A Children's Treasury Of Recent, Playful McCain Web Videos

We cannot give all campaign ads precious real estate on Wonkette. No, it's not because there is too much other news to cover -- in fact there is absolutely no news, at all, ever. It's just because we have no idea these ads are coming out. Ha! Anyway we've taken the last four minutes to scan over John McCain's YouTube page for any recent comical web ads. The digging effort has been, by most standards, a modest success. The video above is brand new from today and gets you pretty excited about jobs -- no small task, indeed. Two others, after the jump.

This one is called "Words" and attacks Obama for backing out of public financing. It does so by repeatedly showing a clip of Obama saying "DON'T TELL ME WORDS DON'T MATTA" with a loop of what McCain considers hip-hop playing in the background. What a black liar that Barry is.

Now this is some of the gayer shit we've seen in recent days. Our children's narrator says that when Obama and his Muslim friends hijack the White House, they will put Barry's face on the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and the $100 bill. The ad wraps up with this killer closing shot. Are you ready for it? No, but here goes: "It's change you can make in Photoshop."


John McCain Web Ad: Jobs for America [YouTube]

Words [YouTube]

Seal [YouTube]


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