A Children's Treasury of Disappointed Conservative Crying On The Internet

Many of the conservatives on the right side of the Internet loved Mitt Romney. Loved his precious greasy hair! Loved his smile. Lurrrrrved his pandering. But now, Mitt Romney is dead. Let's watch the Internet whine about having to support John McCain now!

* Hugh Hewitt, the Townhall blogger, has had the biggest man-crush on Romney throughout. But now, he has to win "the war," and John McCain will win "the war" by never leaving it: "The campaign ahead is first and foremost about victory in the war. As Romney argued today, Senators Clinton and Obama are committed to retreat, and Senator McCain to victory in that war. That's all the reason any conservative should need to fully support Senator McCain now that his nomination is assured."

* National Review Online editor Kathryn-Jean Lopez, who has had the biggest girl-crush on Romney throughout, declares Mitt Romney a winner, even though he's lost pretty much everything: "Romney just dropped out for the good of America, he said. Staying in would forestall a national McCain and we must defeat the defeatists; he did the honorable thing and is a winner for it."

* Our frienemy Erick Erickson at RedState writes something supportive of McCain in Mexican language, as one of those jokes the kids are always playing: "Yo apreciaría un trabajo en la sombra y sólo preguntaría que ellos usen la fusta frugalmente en mí. También, si ellos consideran posiciones para campos de reeducación, sé este lugar agradable en las montañas de Carolina esto tiene temperaturas agradables y clima." Because of immigration, see.


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