And On His 468,975th Tweet Of The Day, The President Begged Us To Change Our Votes

Donald Trump is panicking, because Americans are voting. So far, more than 66 million of us, which is more than his entire vote total in 2016, and also more than Hillary Clinton's entire vote total in 2016. And we still have a week to go! And Democrats are waaaaaaaaay out ahead in early voting totals.

The White House has been freaking out, spamming reporters with fake news poll numbers on Air Force One, numbers they literally appear to have made up, about how JUST YOU WAIT YOU'LL SEE, everybody that hasn't voted yet is a total Republican who is voting for Trump, therefore he is WINNING. It's just science and math, that they made up! We have a whole post on that from Monday, but point is, things are not looking good for Trump, and they're really grasping.

"Fox & Friends" appears to have tried to throw Trump a bone this morning, and he chomped it up like the dumb bone-chomper he is. According to Fox News, as laundered through Trump's addled brain, the internet is "Strongly Trending (Google) since after the second debate" with people asking "CAN I CHANGE MY VOTE?" We are sure there is just a total groundswell of Joe Biden voters who saw Trump BRILLIANTLY refrain from taking an actual shit on the floor during the second debate, and immediately Googled whether they can change their vote.

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Laura Ingraham Just Fine With You Dying For Her New Coronavirus Overlords

Professional terrible person Laura Ingraham is fully on board with Donald Trump's COVID-19 “strategy" of giving up. On her white power hour last night, she praised White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for telling Americans “the truth" that we're never going to control the virus because it's just too hard.

INGRAHAM: The Biden campaign and his press poodles, they went bananas today ...

Well, yeah, the Trump administration announced a “Stand By And Watch Americans Die" initiative. That's concerning.

INGRAHAM: Of course, Meadows told the truth. This is a terrible tragedy and we mourn those who succumb to it. But it originated in China, not Trump Tower, and the desperate attempt to politicize it is absurd.

Who cares where the coronavirus started, if it ends with us all dead? No one (on the Left) has desperately attempted to politicize the pandemic. There would've been bipartisan support for the president doing something, anything, to impede the virus's spread. If Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said it was impossible to contain rioters or looters and the property damage was relatively minimal anyway, so people should stop whining about it and move on with their lives, Ingraham wouldn't applaud his truth-telling.

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Trump’s Biggest Nightmare Comes True: Americans Are Voting.

Americans are voting, despite Republicans' best efforts. It's wonderful to see. Election Day is next Tuesday, and CNN reports that more than 60 million people have voted already, and 33 states have blown past their early vote totals from 2016, the election that dare not speak its name.

Twelve of CNN's most competitively ranked states are among these states that have exceeded their total 2016 pre-election ballots cast.

They include: Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

This is tremendous news considering that we're still deep in a pandemic. There were concerns that COVID-19 would suppress turnout, but we're seeing the opposite. It's true that the voters who have the opportunity to vote by mail are doing so earlier, especially given the potential for Trump-related skullduggery, but in-person voting is off the charts. People are enduring long lines, while wearing masks, because they won't let some two-bit wannabe dictator silence them.

We don't technically know who everyone's voting for, and we certainly hope that the registered Republicans are crossing party lines and making a sane, moral choice. However, because we're not Republicans, we actually don't care. We're glad to see Americans voting. Period. Liberals have fought to protect and expand voting rights for all Americans. We believe our policies and preferred candidates can win on their merits. We only ask for a clean fight, something modern-day Republicans will never understand.

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They Did It. In Seven Days, It's Our Turn.

They did it, just like they said they were going to.

Monday night, by a vote of 52-48, and with COVID-19 surely lingering around the sidelines of the proceedings, the Senate installed Amy Coney Barrett in a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court. Easily the most unqualified member of the Court, she was sworn in at the White House by the most extreme sitting member of the Court, Clarence Thomas, instead of being sworn in at the Court by the chief justice. Gotta stick it to the libs with a big fascist display on Melania's hell house White House lawn, after all.

All Democrats voted against it, even the stinky ones like Joe Manchin. Doug Jones, who will probably lose his Alabama Senate seat in one week, voted against her, because he has principles. Dianne Feinstein, who praised Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham for how very nicely the confirmation hearings went, nonetheless voted against the nominee. So did Republican Senator Susan Collins, who for once decided to follow through on her convictions. Perhaps she knows she's going to lose next week too, and really didn't want "Installed Handmaid's Tale on Supreme Court" to be her last act as a sitting senator. Alaska's Lisa Murkowski had no such qualms, and she does not give a fuck about the rights you may lose because of Amy Coney Barrett's actions and her inability to separate her insane beliefs from her job.

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Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz Declares War On Mitch McConnell So We'll Call That A Nice Time

Remember ‘fired up and ready to go’? Let’s do that again.

Mitch McConnell is the worst thing that happened to the Senate and possibly America. (Donald Trump couldn't have survived impeachment or stacked the federal courts with rightwing hacks without McConnell.) We all know McConnell's a cartoon villain but we wondered if he'd ever push mild-mannered Democrats past the point of civility's return.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett's sham hearings and party-line confirmation, followed by her midnight Sith-lord swearing-in ceremony at the White House, might've finally alerted Democrats to the fact that they're dealing with a bunch of crooks. Senate Republicans have no honor, desire for consensus-building, or respect for tradition. Adhering to “norms" or even the promises they made publicly just four years ago are for suckers.

Democrats are sick of being suckers. It's not fun. Their kids are watching.

Brian Schatz is a young, idealistic senator from Hawaii. He believed in the world's greatest deliberative body, but after Barrett's drive-by confirmation, he's no longer confident in the Senate's ability to do great things. This is a legislative body with the time to stack the courts — McConnell moved on to another judicial appointment after ramming through Barrett — but can't manage to pass a stimulus bill that would help millions of struggling Americans during a global pandemic. This is because McConnell sees no value in compromise. His only joy comes from demonstrations of brute force.

McConnell has murdered the Senate, and Schatz took a moment Monday to eulogize the institution he loved.

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2020 presidential election

Oh Brett Kavanaugh Can't WAIT To Steal This Election For Whoever Paid Off His Debts

Welcome to Florida, 2000.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court jumped in to say that Wisconsin could not count any ballots that arrive after Election Day. During a deadly pandemic. That is getting worse in the state every day. And is suffering severe postal delays.

But don't worry — that wasn't even the worst part!

The worst part is that the decision, in DNC v. Wisconsin State Legislature, confirmed some of my worst fears: The Supreme Court is preparing itself to fix the election for Donald fucking Trump.

This is one of those times when I really fucking hate being right.

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Here's Barack Obama Clowning On Trump Again, Because You're Into That Type Thing

It's nice seeing Obama every day now.

One of the only good things about this final week of the interminable 2020 presidential election season — besides the polls, which show that maybe it won't be our last election season ever — is that Barack Obama has been on the campaign trail kicking Donald Trump full-force right square in his nuts every chance he gets. Making fun of Trump's TV ratings, making fun of Trump for running away from "60 Minutes" and Lesley Stahl, etc.

It really gets under Donald Trump's skin when Barack Obama makes fun of him. It ruins his whole life and sends him into years-long tailspins. Remember that time Barack Obama killed Osama bin Laden with his fists while he kicked Trump in the nuts and laughed at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011? Trump is STILL pathetically trying to brag about minor characters the military has killed during his presidency and spreading conspiracy theories about how maybe Obama didn't kill bin Laden after all.

Anyway, Bamz is back at it today. And he's back on Trump's very low ratings, which are even lower than the ratings for COVID-19.

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