Kraken Lawyers Forced To Pay Back Taxpayers For Legal Bills In Crap Election Suits

Sidney Powell was told there would be no math. Or if there was math, it would be confined to wholly fantastical numbers made up by her own expert witnesses, not a detailed accounting of what it cost taxpayers to fend off her garbage Kraken lawsuits.

But those nerds in Detroit and the Michigan statehouse just had to brown nose it. They turned in an actual accounting of their time spent protecting democracy after US District Judge Linda V. Parker told Powell and the derp squad to cough it up for spamming the docket with bogus affidavits and prolonging their attempt to overturn the election after the electoral votes were certified on January 6 — despite the best efforts of people who believed Powell's Big Lie to put a stop to it.

So now Our Sid and her lawyer are asking the judge not to be so literal about those numbers.

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Susan Collins Opposes Abortion Rights Bill Based On Thing She Totally Made Up

In case you hadn't noticed, reproductive rights are not long for this world. At least in this country. At least in states where those in charge just really, really, really want to force people to give birth against their will. In an attempt to fight this encroachment on our liberty, Democrats are once again pushing to pass the Women's Health Protection Act, authored by Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, which would codify Roe into law and ensure that abortion rights are protected for everyone in this country, regardless of where they happen to live.

The House bill, sponsored by Judy Chu with 48 Democratic co-sponsors, is expected to be approved on Friday, and would legalize abortion in all states up until fetal viability (when a fetus can survive outside the uterus) and prevent states from enacting laws restricting or banning the procedure.

Now, you would think that Susan Collins, one of the two remaining pro-choice Republican senators, someone who very much claims to care deeply for reproductive rights even as she signed off on Brett freaking Kavanaugh, would agree to vote to save reproductive rights from state-level sabotage. You would be wrong. She says she will vote against it. In an interview with the LA Times, Collins explained her reasoning.

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Joe Biden Thinks Trump Is 'F*cking A**hole,' Is Correct

People who have been reading Wonkette for at least a week might remember last week when we examined whether Bob Woodward is sometimes full of shit, based on some reporting in his new book that seems like it might not be quiiiiiite right. Examining all the evidence, we made an educated guess that Woodward is an excellent reporter for the part of reporting that is "has all the sources," but occasionally he fails to grasp the overall meaning and/or tone of the words he is reporting on, which once in a while makes the end product come out just ... off.

That said, we don't think there are many ways to misinterpret "what a fucking asshole," so we're gonna guess Woodward's and Robert Costa's book is right when it says Joe Biden looked at the stinky gauche crap Donald Trump left all over the White House — NO, WE DON'T MEAN TRUMP LOCKED HIS TWO OLDEST SONS IN THERE BY ACCIDENT — and his reaction was "what a fucking asshole." That does sound like Joe.

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Fox News Idiot Wishes Biden Didn't Constantly Ride Bike Like Old Sad Frail Dead Bike Riding Person

Hey, does everybody remember Donald Trump's theory of exercise? Namely, that you shouldn't do it, because it will deplete your body of all its energy and resources and kill you?

We always have to wonder just how brainwashed his sycophantic followers really are these days, how far they're really willing to follow him, which cliffs they're willing to hurl their bodies off of to prove their allegiance. But we do know that one of the many, many Fox News idiots, Rachel Campos-Duffy, was reporting on President Joe and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden taking a bike ride in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, this weekend, and decided to lob some zingers in the president's direction. You know, because he was exercising. Like an old person. Exercising. What a senior citizen. On a bike. Like an old dead person.

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Recipe Hub

It's Wonkette's Special Weekend Happy Hour, With The Old Fashioned!

With a bunch of newfangled variations, because you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Greetings, Wonketteers! I'm Hooper, your bartender. It's officially fall, and the weather's getting cold and rainy here in Ohio. Time to cover the oldest cocktail in the book, the Old Fashioned. I'm putting a little twist on the classic, and there are a ton of options when you get the basics down. Here's the recipe.

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Blackface Rosa Parks Lady Explains Herself, Really Does Not Make Anything Better

She really does not seem to think she did anything wrong.

Earlier this week, Lauren Pefferle, a special education assistant at Mabel Rush Elementary in Newberg, Oregon was suspended from her job after coming to school in blackface, in what she claimed was an homage to Rosa Parks, to protest the fact that school required that she and other unvaccinated staff do social distancing and stay at least six feet away from students. It wasn't even a vaccine mandate, as had been previously reported, it was social distancing.

Pefferle came forward on Friday to defend herself, but reportedly still "doesn't understand why her actions are causing offense and accusations of racism." Perhaps she could have asked one of the teachers at the school why that might be. Or one of the students, even.

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Anti-Discrimination Law Inconveniences Bigot, Hate Group Demands Justice

Lorie Smith does not want to make websites for gay people.

Since the very dawn of anti-discrimination laws (which, unfortunately, was not all that long ago), bigots have been trying to figure out ways to skirt the law so they can continue to discriminate. In some cases — private clubs, colleges willing to forego any federal funding, etc. — they were able to do this. In other cases — chicken restaurants, florists, bakers — it hasn't gone so well. And yet, they don't give up.

The anti-LGBTQ+ hate group Alliance Defending Freedom is petitioning SCOTUS to hear the case of Colorado web designer Lorie Smith who has been repeatedly told by the court system that she, like all of the other bigots, does not get a special dispensation to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people because of how very holy she is.

Via The ADF:

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing a website designer have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review a 2-1 decision by a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit which concluded that the state of Colorado can force her to design and publish websites promoting messages that violate her religious beliefs. The panel majority also said that Colorado can prohibit the designer, Lorie Smith of 303 Creative, from even explaining on her company's website which websites she can create consistent with her religious beliefs.

Yes, and she probably can't put up an "Irish Need Not Apply" sign either. Imagine that!

The 10th Circuit issued an unprecedented decision in the case, 303 Creative v. Elenis, holding that Colorado's Anti-Discrimination Act both forced Lorie "to create websites—and thus, speech—that [she] would otherwise refuse," and also created a "substantial risk" of removing "certain ideas or viewpoints from the public dialogue," including Lorie's beliefs about marriage. Despite that, the 10th Circuit said it's fine for the law to compel Lorie to speak messages with which she disagrees because she created "custom and unique" expression.

Unlike Masterpiece Cakeshop, Arlene's Flowers and other companies that have fought for (and lost) the right to discriminate against customers due to their very special religious beliefs, no one has actually asked Lorie Smith to make a website for them. And if you look at her own site, it is not hard to see why — it's really quite janky. and I am actually not just saying that to be mean. Every time I did a Google image search on one of the pictures in her "portfolio," I'd go back to the site and it would be frozen and I'd have to refresh to get it to scroll again.

Still, the ADF filed a lawsuit because Smith says she wants to add wedding sites to her repertoire but can't do that because then godforbid a gay couple might ask her to design their wedding site for them and doing that would violate her religion. And if she refused, she could be sued.

It is, of course, not possible for there to be a religious exemption for anti-discrimination laws, for the very simple reason that anyone can say that literally anything is against their religion, which would then render all anti-discrimination laws meaningless.

When arguing the case before the 10th Circuit, Smith said "I will not be able to create websites for same-sex marriages or any other marriage that is not between one man and one woman [...] Doing that would compromise my Christian witness and tell a story about marriage that contradicts God's true story of marriage."

There is a very simple solution to that problem, and that is for Smith to keep doing what she is doing now and making all kinds of other sites (allegedly) but not doing wedding websites. Yes, that is an inconvenience for her, but being a bigot is inconvenient at times and she will simply have to live with that should she decide to continue on living this way. It would also be inconvenient for LGBTQ+ people or any other group of people to have to check every time they want to do something to see if they can't use a particular service because the owner is a bigot who won't serve them. It is only fair that the person who wants to discriminate is the one who gets inconvenienced.

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