Now A Warning? Wonkette Halloween Chat With Horror Author Laramie Dean!

Please welcome Montana author, teacher, and all-around swell guy Laramie Dean for the first of our seasonally appropriate Halloween chats!

Dean is the theatre director at Missoula's Hellgate High School. Yes, that's really the school's name, but unfortunately, none of the students are vampire slayers (that we know of). Dean's an openly queer educator in a "red" state, which can be scary these days but not in the fun way. We'll discuss this, as well as our mutual obsession with the "Dark Shadows" TV series, Alfred Hitchcock movies, and All About Eve. (This is probably where I'd suggest "fastening your seatbelts.")

Dean's chilling new book Black Forest comes out in November and is available for pre-order. Our undead chat starts at 9 am PT/12 pm ET.

(This chat was pre-recorded but I'm monitoring the comments and might pop out and say "BOO!" Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe.)

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Matt Schlapp Goes In The Toilets

Something happened on the internet yesterday.

Matt Schlapp, the CPAC conservative fascist idiot who looks like two bad vintage Christian album covers had unprotected sex with each other and made a pudgy white-haired baby, wants you to know that he and other Kansans go in the toilet. Why? Well, he just wants you to know!

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MAGGIE HABERMAN SCOOPS: Trump Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic Garbage, Wait WHAAAAAAT?

Any new Maggie Haberman breaking news today, perhaps more about Donald Trump whispering at her in 2021 that he stole all these really bitchin' state secrets, just tremendous stuff, and took them to Mar-a-Lago? No, we did that yesterday.

Instead, today we will examine Haberman's evidence that Trump is a homophobic racist transphobe. Crazy allegations, we know, but we're sure she brought the receipts.

Just kidding, we know all these things to be true.

But Haberman tells a story, as Rolling Stone reports, of Trump seeing people of color in the White House and just assuming they were waiters and treating them as such and it is still just wow. He had just become president, in January '17, and he looked at a bunch of staffers for Democratic lawmakers like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and said "why don't you get" the food. Because of how they were not white.

Reince Priebus freaked out. Oh no, Mr. President! Those people aren't the help!

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University Of Idaho: About Those Condoms And 'Birth Control' ...

We find ourselves having to adapt Orwell a lot these days. If employees of the University of Idaho want a picture of the future, for instance, they may as well imagine a memo from the university's Office of General Counsel, stamping into their faces forever. The letter, sent late Friday afternoon so it would inform employees but maybe miss the evening news, advises faculty and staff about the brave new world they face under Idaho's new near-total ban on abortion from the moment of fertilization. Wrong novel? Shut up and obey, no soma for you.

The executive summary gets right to the nitty in explaining that while on the job, university employees and the funds or facilities the work with, are absolutely prohibited from any of the following:

• Promoting abortion;

Providing or performing an abortion;

• Counseling in favor of abortion;

• Referring for abortion;

• Providing facilities for an abortion or for training to provide or perform an abortion;

• Dispensing drugs classified as emergency contraception by the FDA, except in the case of rape;

• Contracting with abortion providers; and

• Advertising or promoting services for abortion or for the prevention of conception.

(That's our bold right there!)

Getting an abortion oneself during class or office hours is right out, too.

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205 Out Of 206 Republicans Agree: Mental Health Doesn't Matter

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania is the fourth dentist.

So you know how every time there is a mass shooting at a school and we start saying "Sure would be nice if we could have some gun control like all of the normal countries have!," Republicans come right back with "How dare you politicize a tragedy involving guns to try and make such tragedies less common! It's not about guns, it's about mental illness!" like those other countries don't have mental illness, and then we have to explain very few mass shooters actually have diagnosable mental health conditions and people with such conditions are actually more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators of it?

You know how they went around for months and years lamenting the effect lockdowns and remote learning and masking were going to have on children's mental health?

Well! Those same Republicans — the ones in the House, anyway — were provided with an opportunity this week to fund a bill that would provide funding for mental health services at schools across the country. All but one of them decided against that. Literally one Republican, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, voted for the Mental Health Matters Act. It still passed, 220 to 205 because Democrats have a majority, but they didn't vote for it.

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'Mark Of The Beast' Worries Making Some Republicans Unsure About Voter ID

Guess they didn't think about that now, did they!

For years now, Republicans have been het up about Voter ID. For some this is because they recognize that poor people are less likely to have driver's licenses. For others, it is because they really did buy into all of the nonsense about widespread voter fraud and are convinced that voter ID is necessary to prevent people from just going and voting a million times under different names.

But as it turns out, not every conservative is into this idea, particularly those who suspect that driver's licenses just may be the Mark of the Beast. As it turns out, some members of Alabama GOP chair — and voter ID supporter — John Wahl's family are very concerned about this.

Including his very own brother.


His objection to voter ID, Joshua Wahl said, was that he believed all biometric identification, including photos that could be used for facial recognition programs, to be the mark of the beast foretold in Revelation.

“In particular, I object to the biometric nature of IDs in Alabama which started pursuant to the REAL ID Act,” Joshua Wahl testified. " And there’s a passage in Revelations 12 where it says that the forthcoming mark of the beast will be a number of a man. Biometrics by its nature is a number of a man. You know, that’s what makes me uncomfortable, and that goes against my convictions.”

Joshua Wahl also testified that he did not have a Social Security number.

I was skeptical on whether or not that was a thing, but Joshua Wahl is an Anabaptist and apparently they (and the Amish) can have a religious exemption from having a social security number.

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