Kraken Lawyers Forced To Pay Back Taxpayers For Legal Bills In Crap Election Suits

Sidney Powell was told there would be no math. Or if there was math, it would be confined to wholly fantastical numbers made up by her own expert witnesses, not a detailed accounting of what it cost taxpayers to fend off her garbage Kraken lawsuits.

But those nerds in Detroit and the Michigan statehouse just had to brown nose it. They turned in an actual accounting of their time spent protecting democracy after US District Judge Linda V. Parker told Powell and the derp squad to cough it up for spamming the docket with bogus affidavits and prolonging their attempt to overturn the election after the electoral votes were certified on January 6 — despite the best efforts of people who believed Powell's Big Lie to put a stop to it.

So now Our Sid and her lawyer are asking the judge not to be so literal about those numbers.

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Susan Collins Opposes Abortion Rights Bill Based On Thing She Totally Made Up

In case you hadn't noticed, reproductive rights are not long for this world. At least in this country. At least in states where those in charge just really, really, really want to force people to give birth against their will. In an attempt to fight this encroachment on our liberty, Democrats are once again pushing to pass the Women's Health Protection Act, authored by Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, which would codify Roe into law and ensure that abortion rights are protected for everyone in this country, regardless of where they happen to live.

The House bill, sponsored by Judy Chu with 48 Democratic co-sponsors, is expected to be approved on Friday, and would legalize abortion in all states up until fetal viability (when a fetus can survive outside the uterus) and prevent states from enacting laws restricting or banning the procedure.

Now, you would think that Susan Collins, one of the two remaining pro-choice Republican senators, someone who very much claims to care deeply for reproductive rights even as she signed off on Brett freaking Kavanaugh, would agree to vote to save reproductive rights from state-level sabotage. You would be wrong. She says she will vote against it. In an interview with the LA Times, Collins explained her reasoning.

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Joe Biden Thinks Trump Is 'F*cking A**hole,' Is Correct

People who have been reading Wonkette for at least a week might remember last week when we examined whether Bob Woodward is sometimes full of shit, based on some reporting in his new book that seems like it might not be quiiiiiite right. Examining all the evidence, we made an educated guess that Woodward is an excellent reporter for the part of reporting that is "has all the sources," but occasionally he fails to grasp the overall meaning and/or tone of the words he is reporting on, which once in a while makes the end product come out just ... off.

That said, we don't think there are many ways to misinterpret "what a fucking asshole," so we're gonna guess Woodward's and Robert Costa's book is right when it says Joe Biden looked at the stinky gauche crap Donald Trump left all over the White House — NO, WE DON'T MEAN TRUMP LOCKED HIS TWO OLDEST SONS IN THERE BY ACCIDENT — and his reaction was "what a fucking asshole." That does sound like Joe.

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Fox News Idiot Wishes Biden Didn't Constantly Ride Bike Like Old Sad Frail Dead Bike Riding Person

Hey, does everybody remember Donald Trump's theory of exercise? Namely, that you shouldn't do it, because it will deplete your body of all its energy and resources and kill you?

We always have to wonder just how brainwashed his sycophantic followers really are these days, how far they're really willing to follow him, which cliffs they're willing to hurl their bodies off of to prove their allegiance. But we do know that one of the many, many Fox News idiots, Rachel Campos-Duffy, was reporting on President Joe and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden taking a bike ride in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, this weekend, and decided to lob some zingers in the president's direction. You know, because he was exercising. Like an old person. Exercising. What a senior citizen. On a bike. Like an old dead person.

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Conspiracy theories

The Arizona Fraudit Proved NOTHING, DO NOT TAKE BAIT.

But it did piss away $7 million. Well played, fellas!

Stop saying that the Arizona fraudit "proves" that Biden won Maricopa County. Stop saying that Biden "expanded" his lead over Trump. Stop giving this pack of incompetent charlatans your stamp of approval as they attack the underpinnings of our democracy. This preposterous exercise proves nothing, and we should not treat it as legitimate simply because it failed to call for the overturning of this election.

Cut that shit out right now!

Cyber Ninjas, the Florida company with exactly zero election experience, is handing its homework in to the Arizona GOP today, just five months and $5.7 million dollars after they started this pathetic circle jerk. And in case anyone is suffering from amnesia as to the corruption of this entire process, let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

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Joe Biden Pretty Darn Sure He's Not In Disarray, You Knuckleheads

COVID, Build Back Better, and stuff.

Joe Biden followed his scheduled remarks on the COVID-19 response with a brief press conference today, taking the opportunity to make the case that nine months in just might be a little early for pundits to be declaring his presidency over, and he's still looking forward to getting his agenda through Congress, and would you all just settle down and let the process go forward, OK?

Here, it is a White House video!

Biden started out with the FDA's and CDC's new approval of booster shots for some people who've had two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The third shot is recommended six months after the second dose for

  • people over 65
  • residents in long-term care
  • people aged 50-64 with underlying medical conditions

Two other groups may want to get a booster: those aged 18 to 49 who have underlying medical conditions, based on their own particular risks, and people aged 18 to 64 who work in a job where they might be exposed often to COVID, like people working in healthcare, prisons, or schools. Biden said he looked forward to getting his third shot, even though "It's hard to acknowledge I'm over 65," which was nice and corny.

He also took the opportunity to call on the 25 percent of eligible people who haven't yet been vaccinated to go get the shot already, and noted that since hospitals in many areas are full of unvaccinated people, leading to people with serious medical needs dying because there were no ICU beds, then deciding not to get vaccinated isn't only affecting the person refusing the vaccine. He also noted some success stories: United Airlines, seven weeks after requiring employees be vaccinated, "now has 97 percent of their employees vaccinated," and just a month after the Pentagon ordered all military personnel to be vaccinated, a full 92 percent of active-duty service members have been vaccinated.

Then Biden took a few questions, saying first that the Border Patrol's treatment of Haitian migrants at the Texas-Mexico border was "horrible to see" and "outrageous," and saying once an investigation is finished, there should be consequences for those responsible. (He wasn't asked and didn't say anything about the deportations of many Haitian asylum-seekers, which led his own appointee as special envoy to Haiti, Ambassador Daniel Foote, to resign in protest yesterday.)

Asked whether his campaign message of bringing "competence and unity" back to the White House was in danger of evaporating in a cloud of Afghanistan, COVID, and a possible government shutdown, Biden rejected the premise, and noted that he had said it would probably take a year to accomplish his top goals, and also, not to make excuses or anything, did you see the state of this place when he got here? "So, you know, part of it is dealing with the panoply of things that were landed on my plate. I'm not complaining; it's just a reality. It's a reality, number one."

As for recent polling, he noted he's not worried because virtually every part of his economic plan is "overwhelmingly popular," and because Congress is moving forward on his Build Back Better reconciliation bill. He noted that its childcare and senior care provisions would be of particular help to women who've wanted to bet back to the workforce, and emphasized that worries about the national debt are overblown because tax increases on corporations and the wealthy, plus economic growth from the help going to the middle and working classes, will pay for everything in the plan.

On Afghanistan, Biden said that concerns about the US military withdrawal were legitimate, but also that America couldn't keep "spending $300 million a day for 20 years. There was no easy way to end that." He noted he'd be discussing Afghanistan later in the day when he hosted a meeting with the prime ministers of India, Australia, and Japan, and that the US is "still getting people out" as well.

Biden acknowledged that the resurgence of the pandemic, due to the Delta variant and about a quarter of American adults not yet getting vaccinated, had definitely slowed things down from the rate of progress he'd have hoped for, as have all the recent climate-related extreme weather events (which also highlight the need for the plan's climate measures). He said he was confident that both parts of his agenda, the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Build Back Better reconciliation package, will definitely pass.

In response to a question about moderate Democrats' unwillingness to give him a top-line figure of how much they'd be willing to spend on Build Back Better, Biden again reframed the premise, saying he hoped that instead of pulling a number out of the air, they'd decide what parts of the plan they want to pass instead, and write the bill accordingly:

What do you think we should be doing? Is it appropriate, in your view, to cut taxes for working-class people by providing for daycare, providing for early education, three and four years old? Is it appropriate to do something about free community college? [...] I'm telling them, "What — what are your priorities?"

And several of them, when they go through their priorities, it adds up to a number higher than they said they were for.

Biden also repeated his calls for strong action on climate, pointing out he'd managed to surprise some critics by getting the three biggest American auto manufacturers to agree that all their vehicles will have to be electric, and noting that China is investing billions of dollars in clean energy tech.

The presser must have been a bit of a letdown for anyone expecting Biden to be down in the dumps. He was looking pretty optimistic, all in all — not defensive, just not willing to accept any premature obituaries for his presidency.

[White House transcript / CDC booster shot recommendations]

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Anti-Vaxxers Fast Becoming Anti-ICU-ers

They're now claiming to be helping loved ones escape from hospitals they are free to leave at any time.

On Wednesday, the FDA approved Pfizer's COVID vaccine booster shots for adults over 65, all health care workers, and at-risk adults with underlying conditions, and that's pretty good news. Well, unless you live in a country where vaccines are scarce, in which case you might feel a tad miffed.

Given the fact that we're on our way to booster shots while there are many countries, particularly in the global south, where less than one percent of the population is immunized you would think that Americans would be more grateful for their own. And, to be sure, many are. Many are very excited to get booster shots as well. There are, however, an awful lot of people out there who are more than happy to look a gift horse in the mouth and then steal its deworming medicine.

But you already knew that.

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