A Children's Treasury Of Random Photos Of Sarah Palin Or The RNC

A Children's Treasury Of Random Photos Of Sarah Palin Or The RNC

We've received hundreds of photos and Photoshops in the last few days about either Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin's spawn, or comical people in the Twin Cities for the convention. Since your male associate editor rarely wakes before noon, he misses many of these, but he'll try to post some of the better ones here. The above graphic, for example, is probably the best of the 20-30 different Juno knock-offs (or "knock-ups," HAHAHA WHEE) currently killing time in our inbox.

Here's the actual government building over which Sarah Palin presided only two years ago. It adjoins the Wasilla CHECK$ CA$HED chop shop and is a gunshot away from the local KFC/Taco Bell hybrid, or as Wasillans call it, "Grandma's trailer." For more comical shots of Wasilla we recommend this post on this fantastic Alaska blog that EVERYONE COOL IS READING NOW.

People love this "real picture" of Sarah Palin by the pool. Aren't all pools in Alaska frozen because of the snow?

Thank you to Wonkette drunk operative "Hat trick" for this photo of some guy offering to suck cock in St. Paul.

Lastly, here's a lovely picture of Sarah Palin in college, in Idaho! What a gal. Who gets skinnier after having five children? No one, which makes sense, because Sarah Palin has only had four children.


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