A Children's Treasury of Terrible Tea Party Songs


Two things need to be outlawed, if we are truly to reclaim our Nation's Freedom: child voice slavery and the computer program "GarageBand." Also: FEMA death panel for anyone who does a terrible lip sync to their own terrible computer song. All three of these Crimes Against Freedom are on display in the above video, but we've found some teabagger classics that are even worse than this one! Join us for a musical tour of the Teabaggers' finest efforts in song 'n video! You will not be able to get any of this stuff out of your mind for a long, long time.

This one is called, obviously, "best TEA PARTY RALLY song ever." Besides the pure musical/lyrical genius, is there a reason why this particular song is the best TEA PARTY RALLY song ever? Yes! The person who posted this to the YouTubes says, "Fun song easy to learn. In only 2 mins..."

Hey, uhh, what? Taze her? This is from the Pittsburgh city council or something, somebody doesn't want to pay their property tax so they will kill everyone with this sound.

♪ ♫ I am a dingbat, I am going to fucking kill myself ... ♪ ♫

Hey you fuckin' Mexicans, "Engleees is the lanyungleesh," so don't be speakin' Chinee I caint read it.

This Paultard one is so awful it's not even entertaining, but you should go ahead and skip to 2:51 for a completely irony-free use of the famous "GET A BRAIN, MORANS" picture. Wow.

And this is ... what is this? Some kind of Pac-Man theme song made by a colony of broken robots on Sad Island?

And, finally, the child abuse again. IS IT FUNNY TO DO THIS TO OUR NATION'S SPECIAL NEEDS????


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