A Children's Treasury of Leaked Meghan McCain Book Concepts


America's barely-remembered poor little rich girlgot herself a book deal, through her dad's agent! You can't call Meghan McCain "chronically unemployed" anymore, or at least not until next year. But what will our nation's confused, tattooed spinster write about, in her book? We have a few clues.

The New York Observer notes that Meghan is getting an advance in the high six figures -- you know, because she's already an heiress to an immense beer fortune, and it's not like there are maybe 20 actual writers out there who could maybe each use a $50K advance for actual books they've written, that people might want to buy and read, and not just glance at the author photo and laugh, while waiting in line at Barnes & Noble to buy, who knows, a LOLcats trade paperback.

But actually writing books is for, let's face it, pussies. The important thing is that, according to John McCain's literary agent, "a number of possible approaches to the book" have been discussed with "editors around town." Hey that is most of the work right there! Meghan hasn't had it so easy since some terrible illustrator drew a picture book of her father being tortured by the Japs, and the publishers put her name on it, and Republicans were literally forced by Minnesota thugs to purchase this book at the 2008 Republican convention. We were there, man.

According to Juli Weiner's prophetic publishing-industry column of March 9 on our sister site, Wonkabout, "Meghan McCain writes a book of 'fiction' called, hm, something like First Daughter, First Love, about a gal on the campaign trail looking for love or whatever .... Go, fall in love, just like beautiful young Meg McCabe, the protagonist in Farrar, Strauss and Giroux’s upcoming First Daughter, First Love.

If only Farrar had bid a little higher!


Ken L. hahahahah: "Go, fall in love, just like beautiful young Meg McCabe, the protagonist in Farrar, Strauss and Giroux’s upcoming First Daughter, First Love."

Mar 9 3:00 PM

Ken L. That is the most pathetic part of Meghan McCain's upcoming novel, that she makes herself the actual first daughter in this (so far, pretend) book.

Jim N. She has a NOVEL? I missed that.

Juli W. Only in my fantasies.

Ken L. Juli and I are writing this novel together, on Twitter.

Juli W. "140 characters, but only one Meg McCabe."

Juli W. That is the tagline, for the movie version of the experience of Meghan McCain writing this novel on twitter.

Ken L. And it actually has 140 characters, as in each twitter, Meghan whines about somebody who has some success in life.

Ken L. I mean "Meg."

Ken L. "Why am I so lonely? And what's the big deal about Ann Coulter, anyways?"

Juli W. Like Dubliners, but everyone is Sarah Palin

Ken L. Oh god .... this should be written, just to teach us a lesson.

And now it will be, the end.


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