Wonkette Weekend Live Chat Vs. The US Supreme Court Part III

Jamie's back! Yes, she's back, and she's not shady, although the Alito Supreme Court sure is. Robyn and I have once again summoned your favorite law-talker Jamie Lynn Crofts to discuss the current fight for reproductive freedom.

Join us at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET. Don't forget to like, share, subscribe and all the goodness.


Supreme Court's Dobbs Decision Is SO BAD (How Bad Is It?) That It's Really Really Really Fucking Bad

Brittney Poolaw Is Spending Four Years In Prison. Because She Had A Miscarriage.

Texas Abortion Ban Sadistic, Psychopathic, Dumb As Hell


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The Pro-Choice Caucus's Abortion Messaging Guidelines Are Good, Actually!

On Thursday, the Pro-Choice Caucus, led by Reps. Diana DeGette (D-CO) and Barbara Lee (D-CA), released new messaging guidelines to help their colleagues address abortion more effectively. So far, there's been a lot of pushback from a lot of people (mostly cis men who will never need to have an abortion themselves) who are mad about it for one reason or another. For some, it's because we shouldn't be talking about words and messaging at a time like this, for others it's because they are particularly attached to some of the messaging that this messaging is meant to replace.

The interesting thing here is that the messaging guidelines have moderates complaining that the new terms will alienate people who aren't totally into abortion but might be okay with it under some circumstances and those on the opposite end who feel that these terms are probably focus-group-tested changes invented by "messaging gurus" that are even less direct than the terms they are replacing. As if Barbara "Literally The Only Member of Congress to Vote Against Letting Bush Invade Afghanistan" Lee has any history at all of that.

And of course there are those complaining that this is simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and we shouldn't be doing this, we should be doing some other thing.

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'Queen Of Canada' Telling Followers Not To Pay Their Bills Is Making An Old Cult New Again

In the fall of last year, there were some rumors going around that former Trump national security advisor and current who-even-knows-what General Michael Flynn was perhaps a Satanist or secretly a member of a weird New Age cult, after video surfaced of him doing a strange prayer during a speaking engagement. This is because that prayer, to St. Michael, was extremely similar to one written by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the leader of the Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT) cult that you may remember from when they were all hoarding guns and living in bunkers in Montana back in the 1980s.

As I pointed out at the time, this was highly unlikely and not just because Flynn is a practicing Catholic. The big tell was that he wears black and red all of the time. In CUT and other Ascended Masters groups, those colors are largely forbidden. It's all purple, white, gold and green.

Why am I bringing this up? Because there is another QAnon-adjacent person who does appear to be reviving the Violet Flame — Romana Didula, self-appointed Queen of Canada. Didula has been popping up in the news every so often these days, most recently because she issued a royal decree announcing that no one need pay their utility bills anymore, and a bunch of her followers got their heat and electricity turned off and now owe thousands of dollars to their utility companies.

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Once Roe's Overturned, Fetus Cultists Can't Wait To Start Executions, Oh Boy!

You've probably already heard that if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade next month as expected, some 26 states are set to ban most abortions almost immediately, because they either have old pre-Roe bans still on the books, or because they've passed "trigger" bans that will become effective the moment the Court rules, if not when CNN misreports the news.

Read More:

A Citizen's Guide To Hell: US Abortion Laws After Roe


And while you might be worried about what the new legal hellscape will mean for reproductive health, women's rights, and other constitutional protections, you may want to keep in mind that people who have been looking forward to the end of Roe also have a lot of concerns about what comes next. Like, for starters, how soon can they start executing people for performing or getting abortions?

See, we're not so dissimilar, are we?

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Devin Nunes Pretty Sure Trump Won't Dump Him Once Elon Musk Wrecks Twitter. He's Fine. Totally Fine.

Think positive, little cowpoke!

The news that Elon Musk will let Donald Trump back on Twitter if and when he actually buys the platform has hit Devin Nunes hard. The former congressman-turned-CEO of Trump's Truth Social platform was already crying in his feed about the failure of the MAGA social media venture to topple its bigger rivals. And it had to chap his udders that Trump spent months refusing to post on his own site because “He wants it to be a hit first.”

Last week, Nunes released what SFGate called a "stream of cope" to Fox News's Martha MacCallum on the news that his boss might be getting back together with his one true love.

"Look, we’re very supportive of what Elon is saying," Nunes said. "The question is, will he accomplish what he’s saying, dealing with all the employees, dealing with all the algorithms. But the goal has been for us, for President Trump, is to give the American people their voice back, and open the internet back up, and that's what we're trying to create.

"I would just add, though, I think there's an important point that's lost on people: Truth Social is wide open right now in the Apple app store, and you don’t have to ask anyone’s opinion. There’s no big tech tyrant that can cancel you, you don’t have to go to a billionaire to ask permission. You’re let on: Democrat, Republican, whoever you are. And we’re not going to censor you for political speech, so we are accomplishing what the mission of our company is, which is to get this internet open back up, and we're glad that Elon is saying the right things. Let's see if he backs that up."

It's not yet in the Google store, because it's still a janky piece of crap. And while "there's no big tech tyrant that can cancel you" on Truth Social, there does appear to be someone there banning accounts for such thought crimes as making fun of Devin Nunes.

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Welcome To Being In Charge Of Calling Peter Doocy An Idiot, Karine Jean-Pierre!

Live on WonkTV!

It is her first day!

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Conspiracy theories

Furries To Blame For Buffalo Shooting, Say Stew Peters And Kandiss Taylor

Hoo boy.

If there is one thing the far right is sure of this week, it is that its number one mission is proving the Buffalo shooter was either a liberal, a federal agent or someone brainwashed by the FBI to shoot up a Tops grocery store in Buffalo, New York, in hopes of making racist conspiracy theories seem like a bad thing. You know, because otherwise everyone thought Great Replacement/White Genocide stuff was perfectly reasonable.

Far-right talk show host Stew Peters thinks he has proof the shooter is a liberal, and that proof is that he is supposedly a furry, which means he cannot possibly be a white supremacist.

In a Telegram post Sunday, Peters wrote, "The Feds knew about the NY shooter, who was a mentally-disturbed 'furry', and they let it happen. They WANTED it to happen." [sic] He then shared a post from Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate Kandiss "God, Guns and Babies" Taylor featuring an image from the shooter's livestream where his phone shows that he had been looking at a picture of a sexy cartoon dog.

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