New York Young Republicans Hold Big Swinging Bug-Chasing Party For Freedom

Ted Bundy, a member of his college Young Republicans club, killed at least 36 women. Last night, one day after the coronavirus killed 3100 Americans in a single day, the New York Young Republicans Club made an attempt to beat that record by holding an in-person gala/superspreader event in the middle of a freaking pandemic. To give you an idea of how obviously stupid this is, Sarah Palin is the smartest person in this entire situation and it's not even Moose Jeopardy. Palin was set to be a keynote speaker at the gala, but canceled because of how there is a freaking pandemic.

She was replaced by Matt Gaetz, whom I am not entirely convinced is not a Funko Pop! doll who was granted a wish to become a real boy.

The event took place not in New York but rather in New Jersey, at the Maritime Parc in Liberty State Park in Jersey City. In New Jersey, while in-person events with more than 10 people are banned, exceptions are made for "religious and political activities protected under the First Amendment," allowing for 150 people or 25 percent occupancy of a space.

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Chestnuts Roasting While The World's On Fire

Let's talk about the American chestnut. If you're like most Americans, there's a lot of chestnut in your cultural milieu: We have songs about chestnuts roasting on open fires, a Chestnut Street in every town, and stale jokes are called chestnuts. But like most Americans, you've probably also never seen or eaten one. That's not on you. Thanks to a catastrophic disease, they effectively went extinct in the 1940s.

This was a big deal. A single large tree made enough starchy nuts to feed a family of four for several months: about 10 bushels, or 570 pounds. Their timber was abundant, straight-grained, rot-resistant, and soft enough to work with hand tools: the ideal material for DIY shelter and furniture. In 1900, right before the blight hit, there were about four billion trees in their native range from southern New England to Mississippi.

Assuming an average of 3 bushels/tree, that's over 1,000 pounds of carbs each year for every American today. For context, our average annual intake of carbs via wheat, corn, potatoes, sugar, and other sweeteners is only 350 pounds per person. This helps explain why chestnuts are so prominent in our culture, even nearly a century after they disappeared. They were a staple.

Chestnuts' demise was felt across the eastern US, but nowhere more than Appalachia. Its impact there was apocalyptic. With the region's main source of DIY food and shelter, forage for free-range hogs, and a cash export gone (nuts were gathered and exported to cities as food; bark and leaves were sold to tanneries), Appalachia turned to desperation labor. It's hard to imagine coal mining becoming as prominent as it did, had chestnuts remained.The wildest thing about chestnuts, though, is how most of us have already forgotten them. In a way, this is understandable. A lot of apocalyptic things went down in the early 20th century. The blight arrived around 1906, and finished off the last of America's trees by 1940. In that same timespan we were busy having a pandemic, a Great Depression, and two world wars.
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Katie Porter Reminds Steven Mnuchin He's Not A Lawyer, He's An A**hole

In a congressional hearing yesterday, Rep. Katie Porter (D-California) gave Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin about seven kinds of hell for his recent attempt to block Joe Biden's incoming administration from one way it might be able to stimulate the economy once Biden takes office in January. We'll get to the beautiful video in a moment, but first a quick 'splainer on what Porter was giving Mnuchin hell about.

You see, a couple weeks back, just before Thanksgiving, Mnuchin announced he would end a program set up under the CARES Act that authorized the Federal Reserve to lend money that would help small businesses and bond markets. Mnuchin claimed the law required the Fed to return any unused portions of the authorized $454 billion to the Treasury's General Fund instead of continuing to make loans after the end of the year. Sending the money back to the general fund would mean Biden's Treasury secretary nominee, Janet Yellen, wouldn't be able to quickly ramp up the stimmy again in 2021. (There's a lot more on all that at the New York Times and the AP.)

Porter pointed out to Mnuchin that the CARES Act specifies the clawback date for unused funds isn't the end of this year, but January 1, 2026, and then he got all pissy (his default state).

The Hill's video titles ANNOY me

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Found The Voter Fraud! It Was Some GOP Florida F*cker Named Bill The Whole Time!

If Republicans are whining about something, it is only and always projection, because they are doing the thing they are whining about The Libs doing. For example, if Donald Trump accuses somebody else of committing a crime, folks should investigate Trump for doing that specific crime, because he's extremely definitely doing it. The words of Republicans, and of Trump, are confessions. You just have to translate them correctly.

We have another particularly egregious example of such projection on the subject of voter fraud. As we endure the longest temper tantrum in world history, with Trump whining about imaginary frauders stealing the election from him and giving it to Joe Biden, a pretty serious case of voter fraud has been revealed, and SURPRISE! it's a Republican trying to help steal the Georgia Senate runoffs, for Republicans.

Nicole Carr, a reporter for WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta, reports that a Florida Man named Bill Price was caught on tape explaining to Republicans in Bay County (that gross Fl-eorgia county where Panama City is) exactly how to pretend to move to Georgia so they could vote for Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. No, he is not leading a campaign to help Floridians escape that hellmouth and move to Georgia legitimately. He wants them, again, to pretend.

The video was streamed on Facebook Live, and it has now been deleted, but Carr still got it:

He's doin' it! He's movin' to Georgia! And now he is under investigation.

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2020 presidential election

Republican Woman Acknowledges Basic Fact Of Reality

Kellyanne Conway admits 'it looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will prevail.'

When you think about it, it's kind of amazing that practically every time a Republican says a thing that is true rather than a thing that is a lie or a bizarre delusion, we have to have a whole news cycle about it and it ends up trending on Twitter. That is how low the bar is set. Like practically any one of them could have a whole day's worth of attention just for saying vaccines don't cause autism or the earth is more than 6,000 years old.

And ever since the election, it's a whole big deal when one of them acknowledges that Donald Trump lost or that Joe Biden won or slips and says President-elect Biden when they're all supposed to be pretending that Trump actually won the election and that this will be proven to be true any minute now.

The latest person to take the plunge is none other than Kellyanne Conway, former Trump advisor and owner of approximately 45 Black Halo Jackie O sheath dresses, who admitted in an interview with 19th News that Joe Biden is probably gonna be the president after all:

Kellyanne Conway said President Donald Trump has "the right" to exhaust his legal challenges, but acknowledged that Joe Biden appears headed to the White House as the next president of the United States.

"The president wants to exhaust all of his legal avenues, as he has made clear many times. His team is doing that, and that is his right," Conway said in an interview with The 19th's Washington correspondent, Amanda Becker, that aired Friday. "If you look at the vote totals in the Electoral College tally, it looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will prevail. I assume the electors will certify that and it will be official. We, as a nation, will move forward, because we always do."
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How Is Nancy Pelosi Being A Terrible Monster Today?

Gnash your teeth, the terrible monster was terrible.

Wow, whole bunch of people on Twitter are mad at Nancy Pelosi today because she supports the short-term, bipartisan coronavirus stimulus package put forth by House and Senate moderates this week. But Nancy, you monster, they're saying, you turned down the White House's $1.8 trillion offer, which had a new round of $1,200 stimmy checks and $400 a week unemployment payments! All because you got too greedy, and now you're signing on to a proposal that's half the amount, $300 a week emergency unemployment, and doesn't include a new round of direct payments. Thanks a lot, you suck and the Democrats suck and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sucks too because she agreed to your being speaker when Dems took the House back in 2018 and everything SUCKS.

Gentle readers, let us discuss this a bit before you accuse us of being neoliberal shills carrying water for the weak terrible centrist Pelosi, who sucks and now we do too. There are a few points to consider, so at least when you decide we're neoliberal shills carrying water for a weak terrible centrist, it'll be with those points in mind. Also, here is Pelosi's presser today, in which she firmly rejected having foolishly turned down a "better" deal before the election. Don't freak over the runtime; we've cued it up to the actual start of the presser, nearly an hour into the feed.

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It had to happen eventually.

It sucks to be wrong. But I was, and I'm here to cop to it. WHAR COOKIE?

On Wednesday, we published a post on an unsealed document in the US District Court of DC. In a heavily redacted order, Chief Judge Beryl Howell overruled claims of attorney-client privilege and granted the government access to communications regarding an alleged pardons-for-bribes scheme.

Hmmmmm, we thought, Gotta be those hairball lawyers Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing. Rudy Giuliani and them have been making wild assertions of privilege for a year now to cover up all their Ukrainian ratfucking to smear Joe Biden.

NOPE. Not even close.

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