Montana Anti-Vaxx Law: 'Religious Exemption' For Masks But Not For 'Not Letting Kids Die In Your Own Home'

Last night, being an employer domiciled in the state of Montana, I received an email from the state Department of Labor. It was a link to Frequently Asked Questions about HB 702, signed into law this spring by Gov. Greg Gianforte, banning "discrimination" against unvaccinated people in public accommodation (your hotels, restaurants, public facing businesses) and employment (all employers). It is, not hilariously, part of Montana's "Human Rights Act," which does not bar discrimination based on sexual orientation or against trans children, but now protects a class of people who ain't wanna get vaccinated, whether against COVID-19 or the measles.

Well, being both an employer of people and a reader of things, I read that FAQ. And while I was aware this bill had been passed and signed into law, there were so very many batshit things introduced in our biennial legislative session, there was literally no way to keep track of them.

See those nine pages? There were 50 bills on each.

And reading that FAQ, I noticed something: While an employer — including a hospital or other healthcare facility — cannot "discriminate" against the new protected class of "unvaccinated people," it can require those folks to wear masks, if they require everyone to wear masks, and as long as they have an exemption for "sincerely held religious beliefs." You know, all those sincerely held religious beliefs against wearing a piece of cloth on your face holes so you don't breathe germs on sick people, during a global pandemic.

And this was the GOOD version of the bill; it added an exemption for nursing homes and let schools continue to require a TB test.

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Everybody Hates Trump's Total Loser Candidates, Especially Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell has a problem. And as Politico Playbook reports this morning, it is all these losers Donald Trump endorses, or who cling to Trump like he's a gun or a Bible, but then lose their general elections after winning their primaries, or run a high risk of doing that. It's an ongoing problem, for Mitch, one that's only getting worse.

Just this week, Trump endorsed Susan Wright in the special runoff election for Texas's Sixth District, pushed to do so by the wingnut Club for Growth. Wright is the widow of the congressman who died of COVID, thereby surrendering his seat in Congress. She lost. Trump is declaring victory, of course.

Trump people are now very worried that the knucklefuck he picked for a special primary race in Ohio next week might lose to one of the other knucklefucks in the running, including one backed by Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul, whose PAC is spending beaucoups dollarbucks on the contest. As Politico notes, the Ohio race is a Republican primary, which means only Republicans will be voting, as opposed to the special Texas runoff, which was a general election where even Democrats were allowed to vote. Does the endorsement of the lazy-ass twice-impeached election-losing loser mean nothing these days? We'll see!

But again, Mitch McConnell, he has this problem, and it is that the people Trump endorses are batshit, and also the people who attach themselves like leeches to the cavernous folds of Trump's buttocks are batshit.

This is VERY messing up McConnell's plans for the Senate.

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Trump Declares Flawless Victory In Runoff His Endorsed Candidate Lost

Yesterday, Wonkette brought you a tale as old as time. Donald Trump endorsed a person named Susan Wright in the special GOP runoff to fill the seat of late GOP Rep. Ron Wright, in Texas's Sixth District. Susan Wright is Ron Wright's widow. The other candidate, Jake Ellzey, won.

Now Donald Trump, of course, is declaring victory. He seems to have this thing with thinking second place is the real winner. He's of course doing it to save face, because he's too weak and prideful to just admit his candidate lost. For evidence, please see every day of American history since November 3, 2020.

Trump talked to Axios about his feelings. He said the leader of the wingnut Club For Growth, David McIntosh, had pushed him to support Susan Wright. He said it was the Democrats' fault what happened. (You know, those Democrats, with their voting and like such as!)

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Trump Fails To Ruin Democrats’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Week

Everybody rejoice! The Senate voted to move ahead Wednesday on a bipartisan infrastructure deal, and you know the best thing about the deal? It's bipartisan! The Democrats theoretically control the House and Senate, and they could've passed something epic with just their vaccinated, non-seditious members. But that wouldn't qualify as bipartisanship. No deal, no matter how good for the American people, is worth passing without input from the party that twice acquitted Donald Trump and blocked a bipartisan investigation into the January 6 attack on the Capitol. These are people you can trust!

Although Republicans yanked away the football last week, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was cautiously optimistic that at least 10 Republicans senators would come through, and ultimately 17 defied the former White House squatter, who tried to tank the deal at the last minute out of spite — his primary motivation for everything. He even threatened primaries against members of his own party because they want to build roads.

President Joe Biden was clearly thrilled. The 17 Republicans who supported the deal more than double the eight who voted to overturn the election a few months ago. He's making progress.

"This deal signals to the world that our democracy can function, deliver, and do big things," Biden said ahead of the vote. "As we did with the transcontinental railroad and the interstate highway, we will once again transform America and propel us into the future."
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Recipe Hub

Welcome To Wonkette Happy Hour, With This Week's Cocktail, Hooper's Rum!

This one ain't for the faint of heart, kids.

Greetings, Wonketteers! I'm Hooper, your bartender, and I'm on vacation! As you're reading this, I'm camped out in a field in Pennsylvania with my wife and kid, stabbing folks with swords, learning how to stab better, relaxing, and generally having a great time. But before I left, I wrote out my secret rum recipe. I even batched up a full bottle to take out camping. Here's my personal after-hours grog, just for you.

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Elise Stefanik Doesn't Want Socialized Medicine Ruining Her Socialized Medicine!

Keep the government out of her Medicare!

Once upon a time, right-wing lunatics in tricorn hats marched through the streets carrying Gadsden flags and signs reading "Keep the government out of my Medicare!"

Today, New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik echoed that great wisdom, tweeting, "Today's Anniversary of Medicare & Medicaid reminds us to reflect on the critical role these programs have played to protect the healthcare of millions of families. To safeguard our future, we must reject Socialist healthcare schemes."

To be clear, both Medicare and Medicaid are socialized health care. Duh. They are both socialist programs. Obviously. She's right about one thing though — they have played a critical role in protecting the health of millions of American families. Which is exactly why some of us think it would be great to extend that to everybody!

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justice department

Trump Urged DOJ To 'Say The Election Was Corrupt And Leave The Rest To Me.' Very Cool, Very Legal.

However bad you think it was, it was worse.

"Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen," Trump ordered (acting) Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen on December 27, 2020, as he bombarded him with one debunked conspiracy after another. When Justice Department officials pushed back, telling him "Much of the info you're getting is false," the president responded, "You guys may not be following the internet the way I do."

Which is true, as far as it goes. DOJ lawyers have actual jobs that take up their time, so they can't mainline One America and Newsmax for 15 hours a day to keep abreast of the latest 4chan conspiracy theories. They are also bound by facts and law, which is why they refused to comply with instructions to demand an impossible "signature match" audit in Georgia or to hop to when he said, "We have an obligation to tell people that this was an illegal, corrupt election."

This week, the current Justice Department sent letters to former top DOJ officials informing them that it did not support assertion of executive privilege to block disclosures to Congress about the events leading up to January 6; then, apparently, it stuck notes from a couple of ratfucking phone calls in December in an envelope and mailed 'em to House Oversight Chair Carolyn Maloney.

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