New York Times Not Mad, Just Disappointed That Bari Weiss Isn't Running The ACLU

A favorite hobby over at the New York Times is creating outrage about things on the Left so they can go "Look! Both sides!" And, well, here we are again!

In the last four days, the New York Times has published not one but two pieces about the ACLU allegedly abandoning its free speech bonafides. On Sunday, the Times published a feature (not an opinion piece, but something purporting to be a real, journalistic article) about the organization written by Michael Powell.

At first glance, Powell's piece makes it look like the ACLU is in the midst of a civil war — and free speech is on the losing side. Powell's piece quickly made the rounds. A lot of people, mostly right-wingers and the usual "look at me, I'm edgy!" contrarians but also lefties, jumped at the chance to attack the ACLU for abandoning its commitment to free speech. The next day, the outlet published a follow-up op-ed that argued forcefully in favor of defending people who say terrible things.

And you know what? They would be right. That is, if this were a thing that was actually happening. Instead, Powell seems to be irked that the ACLU is mostly focusing on the state infringing upon freedom of speech, rather than whatever bad "white fragility" thing a private school asked its parents to think about. Did the Times bring back Bari Weiss to edit this thing?

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So Now The New Yorker Is Doing Fox News's Job?

Wow, did you hear about those crazy libs who want law schools to stop teaching about the Supreme Court's 1857 Dred Scott decision because they're worried it'll trigger their snowflake students? It must be true, because it was covered by the New Yorker, not Ben Shapiro or OAN. This is where we point out that nothing of the sort has happened: Nobody's canceling Dred Scott v. Sandford in law schools, but the New Yorker did run a piece Tuesday suggesting it might be endangered. Problem is, the think piece was inspired not by a movement in law schools, but by a single Twitter discussion the author had seen, which suggested that the case might best be taught without reading much of the actual Supreme Court decision, because do you really need to wallow in all that racism?

The column, by Harvard Law prof and New Yorker contributor Jeannie Suk Gersen, makes a pretty strong argument for teaching Scott as an illustration of how norms of legal reasoning can result in a decision that's antithetical to human rights. It's actually a pretty good read, as long as you set aside the minor detail that it's all based on knocking down a straw man.

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Time For Fun New Game, 'Did Your Wonkette Donation Expire'!

Hello Wonkers and friends and loved ones and terrible ones and everyone except the haters and losers! Today, tomorrow, and all damn weekend, we are going to play a fun game, it is called "Go Get Your Credit Card Statement And Check To See If You Are Still Giving Money To Wonkette Which Might Also Be Listed On Your Credit Card Statement As Commie Girl Industries Inc Because We Are Incorporated!"

This week, I got a lovely note from one among you asking me to up her contribution for her. (I can do that in the back end if you are a Stripe subscriber. If you are a Paypal subscriber they are all like, "LOL nah, we can't let you change the payments people agreed to, you would just do crimes and frauds and fraud crimes," because they don't know me at all.) When I went very happily to do so for her, her credit card had expired in 2019! That is at least ... FOUR MONTHS AGO!

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Louie Gohmert Jus' Wondrin' If Kicking Earth Off Axis Into Outer Space Might Fix Climate Change???

Louie Gohmert is working hard to reclaim the title of Dumbest Republican Congressman from Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert and the WHAR BOXES guy.

Which, look. He should never be worried. One of them says a thing, he can always say a thing about caribou sex. Or how you can cure the coronavirus by getting misted in a tent with Magic German Sprinkle Powder. Or that gays in the military are a bad idea because of all the gay massages gay soldiers gonna give each other.

He's fine. He'll always be the stupidest. Always.

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Culture Wars

Let's Watch This Blue's Clue's Video The One Million Moms Are Wigging Out Over!

Good job, cartoon dog!

The One Million Moms Who Live Inside Singular Mother Monica Cole are very, very mad at Blue's Clues, a Nickelodeon show featuring a blue cartoon dog and a non-cartoon human man.

Why? Well because the show made a lovely video for Pride Month featuring a song called "The Blue's Clues Pride Parade Sing-Along," performed by RuPaul's Drag Race alum Nina West and the One Million Moms hate it when television shows acknowledge that LGBTQ people exist.

Here is the petition, from our gal Monica:

Warning! One Million Moms has spoken out once already this year about the LGBTQ indoctrination coming from Nickelodeon and its show for preschoolers, Blue's Clues & You! Now, there is great reason for 1MM to speak out again.

The show's YouTube Channel, by the same name, recently presented "The Blue's Clues Pride Parade Sing-Along Ft. Nina West" – a drag queen who was a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race. In the sing-along video, West leads a song (to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching") about various LGBTQ+ lifestyles against the backdrop of a pride parade that features the various family arrangements and glorifies them as normal, acceptable, and fun. Numerous rainbow flags, some depicting a solidarity fist, are flying as part of the parade.

Yes, it is as bad as it sounds!

So parents need to be aware of the very pro-LGBTQ+ agenda of the song and video.

Here are some of the disturbing images seen in the video:

Animal families made up of two mommies and two daddies as well as transgender, pansexual, and nonbinary family members.
A trans beaver is shown with mastectomy scars.

And here are some of the disturbing lyrics of the song:
"This family has two mommies; they love each other so proudly, and they all go marching in the big parade!"
"Ace, bi, pan grown-ups, you see, can love each other so proudly."
"Allies to the queer community can love their queer friends so proudly."
"All families are made differently; they love each other so proudly."
"Love is love is love you see, and everyone should love proudly."
"Thanks Blue! Happy Pride Month."

Comments have been disabled for the video to prevent the public from weighing in.

With such a liberal push in children's educational entertainment, it is obvious where Nickelodeon stands. Parents who are not already aware of the network's agenda, please be forewarned now.
This pride-laced parade song makes it clear that Nickelodeon has an LGBTQ agenda that it is forcing on extremely young audiences.

That all seems pretty fantastic, frankly.

The new song itself is adorable, although we will not blame you if you can't sit through the whole thing, not being a toddler and all.

The Blue's Clues Pride Parade 🏳️🌈 Sing-Along Ft. Nina West!

As mentioned in her "warning," this is not the first time the One Million Moms have gone after Blue's Clues. The last time was when the show made an alphabet video and said that "P" was full of pride and illustrated this with a variety of LGBTQ+ pride flags, which was also pretty awesome of them.

There was a time when bigots like Monica Cole did have a certain amount of sway when it came to dictating what was allowable on television. Now they don't, and while they have hardly been rendered harmless, it's clear that they have no power here — so let's just enjoy how unhappy a Nick Jr. cartoon is making them.


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Post-Racial America

NC Plantation's 'But How Did Emancipation Hurt White People?' Juneteenth Event Canceled

That does not seem like a thing that was ever going to end well.

Times are hard for historical plantations. No one wants to have their weddings at them anymore (at least not if they plan on running for office), as it is now considered unseemly to toss the bouquet in front of a row of slave cabins. It seems like it took a little long for that to be the case, but better late than never, we suppose.

In what appears to have been an attempt to get with the times, Latta Plantation in Huntersiville, North Carolina, planned an event for Juneteenth — the holiday celebrating June 19th, the day the last slaves were told they had been freed. You are probably thinking "Excuse me? A freaking plantation planning a Juneteenth event? That ... really does not seem like it would end well." And you would be right. It really did not. In fact it has been canceled entirely, following some very well-earned community outrage.

The event was to be titled "Kingdom Coming" and while the experiences of freed slaves would be considered, equal consideration was going to be given to feelings of the slave owners, the jobs of slave overseers and the plight of "white refugees" and Confederate soldiers coming home.

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Class War

Frank Luntz Sent Out 2019 Memo Warning GOP Of Looming 'War On The Successful'

Oh the poor rich people.

GOP pollster Frank Luntz invented — or at least popularized — the term "job creators." He invented a lot of terms, mostly for the purpose of engendering empathy towards and identification with the rich, but "job creators" was certainly one of the more insidious. Starting in 2012, in response to the Occupy Wall Street movement and growing resentment towards capitalism, Luntz started advocating that Republicans repeat the mantra "You don't create jobs by making life difficult for job creators" over and over again. He advised them to stop using terms like "entrepreneur" and "innovator" and instead use "job creator" and "small business owner" (even though the policies they advocated for tended to help "large business owners" instead).

It was largely successful. Public sentiment swung back around to people feeling like they couldn't do or say anything to "make things difficult" for "job creators" else they would take all of the jobs away.

In a 2019 memorandum obtained by Salon, Luntz warned Republicans that public sentiment was once again turning against the rich, and people were starting to want to make things less difficult for themselves. Which, really, is just rude.

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