​Tucker's 'Great Replacement' Either Totally Fine Or Doesn't Exist Or HEY WHAT ABOUT RACHEL MADDOW, LIBS?

As we've noted, right-wing proponents of the "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory have been trying awfully hard to explain that they have no moral culpability for Saturday's racist mass shooting of 13 people in Buffalo, New York. It's a problem for for them, since the shooter's manifesto obsesses at length about "replacement," an international Jewish conspiracy seeking to genocide white people through immigration and through relatively lower white birth rates. (I can remember my mother fretting about the birth rate thing way back in the 1970s, too). The argument goes that complex demographic changes are actually being engineered to end white people's majority status in the population, which of course would be the end of America.

Wingnuts who've pushed the "Great Replacement" lie have tried to distance themselves from the shooter, claiming that something else caused the massacre (furries, or maybe the COVID lockdowns), or more typically, doubling down on the paranoia about immigration while still insisting it's true. But they're going to great lengths to insist they've never advocated violence, they've merely warned of a literal invasion by foreign hordes making war against America, lawlessly destroying our way of life, and turning the country into "a third-world hellhole" (literally part of the title of a book by Ann Coulter).

So yeah, a bit more on that, because while this "Great Replacement" stuff is bullshit, it's bullshit that's driving much of what passes for the Republican Party's agenda. Ever since that Kenyan guy became president, they want "their" country back.

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Madison Cawthorn Gonna Have To Horseplay Cousin In Private Sector, We Guess

Last night GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn did the first and only decent thing he's ever done in his short, feckless life. Shortly after 10 p.m., he called up GOP state Sen. Chuck Edwards, and conceded the primary.

"Congratulations to @ChuckEdwards4NC on securing the nomination tonight," he tweeted shortly after. "It’s time for the NC-11 GOP to rally behind the Republican ticket to defeat the Democrats’ nominee this November."

Thus ends the brief, embarrassing political career of the youngest member of Congress in five decades, who found out the hard way that pissing off the Republican establishment in your home state and embarrassing the shit out of your colleagues in DC can be bad for your political health. Because there's absolutely no question who shivved the 26-year-old man child — and it sure as hell wasn't the Blue Team.

The GOP might have been annoyed when Congressman Boy Band called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a "thug," but they were livid when he started blabbing about Republican electeds throwing coke boner orgies.

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PA Primary Recap: Too Close To Tell Which A-Hole Running Against Democrat John Fetterman

The Pennsylvania primaries were last night, and here’s some objectively depressing news: Donald Trump’s Big Lie Booster Doug Mastriano won the GOP nomination for governor. He’ll face off against Democrat Josh Shapiro, who’s currently the attorney general and not a fascist.

Mastriano, a state senator, went full Christian nationalism during his campaign rallies. Last month, in a church parking lot in Pennsburg, he warned his supporters, “The forces of darkness are hitting us really hard right now. We’re going to bring the state back to righteousness, this is our day, our hour to take our state back and renew the blessings of America.”

Chilling our very soul, The Washington Post reported:

His wife, Rebbie, then told the crowd that her husband’s opponents are not just challenging another candidate but God. “When you’re against God’s plan, there is nothing that will stop it, and they are very worried right now that there is nothing that’s going to stop this.”

Mastriano’s acceptance speech was some seriously repugnant shit. He even threw in a transphobic joke at the expense of Dr. Rachel Levine, the United States assistant secretary for health who has done nothing to offend him other than exist.

The seditionist nominee has repeatedly said he wouldn’t have certified Joe Biden’s 2020 election win, and there’s no reason to believe he would if he was governor in 2024.

In short, every Pennsylvanian new and old must vote for Shapiro. Even typing the words Governor Doug Mastriano makes my fingers bleed.

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Baby Trump Junior Can Be Putin-Loving Sycophant Garbage Moron Just Like Daddy?

Donald Trump Jr. scrunched his face together like you see in the picture above, and it was a terrible thing, but it was because he was thinking a geopolitical thought.

So, like a person who is allowed to be on Twitter, he formed this thought on Twitter. Which is a shame, because if he was doing this for Daddy's approval or affection or love, Daddy cannot see him there.

It was a thought about Finland, a free country, joining NATO. Literally all people who love democracy and freedom think this is a good idea. The only people who don't like this idea are Putin and his sycophants. Hell, Putin even tried to cut off the electricity, but Finland was like fuck off and now Putin is paying lip service to how it's fine totally fine for Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

Which brings us to:

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BREAKING: Trump's Truth Social Still Raging Tire Fire


Yesterday Donald Trump's spokesloon Liz Harrington flounced off Twitter in a huff.

"I will soon no longer be posting on Twitter. This is a terrible website that is beyond fixing," she tweeted. "TRUTH will soon be available to everyone when its web application launches.

Surely this will be a body blow for the platform. However will we get along without copypasta of Trump's rambling blog posts augmented by a steady stream of demented vitriol?

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Class War

Guess Republicans Just Love Starving Babies And High Gas Prices

There's no accounting for taste.

Good news! The House passed two bills yesterday to help with the baby formula crisis. First off, there's the Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act, which would appropriate $28 million to the FDA so it can quickly approve imported baby formulas and ensure the agency is better prepared for such shortages in the future so this does not happen again. Second is the Access to Baby Formula Act, which would ensure that low-income families have access to baby formula through the WIC program.

If you're a person who hates it when babies starve to death, you probably think these are some pretty good bills and are relieved to know someone is doing something about this.

And yet 192 Republicans voted against the Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act. Only 12 of them joined the 100 percent of Democrats in passing this bill. Those Republicans were "Reps. Don Bacon (Neb.), Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.), Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio), Trey Hollingsworth (Ind.), John Katko (N.Y.), Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), David McKinley (W.Va.), Tom Rice (S.C.), Chris Smith (N.J.), Mike Turner (Ohio), Fred Upton (Mich.) and Ann Wagner (Mo.)."

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With Great Salt Lake Drying Up, Utah Lege Looks Into Pipeline From Pacific Ocean. Yes Really.

What about just buying up all the bottled water in the stores and dumping it into the lake bed?

Utah's Great Salt Lake is, like a lot of western lakes, drying up and shrinking at an alarming rate due to long-lasting drought that's intensified by climate change. Unlike Lake Powell and Lake Mead, the Now Just Adequate Salt Lake is a natural lake, not the result of damming the Colorado River (or damning it, as Ed Abbey used to say), but the calamitous drop in water levels results from similar causes: not enough water coming into the lake from rivers, plus lots of thirsty humans and their agriculture using upstream sources. In late April, state water officials projected the lake will once again hit a new record low water level this year, a good two feet lower than the previous record low level of 4,190 feet, set just in October 2021.

The Deseret News explains,

The projection is based on levels that flow into the lake from its core tributaries, like the Bear, Weber and Jordan rivers. Normally those rivers add about 3 feet of water during the irrigation offseason, while there’s a 2-foot reduction once the irrigation begins. That’s a net gain of about a foot per year.

But this year’s spring runoff is not looking good for the lake. The National Weather Service’s Colorado Basin River Forecast Center announced last week that it adjusted its forecast to project a runoff at 60% of normal. It previously forecast a normal runoff at the start of the year.

Last year, instead of the usual off-season increase of a foot, the lake's level only rose by six inches. And the state's snowpack is far lower than normal due to the drought. Also, fun fact: because of mineral concentrations in the lakebed, the drier the lake gets, the greater the chance of toxic dust blowing into populated areas.

Yeah, that's bad. Here, have some video from a BOAT, mofo, with more walking than there oughta be on a boat tour.


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