A Children's Treasury Of Freeper Reactions To Obama's 'Mooselimb' Vacation


Barack Obama went to what he fancy-calls a "Muslim-majority" nation today, Turkey, to hock his "legacy assets" under the guise of "reconciliation" after years of "Overseas Contingency Operations." In other words he gave a speech to the Turkish Parliament in which he "promoted terrorism against white Christian landowning Americans." Everyone should thank our President for this devastating Freeper bait.

  • "Obama’s message to start attacking. Doing the work Osama was doing."
  • "Would you expect less from a Muslim?

    If he bowed down any lower to a Muslim King, he'd have fallen over. All of the sudden PROPER etiquette kicked in. How amazing! With "white folks" he couldn't be more insulting in gifts or more casual. Obama is a Muslim and a racist."

  • "He has alays been a Muslim.

    "'So let me say this as clearly as I can: the United States is not and will never be at war with Islam,' he said."

  • "How would he attack him self? Since he is a goat loving mooselimb." [HA HA "MOOSELIMB" -- Ed.]
  • "This a$$hat is going to get us all killed. The muzzies can smell the weakness in this guy and his administration. I have this sick feeling that it’s only a matter of time before we are attacked again."
  • "He was probably in Kenya campaigning for his Muslim cousin when 9/11 happened."
  • "What planet is he living on??? does he forget 911?"
  • "He is the Manchurian candidate, I’ve been saying this for two years now. I also have reason the believe that his education and political career have been funded by Soros and other Communist benefactors within Russia."
  • "Dumber than a bag of hammers, he is..."

President Barack Obama rejects allegations that US at war with Islam [Free Republic]


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