MSNBC Sends Chuck Todd Packing To Early Afternoon. He Won’t Be Missed.

MSNBC has bumped Chuck Todd from the 5 p.m. slot, and there was much rejoicing. Starting August 19, the first day of the virtual Democratic National Convention, Todd's “MTP Daily" will air at 1 p.m. eastern. (I'd recommend watching “Days Of Our Lives" instead.)

Nicolle Wallace's “Deadline: White House," which airs at 4 p.m., will expand to two hours. The former Sarah Palin wrangler is smart, thoughtful, and fully prepared for the job. She treats politics as if real people's lives are at stake. Todd has long rankled me (and everyone) with his “horse race" style journalism. He's also a lousy interviewer, who admitted he was “naive"when he let Kellyanne Conway “alternative fact" her way through interviews. Or when he just sat there while Donald Trump insulted the nation's intelligence.

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Trump's Axios Interview Was Pretty F*ckin' Deranged, Yeah?

When we got our first snippet of Axios's big interview with Donald Trump, it confirmed our suspicions that even though Trump has talked to his Russian daddy Vladdy EIGHT TIMES since February, he hasn't bothered to say anything about how Putin has most likely been paying Taliban fighters to murder American troops in Afghanistan. Just didn't come up. Not on his mind. He thinks it's fake news, even though it's been in his briefings multiple times.

The president of the United States is an unhinged bastard who is actively working against America.

And now the full interview is out, and surprise, the president of the United States is an unhinged bastard who is actively working against America. This is 37 minutes of the most deranged shit we have ever seen from Trump, and credit goes to Axios's Jonathan Swan for not putting up with it.

Want to see Trump pore confusedly over elementary-school-level charts about the coronavirus, while bragging about how well he's handled the virus that's killed more than 150,000 Americans? Want to see Trump, when Swan responds with incredulity that 1,000 Americans are dying per day, say "It is what it is," and then continue bragging?

Want to see Trump completely unable to come up with anything to say about John Lewis, besides that Lewis didn't go to his inauguration, and Trump has done more for Black people than anybody except maybe Abraham Lincoln? Because of how that is the only thing Trump knows about John Lewis, and that is the only rehearsed line he has about Black people?

Want to see him tell accused child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell to have a great summer again?

All of that is here, in this Axios interview. And so much more!

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Senate’s Dumbest Republican Still Thinks COVID-19 A Slightly More Annoying Flu

We've often referred to Wisconsin's Ron Johnson as the Senate's dumbest Republican. That's probably unfair because no Democratic senator would still compare COVID-19 to the damn flu in August of 2020 after at least 155,900 Americans have died, but that's the nonsense the absolute dumbest member of the Senate was slinging on Steve Bannon's podcast Monday.

First, though, Johnson helped Bannon pitch hydroxychloroquine as the miraculous COVID-19 quick fix Democrats and doctors who graduated from medical school won't give us. Johnson considers this "one of the most frustrating issues" he's faced in the Senate.

JOHNSON: It's baffling to me that it became so politicized.

Big dummy conspiracy theorists, many of them Republicans, “politicized" hydroxychloroquine when they refused to trust actual medical experts — not quacks like Doctor Demon Semen — who keep telling everyone through their Picard face palm that hydroxychloroquine isn't an effective treatment for the coronavirus. Now, please wear a damn mask.

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If You've Ever Thought 'I Wonder What Jerry Falwell's Upper Pubic Mound Looks Like' This Is Your Blog Post!

You probably had a normal Monday. You got up, gave some ham slices to the cat, started your workday. You took a break, checked Twitter and Wonkette, gave some ham slices to the cat, went back to work. Maybe you ordered lunch takeout from a local eatery you like. You watched your shows last night while casually giving ham slices to the cat, and you fell asleep. Besides how you gave the cat at least 34 ham slices, which is way too many, you are normal.

Jerry Falwell Jr., though. Apparently he was busy deleting this on Monday, from where he had posted it on Instagram this weekend, we guess, until people started noticing it. This is not normal.

OK, you fucking nerd.

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Is Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Coming For ALL Trump's Naughty Fraudy Sh*t? Maybe!

Trump's post-presidency might be fun! (For Cyrus Vance, and for America.)

Something might be happening that is VERY STINKY for Donald Trump and his biological family and his extended crime family. (There is some overlap there, obviously.)

When the Supreme Court ruled a few weeks back in Trump v. Vance, it said without a shadow of a doubt that YES, the president can be investigated and subpoenaed by a state-level prosecutor. But that was the narrow question at hand. It didn't mean Trump's dumbass lawyers couldn't go back to court and argue that Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance's subpoenas weren't wrongbad for a different reason they pulled out of their ass. Everybody expected them to do so, and that's just what they did.

What was important about that Supreme Court ruling is that it established that for these purposes, the president is exactly like the rest of us, and has to argue the exact same things the rest of us plebeians have at our disposal. "Waaaaaah, this subpoena is too broad, it is too burdensome, I have a tee-off after lunch, too busy, WAAAAAAAH" is a thing they could say, for instance. He doesn't get to whine that he is president, therefore you cannot touch him.

The Manhattan DA's investigation, if you'll remember, was (as far as we know) into Trump's original PPP, which did not stand for "Paycheck Protection Program," but rather "Porn Peener Payments," and that's why Vance wants Trump's taxes and financials from his accounting firm, Mazars USA. But somethin' INNARESTIN' happened in court yesterday, after Trump's lawyers tried to say, "Waaaaah, this subpoena is too broad, it is too burdensome, I got tee-time, too busy, WAAAAAAAH."

Vance came back with a filing that said actually, our investigation might be much more broad than you think, we are just saying, so perhaps you should cough it the fuck up. The filing mentions "alleged insurance and bank fraud by the Trump Organization and its officers" — IT IS JUST SAYING — and then continues:

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Stop Trying To Make Schools Happen

They're not going to happen.

Time for all the kids to get ready for school, and this year, in addition to the usual back-to-school preparations, families are wondering what kind of school the kids will be getting back to (online, in-person, or "hybrid"). Kids are looking forward to seeing their friends again, at least when they're not having anxiety attacks about the coronavirus. And teachers are updating their lesson plans, and in many places, their wills.

In Yr Dok Zoom's hometown of Boise, Idaho, the school district was supposed to hold a meeting Monday night to decide whether to open for in-person classes on August 17 as originally planned, or whether to shift some or all instruction online at first. Unfortunately, the board's streaming software kept crashing and locking out board members and the public, so after a while they gave up and rescheduled the meeting for tonight. We bet Boise won't be the only school system that has to try turning the school year off and on again this year. Let's take a look at some of the big school-reopening stories around the USA!

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2020 Congressional Elections

Douche Offers Strawman Strawmington Argument For Why Corrupt Senate GOP Should Stay In Power

He’s also not voting for Joe Biden ... for reasons.

Matt Lewis is one of those “reasonable" conservatives who only seems reasonable because he writes for the Daily Beast and probably knows the right fork to use with his salad. He's already admitted that he's not voting for Joe Biden — even against Donald Trump, who's killing us all — because Biden supports abortion rights. Lewis voted for Biden in the Virginia primary on Super Tuesday, when presumably he was aware that Biden believed women were people. If abortion was a dealbreaker for him, why did Lewis meddle in our primary? He should've left us alone to nominate a baby-killing socialist or even — gasp! — a woman if that's what we wanted.

Lewis dropped another load today in the The Daily Beast where he warned against the existential threat of Democrats having actual power for 15 minutes. He painted a somewhat realistic scenario where progressives are annoyed that Senate Republicans, now in the minority, are filibustering Democratic bills and even Biden's bathroom breaks, so the new majority will eliminate the filibuster and make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez queen.

Barack Obama was right when he described the filibuster as a Jim Crow relic that Republicans have long abused to block legislation that a majority of Americans support. Does a Senate supermajority (60 votes) reflect the will of the people any more than a simple majority (51 votes)? It's not like you need an Electoral College supermajority to win the presidency. Hillary Clinton didn't get a veto for Trump administration hires. But that's all academic and beside the point that Lewis is trying to make. He's arguing that his Republican Senate buddies should keep the seats they've disgraced as a “check" against Democratic tyranny. He invokes the filibuster, which Senate Republicans demolished already when confirming Supreme Court justices so they could stack the courts with rightwing law school interns. The only problem with his police work here is there's no indication that the filibuster is going away aside from what Obama said at John Lewis's homecoming. And that Joe Biden is for getting rid of it now. And also that we really really need to because those scumbags are preposterous.

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