A Children's Treasury of Glorious Hippie Protest Signs

The key to any hippie protest is having a wide range of signs, usually homemade, each of which features some wry slogan of the individual protester's making. This strategy creates a safeguard against the corrosive effects of Mob Rule upon the brain. To illustrate further: a protester is at home reading conspiracy theories on the Internet, and this protester's mind is churning out revolutionary new postulates by the second. The protester can write the best of them all -- "The Bush is burning," say -- on his or her sign. Each protester does this, the Mob Mentality sets in, and voila, it's a protest: a sea of ugly signs with pathetic phrases and a loud roar of "BWAH BWAH BWAH BWAH" erupting from hundreds of overfed mouths. A Wonkette Photo Tour of today's best signs, after the jump.

What is this, some Al Gore elitist global warming imagery? Bush is going to light a bunch of gasoline-soaked North Pole elves on fire and cackle as the flames spread south? The protest for that is tomorrow, Mo-ran.

This lady was outside the Army Recruitment Center on L Street, which absorbed much of the vitriol today. The various recruiters were standing outside holding some sort of counter-protest (an INSURGENCY, we might say?). This lady asks a lot: we already have to support the troops -- so much effort! -- and now we have to support the people who raid impoverished ghettos to enlist said troops?

Duh, obviously war "is not pro-life." This Idaho strawberry farmer is Pro-Life.

Your Wonkette associate editor is not very talented with a camera, but get over it. There wasn't some big twist at the bottom of this sign or anything. 99% sure it was "All Hail the Devil." But the Devil is Bush, you see! Ha ha ha, ho ho ho.

Yeah right. Three, two, one, FRAUD -- there is no way that SDS still exists. Too much of a dated entity. If Vietnam had SDS, then the best Iraq can have is SDS Jr.

"Snarf snarf look at me, I replace 'church' with 'oil' because, uh, it's funny, and also because oil is the government's new religion. I'm so smart with my fetching 1930s hat. Snarf snarf snarf."

Yes, surely the War Profiteers are taking a Wednesday off because of your XXXXtra Large sign, Chris Parnell.

Simple and subtle. Best of the day. Thank you for drawing this masterpiece of crayon for us, Senator David Vitter. We'll change your diaper shortly.


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