A Children's Treasury Of Paranoid Speculations Regarding The Whereabouts Of Andrew Sullivan

A Children's Treasury Of Paranoid Speculations Regarding The Whereabouts Of Andrew Sullivan

The most prolific blogger ever in the history of mankind has beendark since yesterday, and anxious readers have come up with a bunch of creative explanations far beyond his colleague Marc Ambinder's simple and obvious, "He's taking a couple days off." Join us as we enter the dark labyrinthine souls and speculations of Sullivan readers...

From comments on the blog of our new best friend Matt Yglesias, who did not write back when we politely asked him "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH SULLIVAN, YGLESIAS??":

  • ...[H]is last two posts were very cryptic - the “your move, McCain” link to the NYTimes fluff piece about Trig’s birth, then the “View from my window” picture of foliage blocking any outside view from the LA house, so maybe there is something going on.
  • Ross Douthat posted “Because everyone could use a hug right about now” about a lion hugging youtube at 3pm yesterday. And nothing since.
  • I blame Ned Lamont’s minions.
  • It is odd that the view from the window is blocked and I looked forward to the views that always seemed to show the horizon. That view is symbolic, but hard to know if it is his view or directed to others.
  • I don’t buy Ambinder’s assurances. I think Sullivan was getting too close to the truth, and they sent him to some sort of reeducation camp for out of line conservatives (sort of like what they did to Zoolander).

So, Andrew Sullivan has been kidnapped by John McCain and is being held in a sex-dungeon in Los Angeles, where he will be "reprogrammed" as a right-wing male model. Either that, or space monsters have taken our Andy back to space. (Probably the likelier explanation, given the photo and all.)

Posting will resume shortly.

Andrew Sullivan [Matthew Yglesias]

Andrew Sullivan [Marc Ambinder]


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