Li'l Nebraska State Sen Lady Machaela Cavanaugh Sets Up Early Bid For BADASS OF THE YEAR!

Last month, Nebraska state Senator Machaela Cavanaugh declared that she'd filibuster every damn bill the Republican-controlled legislature put forward unless it pulled proposed legislation banning gender-affirming health care for transgender youth. Specifically, this anti-trans garbage would ban puberty blockers, gender-affirming surgeries, and hormone therapy.

A SPLAINER! What IS Gender Affirming Health Care For Kids Anyway, Because Texas Is Super F*cking Lying About It Right?

Cavanaugh wasn't shy about her intentions. She said, "If people are like, 'Is she threatening us?' let me be clear: Yes, I am. I am threatening you." She added, "If this Legislature collectively decides that legislating hate against children is our priority, then I am going to make it painful; painful for everyone. Because if you want to inflict pain upon our children, I am going to inflict pain upon this body.”

Those are the badass lines from the trailer for the eventual movie starring Elizabeth Olsen.

The senator maintained her blanket filibuster for weeks, and the Legislature hasn't passed diddly squat all year. Cavanaugh told her colleagues last month, "I will burn this session to the ground over this bill. I have nothing but time, and I am going to use all of it."


PREVIOUSLY: Nebraska Dem Just Gonna Filibuster Eeeeeeeeverything

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Florida LGBTQ Hate Bills Want Some Bigot To Have 'Parental Rights' Over Everybody Else's Children

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his cronies in the Republican-controlled state Legislature are self-proclaimed champions of "parental rights" in education. They called their bigoted "Don't Say Gay" law a "historic bill to protect parental rights in education" that "reinforces parents’ fundamental rights to make decisions regarding the upbringing of their children." It was very important to Republicans, not just in Florida but in more than a dozen states with similar gross laws, that parents maintained their inalienable right to treat their kids horribly.

However, despite the Right's absurd "groomer" narrative, most teachers aren't randomly declaring students trans in open defiance of their parents. While this concept might confuse and horrify Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro, there are many supportive parents who love their trans children for who they are and respect their gender identity. Scared bigots shouldn't freak out, though, because Florida's got their back!

The Republican-controlled Legislature now wants to restrict the use of peoples’ personal pronouns to those aligned with the sex assigned on their birth certificate, and they're starting with public schools. No, it doesn't matter if parents have approved their kids' preferred pronouns. Laughably, this proposed law builds off their so-called "Parental Rights in Education Act," so we guess when Republicans were yakking about "parental rights," they meant .... other parents or even childless adults who really hate trans kids.


Joe Biden: Ron DeSantis Going To Hell For Bullying Trans Kids (OK, It's *Implied*)

Ron DeSantis Fights For Free Speech By Banning Teachers Mentioning Slavery And Gay People

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Give ALL The Special Ed Aides Eat: LA Teachers On Strike!

School support staff — teacher aides, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, custodians, special education assistants, and others — began a three-day strike yesterday against the Los Angeles Unified School District, seeking higher wages. LAUSD teachers walked out in solidarity, joining the striking service workers on picket lines and at a massive demonstration at the district's headquarters despite a heavy rainstorm. The strike forced the closure of the district's more than 1,000 schools, although about 150 schools were kept open so adults could supervise kids whose parents couldn't keep them home. The district has roughly half a million students.

LA Mayor Karen Bass (we like typing that!) announced the city would provide safe places and meal distribution for kids during the walkout, including "21 Recreation Centers to serve as Grab & Go locations" for school meals, as well as free "after school" — but really all day — programs at 30 rec centers for kids in first through fifth grade. City libraries are also offering extra programs, and the LA Zoo had free admission for all kids in K-12 (accompanying adults have a $5 entry fee).

Here, put on some Billy Bragg or Pete Seeger and read some of the LA Times's reporting from the strike:

In the 5 a.m darkness, when bus drivers typically begin their day, hundreds of district employees joined the picket line at the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Van Nuys bus yard, marching in rain ponchos and balancing signs with umbrellas. Starting at 6:30 a.m., picketers converged at schools throughout the sprawling district as heavy rain soaked them.

Alejandra Sanchez, a special education assistant, joined 20 other picketers in front of Eagle Rock Junior/Senior High School. Her job isn’t easy, as she works with students with often unpredictable behavioral issues.

She chanted, “Fair wages,” from Yosemite Drive and La Roda Avenue while holding a “Respect Us! Pay Us!” sign.

“I love my work and the students,” said Sanchez, 45. “And it’s sad that I have to get up today in the rain to fight for respect because the district doesn’t understand what I and so many others do.”
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Ron DeSantis Troubled By TRUMP PEENER PORN STAR HUSH MONEY LOL Witch Hunt, So Very Troubled

All the stinky MAGA people have been saying their piece ever since Donald Trump predicted he'd be arrested Tuesday, which now for sure has to happen, otherwise Trump's prophecy wouldn't come true. There are the ones saying YOU'LL BE SORRY if you start arrestin' and prosecutin' Trump, because then everybody will fall madly in love with him and elect him dictator for life everywhere.

Dumb stupid moron idiot Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney thinks this is all going to "blow over," because Trump will probably just not show up in court, and then everybody will forget about it, because Claudia Tenney is a lawyer and that is how indictments work. (We imagine she might not feel that way if we weren't talking about a very wealthy white defendant. JUST A GUESS.)

Really sketchy MAGA man types like Jack Posobiec are threatening bank runs and everybody calling out to work, so if you see a line of unshowered incels making $10 withdrawals from the ATM outside your local Hooters in broad daylight before going home for a good long day of masturbating, that's just American citizens making their voices heard.

Some of the cultists are starting conspiracy theories in advance about how any violence committed by MAGA terrorists was ACTUALLY committed by the feds. Charlie Kirk actually typed, "The regime is salivating for MAGA to act in an uncharacteristic and violent manner ahead of this stalinistic arrest later this week." LOL.

But amid all this, whither Ron DeSantis? Sure, he is Trump's biggest rival for the 2024 Republican nomination, but surely DeSantis can drop the competition long enough for some good old-fashioned cultish solidarity with Team White Supremacist MAGA Traitor Crime Fascist, yeah?

He didn't speak up all weekend. Today, in a news conference, DeSantis said a number of things about it, but Trump people are only noticing that he clowned on HUSH MONEY TO COVER UP PORN STAR AFFAIR.

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National Politics

Ron DeSantis Clarifies That Putin Is Bad, Please Put In The Newspaper That He Said Bad

Not ready for primetime.

We're getting more from that Ron DeSantis interview with Piers Morgan, aren't we all thrilled?

About a week and a half ago, DeSantis made news when he issued the grossest, most anti-American, anti-free-world statement about Russia's genocidal war on Ukraine. It came in response to a request from Tucker Carlson, one of Putin's greatest cheerleaders, and it really jammed at every G-spot in the Kremlin's bone zone, calling the war a "territorial dispute," shitting on Western sanctions, concern trolling about nuclear war, and so much more.

Let's just say he took a lot of heat for that. People also made fun of him for taking the exact same stance as Putin's sidepiece Donald Trump. Way to run against Trump, dude!

So in the Piers Morgan interview, DeSantis decided to do a total 180 because people got mad at him and he's kind of a thin-skinned fucking wusssoften his anti-American stances just a tiny.

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Florida Bill Doing Best To Out-Worst All Other Bans On Gender-Affirming Care

Would take trans kids from parents, since GOP already fine with family separation.

As Yr Wonkette covered yesterday, and as brought to our attention by the invaluable Erin in the Morning, the state of Florida (Motto: "America's Useless Appendage") is considering a whole swath of terrible legislation that if passed, would make life even more miserable for LGBTQ+ people there. It's understandable, really — there are so many Republicans in the state Legislature, and they all want a turn at proving that they can hate LGBTQ+ folks as much or more than their peers.

Read More:

Florida LGBTQ Hate Bills Want Some Bigot To Have 'Parental Rights' Over Everybody Else's Children

Red States About Five Minutes Away From Legalized Lynching Of Trans People

What IS Gender Affirming Health Care For Kids Anyway, Because Texas Is Super F*cking Lying About It Right?

Today, we'll take a closer look (again, thanks to Erin Reed) at just one of those very bad ideas, Florida HB 1421, which drunkenly tells other states' bans on gender affirming care for trans youth, "Hold my beer" before jumping on a skateboard and launching itself into the abyss. A Florida House subcommittee yesterday voted to move HB 1421 out of committee. After hearings in a second committee, the bill is likely to be sent to the full House, where it's likely to pass. It's Florida, and Republicans have an 85-35 majority of seats.

It's not only an extremist bill, it's also so broadly written that in attempting to outlaw gender-affirming care for minors, it also may make mastectomies for breast cancer illegal and ban hormone treatments for menopause. We can't entirely guarantee that's a mistake. The bill doesn't simply ban gender-affirming treatment going forward: It would force detransition on trans youth. All minors currently receiving puberty blockers or hormone replacement therapy would have to end treatment by December 31 of this year. Such forced detransitioning is almost certain to lead to suicides, not that the psycho bigots supporting the bill care.

As ever: If you're having thoughts of harming yourself, call the national suicide and crisis lifeline at 988.

This being Florida, the bill keeps getting worse. One provision would allow the state to take trans kids from their parents to "protect" them from getting gender-affirming care in another state.

As with several similar bills around the country, the law also forbids insurance plans from covering gender-affirming care for adults, because the bill's sponsor, the dubiously named Rep. Randy Fine — a former gambling industry executive, not a doctor — says he believes all medical care for trans people is merely "a cosmetic-type procedure, and not necessarily a procedure that would improve their health." Yes, of course he's ignoring the consensus among medical organizations that transition is the treatment for gender dysphoria, and that, yes, it saves lives.

Because the bill bans the state from paying for any gender-affirming care, it would also result in forcible detransition for incarcerated trans people. The bill's sponsor was very clear on that when another state representative asked. Further, the blanket prohibition on puberty blockers and hormone therapy would probably prohibit some treatments for stunted growth in children. Another legislator said that, as she read the bill, it may ban contraception for minors, although Fine said he didn't think it would.

HB 1421 also prohibits any changes to birth certificates to reflect an adult's gender identity. State Rep. Kelly Skidmore (D) had questions about why a bill supposedly aimed at "protecting" children would do that; Fine (again, not a doctor) explained that "your biology cannot be changed," to which Skidmore replied, "Doctors would disagree. [...] You can change your biology. That's the point of gender-affirming care and surgery."

Fine then muttered something about chromosomes, which kind of ignores the fact that hormone therapy very definitely changes a person's biology, what with the differences in hair growth, body chemistry, and so on. But not chromosomes!

Fine went on to explain that gender-affirming care for minors is "child abuse," although he acknowledged that's his personal opinion, not actually a law. But co-sponsor Rep. Ralph Massullo — who somehow is a doctor — insisted it was just like "If you chop your sons arm off it's child abuse," so there's a doctor who knows his stuff. Massullo also explained, contrary to the medical consensus, that since gender dysphoria is all in trans people's heads, they should see a therapist and get cured through good old conversion therapy, which doesn't work.

The most glaringly insane part of the bill is the former gambling executive's medically muddy definition of "gender clinical interventions," a term that isn't actually from medicine. HB 1421 defines such interventions as

procedures or therapies that alter internal or external physical traits.

The term includes, but is not limited to:

1. Sex reassignment surgeries or any other surgical procedures that alter primary or secondary sexual characteristics.

2. Puberty blocking, hormone, and hormone antagonistic therapies.

The bill allows a few exceptions, such as for treatment of infants born with ambiguous genitalia, and of course for treatments to reverse gender-affirming care, but that's about it; as House Democrats pointed out, the broad prohibitions on altering "primary or secondary sexual characteristics" appears to ban mastectomies, breast reduction or enhancement, maybe prostate surgery, and who knows, maybe even penile implants for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

But wait! Since it only applies to minors, Fine figured that wouldn't be a problem. During questioning by state Rep. Christine Hunschofsky (D), Fine was surprised to hear that minors can even have breast cancer, though he remained skeptical of that anyway, and mocked what he said was the "pervasive problem of youth breast cancer." Probably just an excuse to get top surgery, right sir?

Oh yes, and because it's so sloppily written, the bill would also ban insurance from covering breast cancer mastectomies — for adults too, since the insurance ban is for all "gender clinical interventions," regardless of the patient's age.

Will Larkins, an 18-year-old high school student, testified against the bill, telling the committee members that his transgender friends would be directly harmed by the bill, not "protected." He begged the lawmakers to at least agree to a Democratic amendment that would allow youth who have already begun treatment to continue it.

"That health care has saved their lives. You will kill them. I am telling you right now — look me in the eyes — you will kill them if you pass this bill and you don’t pass this amendment. [...] You will kill them if you force them to detransition."

The committee rejected the amendment, because there are no trans people in Florida, just punching bags to beat up on for the cameras.

This is where we wish we could tell you that HB 1421 is so obviously unconstitutional that there's no chance it will pass and be signed into law, but you've been here for a while and you wouldn't ever fall for a hopeful lie like that. We don't even think they'd listen to our new hero, Grace Linn, that wonderful centenarian wonder woman. But who knows? Bet she'd make a trans lives matter quilt if she thought it would help.

[HuffPo / Florida HB 1421 / Erin Reed on Twitter / New Republic / Image generated by DreamStudio Lite AI]

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We Think We Found The Guy Inciting The Violence, It's The Same Guy As Last Time


Donald Trump obviously blabs his gross mouth all day and night, and it's arguable that about 98 percent of the broken English he spits out is of no true consequence. But right now, as he may be about to be indicted for the first time, people are watching for him to incite violence, for him to try to create his second January 6 attack. Obviously people are worried, especially as he's been begging people to go out and protest for him.

So it would seem that his absurd screeds today from his fake Twitter site probably matter. The incitement to violence comes at the end. There are funny parts too. It's all in ALL CAPS, because of course it is.

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