The always original Nazi attack.Oh no, this whole Brian Doherty thing is just getting sad. Almost immediately after your afternoon editor took him down yesterday, Doherty went back on his blog and attempted a rejoinder. The crux of his new argument is that, one, "I had no intention of saying [Wonkette] should spend their time proving their objectivity by making fun of other people for having their baby's [sic] snatched." So he continues not to understand sarcasm, and despite being a middle-aged blogger, he still doesn't know the plural form of "baby." And secondly: "glad to hear that no mother anywhere deserves any sympathy for having their baby taken from them, as long as someone accused the dad of something." Oh, he IS learning that perhaps you shouldn't have sympathy for a woman who continues to live with a man that continually abuses and neglects her children. And finally, here's from an e-mail with a cable news show Reason writers often appear on: "So we just heard back from Reason and they're not available." Oh no! We were looking forward to going on that show with them! So at this point, it's just not worth it to pick on Brian Doherty. But your afternoon editor has received some interesting e-mails!

Here's one from "W P": (aww, the Post hates us too!)


you sir are a world champion asshole, i have met many of them in my travels but you sir are a cut above the rest and don,t worry you don,t have any contenders so your crown will be safe for a very long tiome, not only are you a world champion ass hole but also a fucking coward for attacking a women who just lost her baby to the cps criminals, i,m sure your mommy is real proud of a denginerate like you.

Thanks for that, Wife of Bath.

From "Jordan C.":


To write such a naive article and spread it amongst your intellectual equals is not surprising, in the past (and in my ignorance) I would have joined in on the fun, but you know this is a cheap shot. I hope you do more research the next time you spread hate like this, which is what the liberal element of society is always protecting... minority rights/ perspectives, this time you chose to jump on the bandwagon and like a child you make fun of a family being torn apart, unlawfully, without merit. This article highlights your immaturity and ignorance on any subject relating to guns or tea-partiers.

It's okay to spread hate as long as you do your research first, okay?

From Steve H.:

Yeah, this picture speaks a thousand words. Just a lonely, clueless, spoiled, leftist Nazi hypocrite who thinks it's funny to crack on peoples sorrow & loss? It's not so funny when the state comes down on your Nazi ilk, but you, in all your mindless hypocrisy, will laugh at the torment of those who you merely disagree with?

How do you sleep at night?

How do you face yourself in the mirror everyday?

How do you live with yourself?

Hey, we thought your afternoon editor was a Jew. Which one is it, Teabaggers? Is he a Jew or a Nazi? [Reason]


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