A Children's Treasury Of Obama Trash


One of two things happened to Washington D.C. this afternoon: (1) Obama's friends the Muslims snuck in one of those dirty bombs they make all the time and blew it up around Constitution and 5th, raining toxic waste debris across a five-block radius so as to kill Christians (2) Tourists threw their shit all over the ground. Maybe there is a Third Way... but yeah, #2, kill them all.

The mob wades through their self-styled wasteland of such easily recyclable, anachronistic items as "print newspapers." We had no idea people actually bought words printed on paper anymore, but they did today, and it's all on the fucking ground.

Al Gore would be so mad if he saw this! Although it would cheer him up to know that the litter is just elitist coffee cups from Au Bon Pain, which he probably thinks are "green" because they're expensive, and he's gay.

"Looks like a trash can to me, this random parcel of Earth does."

"Maybe if we drop our litter by the fence, Obama will give us 20 bucks."

Hey look, a basic municipal object! This must be where the coffee cups are left for Jesus and his crew to pick up every Monday night.

Now don't take this the wrong way, but... yesterday George W. Bush was president, and there wasn't trash everywhere.

Be warned.


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