Megyn Kelly's Wealthy White Person Mask Problems Unbearable, Probably Unsolvable

Did you know Megyn Kelly has a podcast show thingie on Sirius XM? We did not know that. (Sorry if you didn't want anybody mentioning that out loud, Sirius XM!)

Anyway, Mediaite accidentally stumbled upon her show, we guess, and caught her interviewing the New York Times's David Leonhardt, and either they just happened to catch Kelly during a SEVERE moment of complaining about her unsolvable wealthy white person problems, or the entire show is about that. Is this show called "These Are My Unsolvable Wealthy White Problems, With Megyn Kelly"? Don't know!

Let's look at her unsolvable wealthy white person problems and see if we can DEFY THE LAWS OF SCIENCE, by solving them:

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Mark Meadows Playing Stupid Games With 1/6 Committee Subpoena, Again, Will Win Stupid Prizes

Last week, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows announced a tentative deal to provide testimony to the House January 6 Select Committee. Even at the time it sounded shaky, with Committee Chair Bennie Thompson promising that "[t]he committee will continue to assess his degree of compliance with our subpoena after the deposition."

But excerpts of Meadows's book are dropping, and the Old Man is apparently PISSED about his little buddy spilling the beans on Trump's pre-debate COVID diagnosis. So now it's time to make a big show of flouncing out and standing up for the Dear Leader.

"Yet again, with the breadth of its subpoenas and its pugnacious approach, the Select Committee has made clear that it does not intend to respect these important constitutional limits," Meadows's attorney George Terwilliger III said in a letter announcing his client's intent to withdraw from the deal.

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Fox News Presents Holiday Classic 'How The Black Lives Matter Stole Christmas'

Never let it be said that Fox News fights the same imaginary War on Christmas every year, because this year's War on Christmas is not your father's War on Christmas.

It's more like your Confederate racist shitbag great grandpa's War on Christmas, come to think of it.

Pete Hegseth, the Fox anchor with the poorest hygiene that we know of, explained recently that Black Lives Matter is LITERALLY trying to destroy Christmas. "That's actually not hyperbole," he added, in case you were inclined to think, "Oh, there goes a Fox News white man, shitting his Underoos over Black people again," instead of taking him seriously. He means it. It's not hyperbole.

Hegseth explained, looking as greasy as usual. Media Matters with the transcript, also as usual:

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Politico Wrote An Entire Story About Kamala Harris's Headphones And Why They Mean She Sucks

First Kamala Harris had a fake French accent. Then she bought a $375 pot. Now, she’s accused of wearing old-fashioned headphones. The vice presidential scandals never end.

Politico broke the gripping story about Harris’s headphone preferences. The headline blared: “Kamala Harris Is Bluetooth-Phobic,” as though Harris is prejudiced against technology.

While a growing number of consumers are going wireless, the vice president is sticking with the classics. She has long felt that Bluetooth headphones are a security risk. As a result, Harris insists on using wired headphones, three former campaign aides told West Wing Playbook.

That caution has continued since the election.

We’re treated to examples of Harris using wired headphones in public and during televised appearances. And this is absurd: "After casting the tie-breaking Senate vote on the American Rescue Plan in March, reporters captured Harris with wired headphones in hand. And during the campaign, she filmed campaign videos with the retro coils falling from her ears.”

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Culture Wars

Intolerant Left Refuses To F**k Conservative A-Holes Who Hate Them

Why are liberals so unreasonable?

“The left is so intolerant!” Republicans lament, in between attempts to disenfranchise minorities and violently overthrow the government. New polling data from this Axios article, "Young Dems More Likely To Despise The Other Party,” would seem to prove their point. Why, the headline alone reeks of intolerance!

Let’s look at the numbers and wonder why young Democrats aren’t as openminded as the guys at Turning Point USA.

5% of Republicans said they wouldn't be friends with someone from the opposite party, compared to 37% of Democrats.

Lawyer Sarah Isgur tweeted that “this doesn’t bode well.” However, she’s a former Department of Justice spokesperson who defended Donald Trump’s family separation policy and Muslim ban, so who cares what she thinks. Maybe young Democrats prefer friends who don’t fold to fascism.

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climate change

Ron DeSantis Too Busy Spending $$$$$$$$$ On 'Sea Level Rise' To Think About Commie 'Climate Change'

That is nine moneys.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a press conference Tuesday to trumpet a great big spending package that'll protect low-lying parts of the state from rising sea levels and flooding. As the Florida Phoenix reports, depending on which part of the announcement you listened to, it's either "$270 million for 76 projects (or $276 million for 70 projects)," to be paid out in grants to local communities over the next three years. (We checked, and various sources' numbers are all over the map.) The local governments and water districts getting the grants would generally have to provide matching funds as well, so they can build seawalls and improve drainage and otherwise deal with higher water.

Not that DeSantis would say why sea levels might possibly be rising in his state, which has a lot of coastline and whose highest point is just 345 feet above sea level, making it the lowest high point in the USA. (This is the case for many of Florida's metaphorical high points, too.) Like other Republicans, he knows damn well that his state is at risk from the climate emergency, but damned if he'll say it's real because then he might become a pariah.

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