A Cheap, Quick Memorial

the flag is realNewsweek reports the firefighters in Bush's 9/11-themed campaign ads are actors.* "There's many reasons not to use real firemen," said a Bush media adviser. "Mainly, it's cheaper and quicker." Of course. If that doesn't reassure you that the ads "honor those whose lives were lost," what will?

[This said "actors, " but then someone convinced us we were drunk. So we changed it to "from stock footage," but then we checked on Google. And we were not, it turns out, that drunk.]

UPDATE: Newsweek was drunk. The Bush campaign proved the firefighters were real, apparently. So are they gonna take responsibility for eliminating two new jobs?

2004 Campaign: A 'Shocking' Stumble [MSNBC]

Bush Supporters Defend Ads With 9/11 Images [AP/Fox]


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