Who Wants To Watch Dr. Fauci Sh*t On Rand Paul And Call Him A Bad Doctor?

Wanna watch a SUREFIRE HIT VIDEO? We have you one! Rolling Stone is gonna be pretty mad it already released its new 500 bestest albums of all time list, because Dr. Anthony Fauci just dropped a new hit record on Kinda Sorta Dr. Rand Paul's face!

It is called "I Am Too Polite To Say This, But I Don't Think This Dipshit Is A Real Doctor."

Rand Paul, a doctor, was very mad that Dr. Fauci kept saying New York's response to the coronavirus was so great. "New York had the highest death rate in the world," exclaimed Paul, who says he is good at ophthalmologizing, which is too a real word, but we would never trust Rand Paul with our eyes.

(Even the one that we are blind in.)

(Especially that one, because we couldn't see the very good doctor coming at us with his instruments to bite him if he tried anything funny.)


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Rachel Maddow Finds CDC Director Sh*tting Bed, And Floor, Some Walls, The Ceiling

In an exclusive report yesterday, MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show" uncovered still more political interference by the Trump administration in the response to the coronavirus pandemic. The story makes a hell of a strong case for the immediate resignation of Robert Redfield as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, because he's given in to Trumpworld directives that have led the agency to promote misleading, non-science-based information about the virus and what's needed to protect Americans from the pandemic.

Specifically, Maddow and her reporting team uncovered evidence that the CDC watered down recommendations its scientists had made for dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak at a Smithfield Foods meatpacking plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It's just good old document-finding, digging, and checking with agency insiders. Here's the video; be ready to be disgusted.

CDC Director's Office Ordered Softening Of Coronavirus Safety Protocols For Meat Plant | MSNBC youtu.be

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Ron Johnson, Walking Simpson's 'You Tried' Gif, Releases Biden Ukraine Report


Did you know that Joe Biden's son is a fuckup who traded on his family name and got a job on a Ukrainian company's board like every other child of a politician in DC including two who are working in the White House right this very moment?

Oh, you did? Well, then, the report just dropped by The Senate's Dumbest Republican™ won't contain much new information for you.

Despite being warned by US intelligence agencies and members of his very own party that he and Senate Finance Committee Chair Chuck Grassley were laundering Russian propaganda, Senator Ron Johnson went ahead and dropped his hastily polished turd this morning, right in the middle of the SCOTUS nomination/200,000 coronavirus deaths/crazy shit Trump said last night news cycle, where it promptly rolled into the corner largely unnoticed.

The big conclusion of the report is that Hunter Biden being on the board of Burisma was UNLEGAL because it violated anti-awkwardness statutes.

Yes, for real.

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Trump Planning Literal Actual Fascist Takeover Of America, And Dipsh*t Don Jr. Gets To Help!

We don't know what has happened to Donald Trump Jr., but he is looking and sounding a bit rougher than usual.

Here, enjoy a video where Junior, looking like he has a bad case of the meat sweats, hoarsely warns Trump supporters that the mean Democrats are going to steal the election from his daddy, by counting all the votes.

The first thing we notice is that Junior appears to have lost his voice, we imagine from triggering the libs too loudly. He looks sweaty, or rather clammy. No, we mean more than usual. His face looks pained. Again, more than usual.

But the message itself is creepy as fuck, even if it's delivered by somebody who just got caught masturbating for the 14th time that day, his sheets covered in Cheeto dust, allegedly.

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Why Bill Barr So Mad? Maybe Because John Durham Ain't Got SH*T For Him.

Wonkette has a theory about why Hillary Clinton's name is part of Durham's investigation.

What in the hell is John Durham investigating now?

He was tasked by Attorney General Bill Barr to 'VESTIGATE THE 'VESTIGATORS to "prove" that the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation was a highly improper witch hunt. You know, even though the IG of the Justice Department looked at the issue in every which way and found that it, you know, wasn't. As Wonkette wrote at the time, the IG found that "There was no Deep State plot against Trump, the Russia investigation was opened for completely correct and non-politically-biased reasons, spying did not occur, Bill Barr, and aside from a few fuckups with Carter Page's FISA applications, everything was on the up-and-up."

All finished, right? Nope, Bill Barr is trying to make an October Surprise happen for Trump, to haul some Obama People out in chains because of how they did WITCH HUNT, and if the damn IG won't make some shit up, he's hoping US Attorney John Durham will.

We have a theory, by the way, that this effort is going poorly. We think that's part of why Barr has been so viscerally angry at the FBI and Justice Department lately. Remember how Durham's top investigator just up and quit, reportedly because of interference from Barr?

The New York Times has a report today on just exactly what the hell Durham is investigating, and it seems weird until you remember that Barr's big goal here is to gin up some bullshit to PROVE that the FBI treated Trump differently, in some inappropriate way. And he'd just love for Durham to find/make up some "evidence" that the FBI treated Hillary Clinton with kid gloves, while doing a Deep State coup to Trump.

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fox news

Tucker Carlson Knows Racism Isn't A Problem In America Because Black People Move Here

Logic and reason!

Tucker Carlson was very upset last night. He switched from his traditional confused Labrador mode right into his angry West Highland Terrier mode in response to the people protesting a grand jury's failure to indict the three cops who burst into Breonna Taylor's apartment at 1 a.m. and killed her as she slept. This upset him, as he felt like this is a thing they should be okay with.

What really upset him though was that there were all these people on MSNBC talking about how incidents like this are the reason why Black people don't feel safe in America. Walking around knowing that the police could burst into your home at 1 a.m. and shoot you while you sleep without even getting indicted, all while people go around talking about how grand juries will indict a "ham sandwich," is not exactly a thing that makes people feel safe. This seems like the most obvious conclusion that anyone could possibly draw.

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Cops Behaving Badly

Kentucky Justice For Breonna Taylor: One Cop Charged With 'Whoopsie!'

'Wanton Endangerment' of the neighbors, not the woman who ended up dead.

Protests in Louisville, Kentucky, and around the country followed a grand jury's decision not to charge three white cops with any crimes for their killing of Breonna Taylor in March. During the protests in Louisville, two police officers were shot, and were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

One of the cops involved in Taylor's shooting, former Detective Brett Hankison, was indicted on three counts of "wanton endangerment" because several of the shots he fired into Taylor's apartment passed through the walls and into another apartment where a couple and their 5-year-old child were sleeping. None of those shots hit anyone, fortunately. Wanton endangerment is the lowest level of felony under Kentucky law.

As for the shots that actually hit and killed Taylor, the other two cops, Detective Myles Cosgrove and Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly, were found by the grand jury to have acted in self-defense. That's because they'd been returning fire on Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who thought the apartment was being invaded when he woke up to knocking at the door, followed by the cops busting the door down. Walker fired on what he thought were home invaders, wounding Mattingly in the thigh.

The cops had a no-knock warrant, but say they announced themselves. Walker has maintained from the start that he didn't hear any of the cops say they were police. But one neighbor testified they'd heard it, and that was all that was needed to make the 32 shots fired into Taylor and Walker's apartment perfectly legal, except for the bullets fired by Hankinson that went through the wall and thus became dangerous.

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