Ron DeSantis Troubled By TRUMP PEENER PORN STAR HUSH MONEY LOL Witch Hunt, So Very Troubled

All the stinky MAGA people have been saying their piece ever since Donald Trump predicted he'd be arrested Tuesday, which now for sure has to happen, otherwise Trump's prophecy wouldn't come true. There are the ones saying YOU'LL BE SORRY if you start arrestin' and prosecutin' Trump, because then everybody will fall madly in love with him and elect him dictator for life everywhere.

Dumb stupid moron idiot Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney thinks this is all going to "blow over," because Trump will probably just not show up in court, and then everybody will forget about it, because Claudia Tenney is a lawyer and that is how indictments work. (We imagine she might not feel that way if we weren't talking about a very wealthy white defendant. JUST A GUESS.)

Really sketchy MAGA man types like Jack Posobiec are threatening bank runs and everybody calling out to work, so if you see a line of unshowered incels making $10 withdrawals from the ATM outside your local Hooters in broad daylight before going home for a good long day of masturbating, that's just American citizens making their voices heard.

Some of the cultists are starting conspiracy theories in advance about how any violence committed by MAGA terrorists was ACTUALLY committed by the feds. Charlie Kirk actually typed, "The regime is salivating for MAGA to act in an uncharacteristic and violent manner ahead of this stalinistic arrest later this week." LOL.

But amid all this, whither Ron DeSantis? Sure, he is Trump's biggest rival for the 2024 Republican nomination, but surely DeSantis can drop the competition long enough for some good old-fashioned cultish solidarity with Team White Supremacist MAGA Traitor Crime Fascist, yeah?

He didn't speak up all weekend. Today, in a news conference, DeSantis said a number of things about it, but Trump people are only noticing that he clowned on HUSH MONEY TO COVER UP PORN STAR AFFAIR.

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How We Can Replace Kyrsten Sinema ... With A Democrat!

Political veteran Sacha Haworth was communications director for Kyrsten Sinema’s 2018 Senate campaign, back when Sinema was (sort of) a Democrat. She’s now senior adviser at Replace Sinema, formerly Primary Sinema, and she’s got some great ideas about how Democrats can hold her seat in 2024 (with an actual Democrat).


Kyrsten Sinema Working Hard To Finish Fourth In Three-Way Senate Race

Kyrsten Sinema: Why Does Every Democrat I Betray Betray Me?

Time To Launch The 'Beat Kyrsten Sinema' Campaign

Everybody Hates Mitch McConnell's BFF Kyrsten Sinema

Sacha has worked at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, House Majority PAC, and on Capitol Hill. She’s currently executive director of the Tech Oversight Project. This was a fun conversation, so sit back and enjoy!

(If you don't do video interviews, the podcast version will drop in a couple weeks. If you don't do podcasts, there's another post coming soon. We aim to please.)

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Let's All Smile And Nod At MAGA Threats That Prosecuting Trump Will Make Him Boss Of Us Forever

There are several genres of right-wing reactions developing to Donald Trump's impending first arrest and indictment. One we heard this weekend, notably from Mike Pence, was that it's appalling Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is doing this right now, what with the CRIME WAVE. As if that's not code for "how can you possibly arrest Donald Trump as long as Black people still exist?"

In this post let's talk about a threat and a fantasy we're starting to see a lot of from these MAGA morons. This tweet and Twitter poll encapsulates it nicely:

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Charter Schools No Joke, Unless They’re The Villain On ABC’s 'Abbott Elementary'

Last week, charter school cheerleader Jeanne Allen tried to catch ABC's "Abbott Elementary" creator Quinta Brunson in a “gotcha." The most recent episode featured the Abbott teachers fighting an attempt to turn their school into a charter, and in snarky response, Allen tweeted. "I'll share it again. The creator, lead writer and co-producer of @AbbottElemABC @quintabrunson is from West Philly and attended charter schools her entire education. She reportedly loved it at the time, heaped praise on it. Once upon a time. Guess money talks."

Oh, yes, all that money in the banana stand public school PR business. This is classic conservative projection, as the charter school lobby has spent crap tons of money to influence elections and ballot measures across the country in recent years.


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'Humiliated' Cops Sue Afroman Over Song About Them Raiding His Home For No Reason

They didn't give him permission to use their likeness!

Last August, multiple police officers raided the Ohio home of hip-hop artist Afroman, best known for his 2001 hit "Because I Got High," with a warrant for narcotics and (seriously) kidnapping. Like, they broke his gate, broke his door down, entered his home with their weapons out and then proceeded to search through his whole house — and found nothing. Not even one kidnapping victim!

That's not entirely true. They did find money! And they took it with them. When Afroman went to the police station to get it back, he found that it was $400 short. (The sheriff's department claims that the police who seized the money were just really bad at counting and counted $400 more dollars than they actually took and that Afroman had the correct amount of money returned to him.)

Afroman wasn't home, but his wife recorded much of the incident on her phone and the rest of it was captured by security cameras throughout their home. Being an artiste, Afroman wrote several songs about the incident — including such hits as "Will You Help Me Repair My Door," and "Lemon Pound Cake" — and made music videos using the footage from the security cameras.

This one is set to the tune of "Under The Boardwalk!"

These songs are hilarious, but what happened is not. Police raiding a home like that is extremely dangerous, not to mention absolutely terrifying for anyone who is home.

Now, the deputies and sergeants who appeared in the video, breaking down Afroman's door, going through his suit pockets, going through his CDs (no kidnapping victims or many pounds of weed in either) are suing him for making a profit off of the raid. They say he is unfairly using their likenesses in the video and on merchandise without their permission, because they did not consent to be filmed on his security cameras when they raided his home and took his money.

Afroman, however, maintains that he created the videos and the merchandise to recoup some of his financial losses from having his home invaded by the police for no good reason. The rest of the proceeds, he says, will "go to help fight American systemic racism in the justice system."

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, "the officers say Afroman's music videos, social media posts and merchandise related to the raid amount to an invasion of privacy and misappropriation of their likenesses ... and they say it's causing them emotional distress, ridicule, humiliation, loss of reputation and embarrassment."

Aw! The poor darlings! Maybe they shouldn't have broken down a man's door for pretty much no reason! Then they wouldn't be so embarrassed. They're embarrassed by their own behavior, and that, frankly, is their problem.

In a statement to TMZ, Afroman said:

Essentially a racist judge signed a fictitious false warrant, lying on the warrant, accusing me of kidnapping and drug trafficking.The warrant put the Adams county sheriff in a position to attempt to kill me. After the Adams County Sheriff burglarized vandalized and destroyed my property. They became thieves and stole my money. After they stole my money they became criminals. After they became criminals they lost their right of privacy. My house is my property, my video camera films everything on my property as they begin, stealing my money, disconnecting plus destroying my video camera system, they became my property! Criminals caught in the act, of vandalizing and stealing money.

My video footage is my property. I used it to identify the criminals who broke into my house, and stole my money. I used it to identify criminals, who broke into my house, stole my money and disconnected my home security system. I use my footage of my property to raise money to pay for the damages they done and to identify the criminals operating inside of the sheriff department that stole my money, ransack my house and disconnected my video cameras. Not knowing who the criminals were operating in the Adam County sheriff's department I gave them humorous nicknames. I am a law-abiding tax-paying citizens who was violated by criminals camouflaged by law-enforcement! I use my property./my video footage to make up for damages and to make the public aware of criminals disguised as law-enforcement, stealing money and disconnecting cameras.

That seems fair!

If the video was taken someplace where the cops had a reasonable expectation of privacy, that would be one thing. It wasn't. It was taken in someone else's home. Police also do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy while doing their jobs, because their job is supposed to be working for the public.

If police are going to bust down someone's door, then they better have some reason to believe that someone's life is in danger. A musician maybe having some recreational pot in their home is not a door-busting-level emergency. Let us not forget that Breonna Taylor was actually killed by cops in a similar sort of raid. If cops find it "humiliating" to have the whole world know that they terrorized people in this way, then maybe they should find a less horrific way to deal with problems like "a musician might have some weed in one of his coat pockets."

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LIVE: Let's Watch Republicans Yell 'Woke!' At Pentagon Officials And Call It Oversight

Drag Queen War-ry Hour.

There is literally an article in Politico this week about how Pentagon officials are practicing how to respond to Republican nutcases who just babble the word "woke" at them and act like that is reasonable, adult oversight of the military.

Today, Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are going before the House Defense Appropriations panel, and they will get to try out their answers. We've been here before. But with the modern Republican Party we can always guarantee that this time will be stupider than the last.

Come, let us liveblog together:

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Nice Time

100 Year Old Lady At Florida School Board Better Patriot Than All Book Banners Put Together

Knows a thing or two about fascists.

Earlier this month, the school district in Martin County, Florida, purged at least 84 books from school libraries after complaints from the head of the local Moms for "Liberty" chapter under the state's school censorship law, HB 1467, passed last year. PEN America notes that most of the books were removed following challenges by a single objector, "who filed forms indicating that she did not actually read any of the books in question." No problem; in keeping with the law, a DeSanctified "media specialist" in the district reviewed the books, or at least the list, and the books were gone.

Among the familiar suspects like Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye and Beloved,the banned books also included 20 by a single author, Jodi Picoult, who writes novels for the young adult market. Picoult notes in an op-ed that the complaints — again, all from the one Moms for Censorship lady — inaccurately described all her books as "adult romance that should not be on school shelves." Picoult, who we suspect knows her books better than the mom who didn't read them, points out that most of the books that were targeted "do not even have a kiss in them.," but they do deal with social issues that make rightwingers sad, and they "encourage kids to think for themselves." Can't have that.

Picoult also notes that one of her books marked for culling was The Storyteller, a novel about the repercussions of the Holocaust.

It chronicles the growth of anti-Semitism and fascism in Nazi Germany. There was a strange irony that a parent wanted this particular book removed, because it felt a bit like history repeating itself.
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