keep hearing a lot about how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is supposed to be the anointed GOP candidate in 2024 if Donald Trump doesn't run, or is (ahem) otherwise occupied, like if he's throwing trays of prison food at the walls (don't get your hopes up), we aren't yet seeing much speculation about the Democratic ticket. That's mostly because it seems pretty likely Joe Biden will run for reelection. But if he chooses not to, polling has already pretty consistently shown Vice President Kamala Harris doing especially well against DeSantis. A recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll even shows her running about even with Trump, with both Harris and Trump getting 41 percent.

Yes, this is where we remind you that, four months before this year's midterms, it seems pretty daft to be talking about polling for the 2024 presidential race, and any numbers out there represent vague impressions, not an outline for what's coming. Heck, by the time the 2024 primaries are supposed to start, America may already be under martial law after Canadian peacekeepers march in to save us from ourselves.

Again, don't get your hopes up.

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White GA Candidates Who Ratf*cked Black Lady's School Job Lose Elections Like Big Old Losers

You might recall that ProPublica story back in June about how rightwing activists in Georgia mobilized a bogus panic over "critical race theory" to drive a Black woman, Cecelia Lewis, out of an administrative job with the Cherokee County School District last year. Lewis had never actually heard of the rightwing moral panic over CRT at the time she took the job. But the position had "diversity, equity and inclusion" in the job title, so clearly, the astroturf groups insisted, Lewis had to be a communist trying to brainwash little white kids into hating America and themselves. Lewis resigned before even starting the job.

Read More: Black Lady Got School Job In Georgia, And The White Parents Went Wilding

Then, when Lewis was hired to supervise social studies teachers in neighboring Cobb County, the same crowd of rightwingers howled even more, because why would the schools hire this known Marxist that they had driven out of a job by lying about her? The school district bravely knuckled under to pressure, gave Lewis busywork that had nothing to do with teaching, and she left that job, too.

And now, the Nice Time we promised you with our headline: Three of the white people who'd organized to force Lewis out of her jobs lost their election bids in Georgia's June 21 primary runoff elections. Two lost elections for seats on the Cherokee County school board, and a third finally sort-of conceded Saturday that she'd lost a run for the Georgia House of Representatives, although she insisted the local board of elections had cheated her by not allowing a recount, even though she claimed to have evidence of serious "discrepancies" in the vote.

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CA Gov Gavin Newsom Throws  Punch At FL Gov DeSantis's Giant Glass Jaw

There isn't enough profanity in the English language to describe Ron DeSantis. Your Wonkette, a famous cussy pottymouth, could never do justice to Florida's famously evil governor, with his "Don't Say Gay" bill, attacks on free speech, targeting of LGBTQ minorities, gutting education standards, and radical gerrymandering. But California Governor Gavin Newsom gets a gold star for trolling this week, as he took to the airwaves at Fox to put a finger in DeSantis's beady eye with an ad that manages to be mean without swears at all.

And they said it couldn't be done!


"It's Independence Day, so let's talk about what's going on in America," Newsom opens, as a picture of DeSantis embracing Trump flashes on the screen.

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Vanity Fair Declares Most Oppressive Look Of The Last Century Totally Feminist

Not everything needs to be feminist. This is not to say that we shouldn't strive to make things be feminist, but rather that we do not need to retroactively declare things that are not feminist or have nothing to do with feminism to be feminist in order to validate liking them.

Some things are neutral. You may, under most circumstances, feel free to buy a couch without thinking to yourself "Yes, but is it a feminist couch?"

Other things are explicitly "not feminist," but we can like or do them anyway because of how we contain multitudes (unless they actively involve the oppression of women in some context), and trying to come up with a context in which they are feminist somehow feminist makes everything weird and exhausting.

Put Yourself First - "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"www.youtube.com

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Airbnb Hosts With Unbelievable Rules, Chores, And Requirements! Tabs, Thurs., July 7, 2022

Come on in smarty and join the tabs party!

More than 220 people were shot to death over July 4 weekend in America. Seems like a lot. (CBS News) No worries though, Republicans are going to fix it by banning social media for minors.

Hey, why was that sick fuck manchild able to get a legal gun anyway? Shruggy emoticon, nobody knows! — Lawyers Guns & Money

Japan, a country of 127 million, has about 10 gun deaths a year. How did they do it? By not letting people have fucking guns. (Insider)

Just all the wackjob Supreme Court justices praying with the evangelicals with cases before the Court. (Rolling Stone)

Republicans' "Blueprint for America": IT'S A COOKBOOK! — Mother Jones

Seriously, the New York Times is broken.

Both-sidesing would have been a step up for this column, which devoted only 52 words out of 1,300 to the right’s decades-long campaign to strip women of their rights. The rest was about how “the fringe left” is “jumping in with its own perhaps unintentionally but effectively misogynist agenda.”

Dan Froomkin at PressWatchers

COVID was the leading cause of death in Americans age 45-54 in 2021, don't worry, it's just a flu. (Ars Technica)

You're right, Defector. Richard Fritz has to be the most appalling elected official in the country.

More than 10 percent of Americans spend at least 40 percent of their income on insulin. Seems like we should FIX IT. Oh wait, that's 40 percent of their income after food and housing. NOTHING TO SEE HERE THAT'S TOTALLY FINE! (Yale)

The volunteers restoring lost Native grave sites in Alaska. It's a lovely read. — Alaska Beacon

But did they charge them for air?

Leeman and his crew are barely sharing in the bounty. On deck, Leeman held a one-page “settlement sheet,” the fishing industry’s version of a pay stub. Blue Harvest charges Leeman and his crew for fuel, gear, leasing of fishing rights, and maintenance on the company-owned vessel. Across six trips in the past 14 months, Leeman netted about 14 cents a pound, and the crew, about 7 cents each — a small fraction of the $2.28 per pound that a species like haddock typically fetches at auction.

Not sure how you can force fishermen to only sell to you if you're "leasing" them your boat and charging them for the maintenance but it's private equity so I'm sure it's all on the up and up! — ProPublica

Sure, the four-day workweek doesn't increase costs — it makes up for it in productivity — and it's good for workers, but NPR finds some people who made up reasons to be mad at it anyway, like an HR guy who thinks because it's hard for people to disconnect out of the office, you shouldn't try to give them time off. Fucking NPR.

"Green skies at night, TAKE FUCKING COVER WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT." — Weather Network

Haha, NO LINK for the Airbnb story, it didn't have any rules in it, let alone insane ones, just a bunch of tweets about cleaning fees!

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National Politics

Raise Your Hand If Your Friend Of 30 Years Cut An Ad Calling You A Piece Of Sh*t Today

Eric Greitens, you are winner winner chicken dinner!

We reckon things aren't going so great in your personal life or your public life or your running-for-political-office life when a guy who used to be one of your best friends feels compelled to put a video on the internet telling you to stop running to be a senator from Missouri, telling you to get your shit together, and telling the world what a piece of garbage you've become.

What's sad is that if context clues and the picture above didn't tell you this was about Eric Greitens, we feel like it could be about just about any Republican currently running for office.

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