So What's Up With General Milley? He's About To Tell Congress!

There's been some controversy! Or probably more like NON-troversy.

Regardless, this morning's hearing in the Senate Armed Services Committee with Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is probably going to be LIT.

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Kraken Lawyers Forced To Pay Back Taxpayers For Legal Bills In Crap Election Suits

Sidney Powell was told there would be no math. Or if there was math, it would be confined to wholly fantastical numbers made up by her own expert witnesses, not a detailed accounting of what it cost taxpayers to fend off her garbage Kraken lawsuits.

But those nerds in Detroit and the Michigan statehouse just had to brown nose it. They turned in an actual accounting of their time spent protecting democracy after US District Judge Linda V. Parker told Powell and the derp squad to cough it up for spamming the docket with bogus affidavits and prolonging their attempt to overturn the election after the electoral votes were certified on January 6 — despite the best efforts of people who believed Powell's Big Lie to put a stop to it.

So now Our Sid and her lawyer are asking the judge not to be so literal about those numbers.

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Susan Collins Opposes Abortion Rights Bill Based On Thing She Totally Made Up

In case you hadn't noticed, reproductive rights are not long for this world. At least in this country. At least in states where those in charge just really, really, really want to force people to give birth against their will. In an attempt to fight this encroachment on our liberty, Democrats are once again pushing to pass the Women's Health Protection Act, authored by Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, which would codify Roe into law and ensure that abortion rights are protected for everyone in this country, regardless of where they happen to live.

The House bill, sponsored by Judy Chu with 48 Democratic co-sponsors, is expected to be approved on Friday, and would legalize abortion in all states up until fetal viability (when a fetus can survive outside the uterus) and prevent states from enacting laws restricting or banning the procedure.

Now, you would think that Susan Collins, one of the two remaining pro-choice Republican senators, someone who very much claims to care deeply for reproductive rights even as she signed off on Brett freaking Kavanaugh, would agree to vote to save reproductive rights from state-level sabotage. You would be wrong. She says she will vote against it. In an interview with the LA Times, Collins explained her reasoning.

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Joe Biden Thinks Trump Is 'F*cking A**hole,' Is Correct

People who have been reading Wonkette for at least a week might remember last week when we examined whether Bob Woodward is sometimes full of shit, based on some reporting in his new book that seems like it might not be quiiiiiite right. Examining all the evidence, we made an educated guess that Woodward is an excellent reporter for the part of reporting that is "has all the sources," but occasionally he fails to grasp the overall meaning and/or tone of the words he is reporting on, which once in a while makes the end product come out just ... off.

That said, we don't think there are many ways to misinterpret "what a fucking asshole," so we're gonna guess Woodward's and Robert Costa's book is right when it says Joe Biden looked at the stinky gauche crap Donald Trump left all over the White House — NO, WE DON'T MEAN TRUMP LOCKED HIS TWO OLDEST SONS IN THERE BY ACCIDENT — and his reaction was "what a fucking asshole." That does sound like Joe.

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Recipe Hub

Pot In Every Chicken!

Let's make marijuana chicken schmaltz!

Why do all edible marijuana products have to be sweet? You know: the hash brownies, the ganja goo-balls, the THC gummies, and the chocolate bar that nearly killed our dear editrix.

Not all of us who enjoy getting high have a sweet tooth. Even with an active case of the munchies, many of us go for Funyuns, beer cheese, or Flamin' Hot Chee-tohs. Well, today, brothers and sisters, you will hear about the good news of infusing schmaltz (i.e., chicken fat) with weed in order to make savory edibles that will glue you to the couch!

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climate change

Climate Vs. Jobs? Ford And Its New $11.4 Billion EV And Battery Plants Say STFU.​

Also 11,000 new jobs in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Ford Motor Company announced yesterday that it's partnering with South Korean energy firm SK Innovation to build two new factories in Tennessee and Kentucky to manufacture electric vehicles and the batteries that go in 'em. The two complexes — wait, they're "hubs!" — will employ some 11,000 workers total when they open in 2025.

The Detroit News reports the plant in Tennessee, to be called "Blue Oval City," will manufacture Ford's new electric F-series pickups in a

"vertically integrated ecosystem" consisting of a vehicle assembly plant, a battery plant jointly operated by Ford and SK, as well as facilities for suppliers and battery recycling operations. Ford says the new assembly plant will be carbon neutral with zero waste to landfill when it's fully operational in 2025.

Ford says it will be "among the largest auto manufacturing campuses in US history."

Ford and SK will also construct two battery factories in Kentucky, which will produce batteries to be used in Ford and Lincoln EVs built at other assembly plants around North America. An industry insider we just made up right now said the Kentucky and Tennessee sites were "chosen deliberately to fuck with Doktor Zoom," who can never keep the two states straight.

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This Post Is About ‘Memory’ From ​​​‘Cat​​s’ Not Trump’s Gross Penis

You were warned.

Former part-time White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has a tell-all memoir coming out next week that's annoyingly titled, I'll Take Your Questions Now, a trolling reference to how she never did her actual job. The book is expected to reveal that Donald Trump is an unhinged sociopath prone to violent fits of rage, which we already knew. Maybe it's for the best that she never held a press conference. She might've bored us with similarly redundant information.

The New York Times reports:

"I knew that sooner or later the president would want me to tell the public something that was not true or that would make me sound like a lunatic," Ms. Grisham writes, offering a reason for why she never held a briefing.

Let's hope Grisham's learned not to take a job where those are your only two options. Even when you're selling overpriced coffee with strange names, you aren't lying to people. Unfortunately for Grisham, she repeatedly said, in front of cameras that were rolling and everything, that press briefings weren't needed because Trump was so “accessible" and the "best spokesperson" for his policies. She clearly failed to dodge the “sounding like a lunatic" bullet.

She also claimed reporters only showed up for White House press briefings so they could get famous and write books about Trump's presidency. Guess she showed them.

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