Veritas Goons Tried To Take Out Deep State In DC Honeypot Operation, Fell On Their Asses, As Usual.

Please try to imagine the Republican reaction if Democrats funded a phalanx of women using false identities to surreptitiously spy on White House officials and law enforcement agents.

No, don't bother, your head will just explode. And yet Republicans reportedly did exactly that, with Senator Chuck Grassley's infamous staffer Barbara Ledeen lending her rolodex to Project Veritas so operatives associated with the group could set up a stable of women to take out National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, the replacement for her beloved Gen. Michael Flynn. All they had to do was get hot ladies to sexy up to McMaster and the evil Deep Staters at the FBI, then press "record" when their hapless targets called President Trump an idiot.

How hard could that be? Everyone on earth called Trump an idiot in public right up until he won the election. Because OMG he's such a fucking idiot! Every reporter in DC published a story about White House staffers storming out of meetings tearing their hair out about having to work with SUCH AN IDIOT.

And still the Veritas crew could not make it happen! Because James "Sex Boat" O'Keefe et al. are a bunch of giant fucking idiots themselves, if we're being honest.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Being Deranged Lunatic To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Yes, Again.

We feel like we've written this post before. Oh yeah, it was like three weeks ago, and it was about Marjorie Taylor-Greene being a deranged lunatic to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, rage-screaming DEBATE MEEEEEEE! like a common Ben Shapiro.

Shocker of all shockers, she's still at it.

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene aggressively confronted Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday and falsely accused her of supporting "terrorists," leading the New York congresswoman's office to call on leadership to ensure that Congress remains "a safe, civil place for all Members and staff."

Reporters from the Washington Post saw it go down. Ocasio-Cortez left the House chamber and it sounds like Greene came after her like a men's rights activist responding to the word "no." She reportedly kept saying "Hey Alexandria!" like she's even entitled to call the congresswoman from New York by her first name. She shouted to ask why Ocasio-Cortez supported Black Lives Matter and the imaginary antifa monsters who live under MTG's bed. (Those were the "terrorists" she was accusing AOC of supporting.)

And surprise, she's still shouting DEBATE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! We'd say it sounds like 'roid rage, but we wouldn't want to cast aspersions on Greene's character.

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House GOP Sedition Caucus Really Showed Its Ass In Jan. 6 Hearing Yesterday

This morning we had a post about former (acting) Trump Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, and what a piece of shit he was yesterday in his joint House Oversight Committee testimony with former (acting) Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen about the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol. But that does not tell the whole story of this hearing. In fact, Wonkette will have a total of THREE POSTS this morning on that hearing, because it was a biggun.

This post is a children's treasury of seditious Republicans showing their whole ass during the hearing. Did you know the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol at their Dear Leader's behest were just "peaceful patriots"? Or maybe they were not even Trump supporters? Did you know it was more like a "normal tourist visit" and not an insurrection, not even a little bit?

All these things and more!

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Students For Trump Co-Founder Ryan Fournier Not Real Into Whole 'Honor Among Thieves' Thing

The co-founder of "Students for Trump," John Lambert, was sentenced in federal court Tuesday to 13 months in prison for operating a scam law firm in which he pretended to be a lawyer, but didn't bother actually going to law school. As "Students for Trump," Lambert and his pal Ryan Fournier managed to get some loving attention from MAGAworld for their social media stunts, like having pretty young women in swimsuits pose with guns and pro-Trump messages. Brilliant stuff, truly.

But then there was the fraud, what with the fake law firm and stuff. In 2016, Lambert and Fournier started the scam, creating a website for the nonexistent "Pope and Dunn" firm, complete with profiles of lawyers who had really impressive credentials. And of course they were impressive, since Lambert and Fournier cribbed the text for the nonexistent lawyers' qualifications and career highlights from a real law firm. Lambert himself posed as a "graduate of the New York University School of Law" named Eric Pope, who he pretended was a top-flight corporate attorney who would be happy to help you with your legal problems.

Lambert was nabbed by the FBI and charged in the scheme in 2019, thanks to a then-unnamed co-conspirator who'd been cooperating with the FBI since 2018.

Why yes, that cooperating witness, we learned this week, was Lambert's buddy and fellow MAGA douche Ryan Fournier. Cue the dramatic prairie dog!

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And How Is Rep. Matt Gaetz's Friday Going?

His alleged pimp/buddy/wingman sure loves to sing.

On Monday, Rep. Matt Gaetz's wingman/pimp daddy Joel Greenberg will plead guilty to six federal charges including sex trafficking a minor, identity theft, stalking, wire fraud, and conspiracy to bribe a public official. The plea deal obliges Greenberg to spill all the dirty details on the nasty illegal shit he and his buddies got up to — and the FBI will not be Venmo-ing him money for "ice cream" or "tuition" either.

As Greenberg's lawyer Fritz Scheller said a month ago, "I am sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today."

The plea describes Greenberg's "commercial sex act" habit, for which he shelled out $70,000 in less than three years. He admits to having sex with the 17-year-old girl at the center of the trafficking allegations at least seven times before she reached majority and paying her extra to take Ecstasy with him. Which is lawtalk for child rape and distribution of narcotics to a minor.

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Former Staffer Sues Colorado Congressman For Rampant COVID A**holery

Also the weird detail about letting his son live in a Capitol basement.

Unlike the Coloradans who have to suffer having him as their congressional representative, we had largely forgotten about US Rep. Doug Lamborn, who hasn't been mentioned in Wonkette for a while. Leastwise not since 2011, when Lamborn was so upset about what a terrible president Barack Obama was that he said being associated with the 44th president was like being stuck to a "tar baby," not that he meant it in a racist way or anything. In 2012, Lamborn saw no need to apologize to a witness against mountaintop removal coal mining, simply because she'd been grilled about "child pornography" by Capitol Police after she submitted a professional photo of a 5-year-old being bathed in polluted orange water. (No, it was not pornographic. Bathing in mining waste is obscene, to be sure, but not porn.)

More recently, Lamborn also made our list of Republicans who voted to overturn the 2020 election, but that's hardly even much of a distinction in the House anymore.

In conclusion, what a dipshit, the end! Oh, hold on: There's the actual new news about Rep. Lamborn, which is that he's being sued by a former staffer who says Lamborn's "reckless" attitude toward COVID-19 created a dangerous environment in Lamborn's Washington DC office, and that Lamborn exposed his staff to the virus.

The suit alleges the congressman flouted U.S. House safety rules, ignored warnings about unsafe conditions, and required staff to provide personal favors and tasks for the congressman's family.

The suit also accuses the congressman of sleeping in his congressional office in D.C. after he knew his staffers were exposed to the coronavirus.
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It's Jen Psaki's Last White House Press Briefing! (Before The Weekend, We Are So Cruel To You)

Also Cecilia Rouse, who will talk Economy.

Was that headline too mean to you semi-rabid Jen Psaki fans? Honestly, we expect you to be "on to" our little headline "tricks" by now. Here's Psaki with your daily White House Press Briefing, joined by Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Cecilia Rouse, who will no doubt talk about jerbs (yesterday saw the lowest first-time unemployment claims since March of 2020), and probably that damn pipeline hack, and we'd also assume she'll point out that no, pandemic aid is not causing lazy workers, shut up that's DUMB.

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