Ron DeSantis Troubled By TRUMP PEENER PORN STAR HUSH MONEY LOL Witch Hunt, So Very Troubled

All the stinky MAGA people have been saying their piece ever since Donald Trump predicted he'd be arrested Tuesday, which now for sure has to happen, otherwise Trump's prophecy wouldn't come true. There are the ones saying YOU'LL BE SORRY if you start arrestin' and prosecutin' Trump, because then everybody will fall madly in love with him and elect him dictator for life everywhere.

Dumb stupid moron idiot Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney thinks this is all going to "blow over," because Trump will probably just not show up in court, and then everybody will forget about it, because Claudia Tenney is a lawyer and that is how indictments work. (We imagine she might not feel that way if we weren't talking about a very wealthy white defendant. JUST A GUESS.)

Really sketchy MAGA man types like Jack Posobiec are threatening bank runs and everybody calling out to work, so if you see a line of unshowered incels making $10 withdrawals from the ATM outside your local Hooters in broad daylight before going home for a good long day of masturbating, that's just American citizens making their voices heard.

Some of the cultists are starting conspiracy theories in advance about how any violence committed by MAGA terrorists was ACTUALLY committed by the feds. Charlie Kirk actually typed, "The regime is salivating for MAGA to act in an uncharacteristic and violent manner ahead of this stalinistic arrest later this week." LOL.

But amid all this, whither Ron DeSantis? Sure, he is Trump's biggest rival for the 2024 Republican nomination, but surely DeSantis can drop the competition long enough for some good old-fashioned cultish solidarity with Team White Supremacist MAGA Traitor Crime Fascist, yeah?

He didn't speak up all weekend. Today, in a news conference, DeSantis said a number of things about it, but Trump people are only noticing that he clowned on HUSH MONEY TO COVER UP PORN STAR AFFAIR.

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How We Can Replace Kyrsten Sinema ... With A Democrat!

Political veteran Sacha Haworth was communications director for Kyrsten Sinema’s 2018 Senate campaign, back when Sinema was (sort of) a Democrat. She’s now senior adviser at Replace Sinema, formerly Primary Sinema, and she’s got some great ideas about how Democrats can hold her seat in 2024 (with an actual Democrat).


Kyrsten Sinema Working Hard To Finish Fourth In Three-Way Senate Race

Kyrsten Sinema: Why Does Every Democrat I Betray Betray Me?

Time To Launch The 'Beat Kyrsten Sinema' Campaign

Everybody Hates Mitch McConnell's BFF Kyrsten Sinema

Sacha has worked at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, House Majority PAC, and on Capitol Hill. She’s currently executive director of the Tech Oversight Project. This was a fun conversation, so sit back and enjoy!

(If you don't do video interviews, the podcast version will drop in a couple weeks. If you don't do podcasts, there's another post coming soon. We aim to please.)

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Let's All Smile And Nod At MAGA Threats That Prosecuting Trump Will Make Him Boss Of Us Forever

There are several genres of right-wing reactions developing to Donald Trump's impending first arrest and indictment. One we heard this weekend, notably from Mike Pence, was that it's appalling Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is doing this right now, what with the CRIME WAVE. As if that's not code for "how can you possibly arrest Donald Trump as long as Black people still exist?"

In this post let's talk about a threat and a fantasy we're starting to see a lot of from these MAGA morons. This tweet and Twitter poll encapsulates it nicely:

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Charter Schools No Joke, Unless They’re The Villain On ABC’s 'Abbott Elementary'

Last week, charter school cheerleader Jeanne Allen tried to catch ABC's "Abbott Elementary" creator Quinta Brunson in a “gotcha." The most recent episode featured the Abbott teachers fighting an attempt to turn their school into a charter, and in snarky response, Allen tweeted. "I'll share it again. The creator, lead writer and co-producer of @AbbottElemABC @quintabrunson is from West Philly and attended charter schools her entire education. She reportedly loved it at the time, heaped praise on it. Once upon a time. Guess money talks."

Oh, yes, all that money in the banana stand public school PR business. This is classic conservative projection, as the charter school lobby has spent crap tons of money to influence elections and ballot measures across the country in recent years.


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Trump's Current Elite Strike Force Of Lawyers Very Elite, Super Strikey

Who can get better lawyers than this? Anyone.

Remember back after the 2020 election when Donald Trump's super squad of lawyers were descending on plant nurseries to announce that they were pretty sure there was some fraud and therefore the election was stolen? At the time, Trump Lawyer Homeschoolio The Clown Jenna Ellis called their little group the "Elite Strike Force." And everybody laughed and laughed and laughed.

The 648,382 Funniest Parts Of Rudy's Press Conference, From 'Elite Strike Force' To 'Rudy Is Leaking'

Well, the lineup has changed, but it's still an Elite Strike Force, that's for sure. Who can get better lawyers than this? Anyone.

Everybody's already laughing and laughing and laughing about the fact that Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina is on tape several years ago affirming that the thing Donald Trump did with the porn peener payoff to Stormy Daniels — the thing he's very likely to be indicted in connection with very soon — was "illegal, by the way."

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Nice Time

Planet Earth Is One Hot Mama, And That Just Might Save Us

We're talking enhanced geothermal, kids!

I often worry that climate nihilism or climate despair may now be a greater threat to taking action than flat out climate denial is. The good news is that governments and industry are finally taking steps we need, and we're already seeing encouraging news. (Here, have a gift link to David Wallace-Wells's article explaining why the most dire predictions of just a few years ago are now less likely.)

The once unthinkable is now national policy: The US is actually committed to shifting away from the fossil fuel economy. Not fast enough yet, but measures like last year's Inflation Reduction Act are nothing to sneeze at, either, providing a boost to the clean energy transition, and clean energy jobs, that really should be cause for optimism. There are some incredibly smart people working on moving that transition along, and a hell of a lot of money to be made, too. So let's talk about enhanced geothermal energy, an energy technology that, along with solar, wind, hydro, and some nuclear, may have the capacity to save humanity's bacon. (OK, sure, eating less meat would also help there.)

As rightwingers will happily remind you, the big drawback to wind and solar is that the wind doesn't always blow and the sun does that "night" thing every day.

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White House Briefing Probably Just Journos Asking If Trump Arrested Yet

Live on WonkTV!


And Karine Jean-PIerre will have to keep explaining that she does not run the Manhattan DA's office and neither does her boss.

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