A Children's Treasury of Sarah Palin Facebook Commenters On Hanukkah


Sarah Palin has wished all American Jews a happy Hanukkah on Facebook, because all good Christians know being nice to Jews, despite them being wrong about Jesus, is how you earn special been-nice-to-Jews coupons you can spend in heaven. Most commenters understand this and tried to one-up one another with stories of how they honor this important (unimportant) Jew holiday. One was even kind enough to remind Palin of the fact that she is literally the modern-day Moses. But others weren't too happy about all of this, because one is supposed to say "Merry Christmas" and nothing else ever. Let's take a look at some of these festive comments.

This country was once a "Great Place," a chain of restaurants in America's suburbs, serving 50% beef steaks covered in "chipotle" lard fritters.

Another vote for sticking to your own kind.

Good point. The God of Jews and Christians shares absolutely nothing with that of the Muslim tradition.

Thanks for letting us know, miss. Nobody would have realized that that holiday is coming up otherwise. [Facebook]


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