A Call for Wonk'd Sightings: You People Need To Get Out More Often

Once again, we need your help. It's Thursday morning, and Intern Nick -- who keeps track of these things, so we don't have to -- reports that we have fewer than ten sightings for this week's edition of Wonk'd.

Your beloved celebrity sightings column doesn't write itself. Please, give us a hand. In the past week, have you spotted someone famous here in Washington, or maybe a famous-for-D.C. type outside the Beltway? If so, send us all the juicy details, by email (subject line: "Wonk'd" or "Sighting"). We thank you in advance for the avalanche of celeb sightings that will cause our servers to cry out in pain, before crashing.

(Remember: we use the term "famous" loosely. It includes ex-reality-TV stars, as well as House members.)


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